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Caring for An Adult Child on the Spectrum

Listen in as Kristin Walker speaks with Donald and Carolyn Bailey about how they planned out the care for their son on the autism spectrum.

A lifelong South Carolinian, Donald began his career in the insurance industry with a focus on financial planning. After working as a financial planner for E. F. Hutton, he founded Donald Bailey & Associates in order to offer independent advice and holistic planning to his clients. Donald is committed to community involvement, having served on the Board of Trustees at the University of South Carolina (USC) and most recently founding The College Transition Connection, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to help South Carolina colleges create post-secondary programs for young adults who may have an intellectual disability. Donald’s son is on the autism spectrum. Donald holds a degree in Marketing from USC. He and his wife Caroline have two children and three grandchildren and reside in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

148:A.M.M (Autistics Are Marvelous)

On this episode we discuss the Marvel movies and how each hero relates to autism. You will hear from Iron Man to Hawkeye and many more. Remember, those that are on the autism are “superheroes” after all. So…”I love you three-thousand” and “I can do this all day.” This is a long one, but trust me, it will be worth it.

TWS Sports Podcast: One School's Journey to Boost Communication and Confidence

Listen in as Kristin speaks with Adam Millichip about how he assists his autistic students navigate podcasting as a way to increase their research & communication skills and gain confidence in the process.

Adam Millichip, a primary school teacher, at the Tettenhall Wood Special School. Tettenhall Wood Special School is a school in Wolverhampton, England. He has taught in special needs schools for over 8 years. Licensed by the National Autistic Society, he assists in their Teen Life Parent programme, and is on the journey to become a qualified Makaton tutor. He is also the physical education and sport instructor at Tettenhall Wood Special School as he is passionate about giving children the opportunity to participate in regular sport and physical activity. His parents work with special needs children, and he has a family member with Autism.

147:Future Visionaries From JDS Creative Academy

On this episode, we interview Diane Strand and students at the JDS Creative Academy in Temecula, California. This is more than just your regular academy. JDS Creative Academy chairman, Diane Strand, works with anyone with special needs. Diane not only helps the students grow with their media skills, she also helps each student grow as a person and pushes them to be their best with their soft and personal skills. Let’s listen to this episode to see how she helps the students grow! 

Neurodiverse Couples

Listen in as Kristin Sunanta Walker speaks with Dr. Stephanie Holmes and her husband Dan Holmes about neurodiversity within relationships.

Dr. Holmes seeks to bring restoration and spiritual renewal to individuals and couples facing challenging situations. By combining affordable rates with a desire to glorify God in all that transpires through the counseling/coaching process, she offers life-changing hope to troubled lives. Through the International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC she wants to educate and equip others to build effective strategies for NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages.

Dan Holmes believes there is no greater office one can hold than that of a husband and father. Since both roles require complicated interplay on many levels, Dan also believes God has provided help through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the counsel of others, and the work of life coaches.

Neurodiversity Acceptance & Advocacy

Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews autism advocate Jeffrey Snyder on various topics today. Jeff has as his mission to educate and advocate for neurodiversity and inclusion and wants to share his insights from first person autistic experience with you as educators, professionals, or others with neurodiversity.

Jeff was born on March 27, 1989 in Providence, RI and has lived his entire life in Seekonk, MA. He was diagnosed with Autism in 1990 and ever since then, he has achieved multiple successes in his life in areas of education, long-term employment, independent living, and speaking/panel engagements.

Jeff is available for speaking at conferences and topics he has spoken on include but not limited to: Autism, Education, Mental Health, Safety Drills and Skills, Autism and Disney Characters, and Autism in Organizations.

Jeff’s website includes his vitae on where he has spoken and additional topics that may be of interest to your event or organization. You can contact him through his website at:

146:It's Not A Disability, It's A Different Ability By Jeff Teresi

In this episode, we interview Jeff Teresi. Mr. Teresi equips business professionals with the tools to break through to their next big breakthrough over and over again, both professionally and personally. After years of studying and learning from the experts in personal development, Jeff is most content creating creative content. As a speaker, author, and hall-of-fame business achiever, one of his greatest motivators is motivating others. Jeff loves to travel, speak, and teach around the world at in-person and online events. When he’s not passionately presenting, Jeff’s main joys come from being a husband and father, playing Frisbee with their dog, and receiving face-licks from their fur ball of a bunny. Jeff is also on the autism spectrum, but this does not get him down! For more information, check out

Marriage on the Spectrum

Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes is a marriage therapist and coach that specializes in marriages on the spectrum or NeuroDiverse Marriage. Join her as she interviews author Ron Sandison and his wife Kristen about the strengths and complexities of being a NeuroDiverse Couple.

For more information about marriage and family dynamics on the spectrum, you can learn more at courses located at: or

Ron Sandison works full-time in the mental health field. He is an advisory board member of the Art of Autism and the Els Center of Excellence. Sandison has a Master of Divinity from Oral Roberts University and is the author of A Parent’s Guide to Autism. He is the founder of Spectrum Inclusion which empowers young people with autism for employment. Sandison speaks at over 70 events a year including 20 plus education conferences. Ron and his wife, Kristen, reside in Rochester Hills, MI, with their daughter, Makayla.

Ron’s books are available at Amazon, his most recent is Views from the Spectrum. He can be contacted to speak at conferences below:

145:Getting Hardcore With Mick Foley

BANG BANG! This is an important starter because we have a very special guest today on Autism Rocks And Rolls. As of today, I can mark something off of my bucket list because the WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore legend Mick Foley is in the house. Mick Foley is a WWE four time world champion and an eleven time WWE tag team champion. However he will also teach you to OWWWW, Have Mercy, due to him having a son who is on the autism spectrum. We will learn how he raised an autistic child while being a professional wrestler from 1983-2000. All he wants everyone to do at the end of this podcast is to learn and to, Have a Nice Day. 

Neurodiversity Within Teen Friendships – Part 2

Join Dr. Holmes for part 2 of friendships on the spectrum. On a previous show, you heard from Caroline who discussed her friendship with her best friend who is on the spectrum. This interview series is part of Dr. Holmes’ Spectrum teens curriculum, which you can find at where issues parents and teachers, and other adults can find out more about what Spectrum Teens may be dealing with in mental health and relationships as the strains of friendship become harder in middle and high school.
Today you will hear an interview and candid conversation between Caroline and Sydney as they discuss their friendship and the accommodations they make for each other.


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