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Neurodiversity Within Teen Friendships

We spend a lot of time working with kids on the spectrum about social skills or how to engage with a friend and be in a friendship. What about working with neurotypical kids and teens on how to learn social skills and how to befriend those who are different like those on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Caroline and her friendship with her best friend who is on the autism spectrum.

For more interviews such as these and the entire curriculum on Spectrum Teens go to where you can learn about teens on the spectrums and the issues they face.
DVDs and a downloadable course are available.

144:You DC: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Have you ever looked at the shirts that say: This is My Superpower, What’s Yours? Today I am going to tell you mine because this episode will be comparing DC Comics and autism. You will learn how each of the biggest names in DC Comics have particular traits that represent the abilities that neurotypicals produce. So, everyone listen; its not a bird or a plane. Instead, it’s the newest episode of Autism Rocks And Rolls. 

Spectrum Siblings

Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Erica who will talk about what is like as a sibling to someone on the spectrum. She will discuss the strengths and challenges of the sister relationship with her older sister who is on the spectrum.

You can hear other interviews of siblings on Dr. Holmes Marriage & Family Course
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The 4-hour course will walk you through common issues in the spectrum family to move beyond surviving to thriving as a family!

Finding Your Child's Potential

Listen in as Stephanie Holmes, MA, BCCC, and Certified Autism Specialist,  along with Melanie Vann, MA as they discuss how to best find a child’s potential when they are on the autism spectrum.  Both personally have children on the spectrum, so they speak from their first-hand experience.  Don’t give up hope, as you discover how to help your child(ren) find their way in the world.

143:When Words Fail Music Speaks Crossover (James Cox)

On this episode, we do the first-ever podcast crossover episode as Autism Rocks And Rolls and When Words Fail Music Speaks come together. James Cox, who is the host, has a mild case of cerebral palsy but has found music therapy to be helpful. Due to that experience, he created the When Words Fail Music Speaks podcast to celebrate music as a treatment for those with any disability from anxiety to autism. So please listen to our conversation about disabilities and music therapy.   

Neurodivergents and Theory of Mind

Listen in to Dr. Peter Vermeulen, about Theory of Mind: How does it relate to Autism? Frequently, an effort is focused on teaching neurodivergents to figure out what other people are thinking and feeling.  but shouldn’t we rather start helping them to understand their own mental and emotional life

Peter Vermeulen, MSc and PhD in Psychology and Educational Sciences, has worked with people with ASD and their families for more than 30 years. He is a Senior lecturer at Autisme Centraal, a training and education center for autism spectrum disorders. Peter is an internationally respected lecturer/trainer and he presents all over Europe and beyond. Peter has written more than 15 books and several articles on autism.

142:Identical Yet Opposites By BJ Yoho

We have a special guest today! My very best friend in the whole world, Mr. BJ Yoho. BJ is from Bloomfield, Indiana and we have gone to school together since pre-school. He is truly like a brother to me and a part of my family. BJ, like me, has had some trials and tribulations in his life, but has overcome so much. BJ was born with special bifida and has been in a wheelchair for most of his life. Let me tell you, this has not stopped him. He is a celebrity in our community. One of the most amazing things BJ has done is bring joy to the patients at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has turned over the reins to another young lady, but for years, BJ and his mother, Blaine Yoho, collected thousands of toys and personally delivered them to Riley Hospital for the children staying there around Christmas time. Our community even has a BJ Yoho Day!

Welcoming Autism Rocks and Rolls

Listen in as Kristin Sunanta Walker from Mental Health News Radio podcast speaks with Sam Mitchell and his mother Gina from our newly added podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls!

Sam Mitchell, a teenager living with autism, brings you Autism Rocks and Rolls. Although Sam has had obstacles in the past and still has daily struggles, he is using this platform to take away the stigma off of autism and other conditions that many think are disabilities. He often brings guests into the conversation, whether it be family members, friends, celebrities, or others involved in the world of autism. He wants to prove that he is not broken and does not need to be fixed. Sam has a lot of fun along the way and really loves to entertain his audience. Listen to this podcast and go into the mind of Sam.

Your Legacy of Care: How to Provide for Your Special Needs Child Today, Tomorrow, and Always

Listen in as we hear from our guest, Donald Bailey.  Donald hosts the podcast Your Legacy of Care on Mental Health News Radio Network, which is about providing for your special needs child today, tomorrow, and forever.   Donald’s son is on the autism spectrum and is here to share with us his wisdom in this arena.

You can find Donald’s podcast, Your Legacy of Care, on Mental Health News Radio Network here:

A lifelong South Carolinian, Donald began his career in the insurance industry with a focus on financial planning. After working as a financial planner for E. F. Hutton, he founded Donald Bailey & Associates in order to offer independent advice and holistic planning to his clients. Donald is committed to community involvement, having served on the Board of Trustees at the University of South Carolina (USC) and most recently founding The College Transition Connection, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to help South Carolina colleges create post-secondary programs for young adults who may have an intellectual disability. Donald holds a degree in Marketing from USC. He and his wife Caroline have two children and three grandchildren and reside in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

141:Meet Asta/Suzanne (Sara Tomko)

Join me as we interview Sara Tomko and learn about her characters, Asta, in the series Resident Alien and Suzanne on Sneaky Pete. There is more; she is also a firm believer in taking care of your mental health.  I had the honor of discussing our beliefs on mental health and why everyone should focus on their mindset. Join us for laughs, serious opinions on mental health in general, equality, and what is next for Ms. Tomko and Autism Rocks and Rolls.

Note: The art show with Patti Danner is on June 3rd and not June 4th 


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