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05: When Love Rules

Robin continues discussing the steps necessary for healing from your “broken” relationships. When love is your primary intention, and you are willing to take responsibility for your own needs… you can heal your wounds. You can recover yourself and personal power by recognizing the value the other offers by reflecting back to us those hurt places inside of you. Allowing yourself the freedom to discover and accept yourself as you are will change the dynamics of all your relationships to one of free-flowing love. Learn more about Awaken Radio

04: To Be or Not to Be… In a Romantic Relationship?

We have all had our hearts broken… through that we often allow our conditioned beliefs to make up stories about who is to blame, who was “wrong,” and what character defects prevented us from being in relationship with this person.  Through the pain of love “lost,” we become defensive and protect ourselves from feeling hurt again, closing our hearts. But, this prevents us from knowing the exquisite joy of allowing love to flow into our lives. We transform through the sharing of our deepest needs, experiencing an ecstasy that can only be found in our intimate relationships.  Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable after heartbreak and the disillusionment of love’s illusions, finding the courage to heal by opening your heart again?  We will explore this together. Learn more about Awaken Radio

03: Love and Commitment to Spiritual Relationships

Robin Jillian continues her exploration on the subject of commitment, is it healthy or destructive to your well-being?  This is part 2 to a previously aired episode entitled “Love and authentic freedom to commit to yourself.”  Are you acting out of your social conditioning, keeping promises out of duty or obligation?  Robin explains that the only true commitment we can make is to ourselves while being in relationship.  She describes what she calls “spiritual relationships,” where we make the choice to face our fears and demons instead of blaming or shaming our partners.  We dedicate ourselves to being uncomfortably honest and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with our loved ones… creating the space for real growth and evolution… knowing our partner serves as a mirror for healing.  Learn more about Awaken Radio

02: Love and Authentic Freedom to Commit to Yourself

Robin Jillian explores the meaning of commitment and where that shows up in your life. Are you committing out of a need to feel secure, or expecting someone else to do the same? How have you been conditioned to believe that you are less than if you “can’t” commit? Is it possible that you can love deeply, allowing for personal growth and expansion, while committing only to yourself? What are your needs and values that are an expression of your heart and soul? Robin invites you into a deep inquiry to discover the truth behind your commitments…healthy or destructive. Learn more about Awaken Radio

01: Calling of Your Soul

This program is the first in a series of shows where Robin Jillian will be discussing what it looks and feels like to listen to the Calling of your Soul.   Robin explains that when it is time to “awaken”, become more conscious in your life, there is no going back to a “safe” place.   The soul asks you to embrace your life in a new way, leaving behind the conditioning of the past to become more authentically you, and asks that you live with love as your primary intention. This journey through the Dark Night of the Soul, although extremely difficult, will help you to live life in a new way where living from your heart becomes your primary intention.   Our beliefs hold us back from seeing our truth, and it is necessary to look deep inside and ask the uncomfortable questions that will help you to change your life in profound ways. Learn more about Awaken Radio


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