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Episode 73: Miss Fayette County 2020, Jasmyn Cornell (she/hers), shares her motivation for the “I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E.” initiative

In this episode, Francis and Catherine talk to Jasmyn Cornelle, Miss Fayette County, Georgia, 2020-21. Jasmyn talks about her experience with body dissatisfaction and her motivation for creating “I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E,” an initiative focused on promoting body positivity, challenging beauty standards, and spreading awareness of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder.

Jasmyn also shares her experience of participating in the Miss America organization and working as a journalist, and she explores ways in which people can become intelligent media consumers. She also shares her experiences volunteering for several different eating disorder organizations.

Jasmyn currently serves as an advocacy volunteer for the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness and Miss Fayette County under the Miss America Organization. Additionally, she is working alongside medical providers, the National Eating Disorders Association, and The Body Positive to provide support to those impacted by body image concerns and shift the conversation on food, weight, and health. She hopes to inspire individuals around the globe and leave a body positive legacy for generations to come.

We’re thankful Jasmyn took the time to talk to us today, and we appreciate the effort and energy she is putting towards changing the way we all think about beauty and bodies.

Episode 72: Carrie Rossiter (she/hers), eating disorder recovery and LGBTQ+ advocate, vulnerably shares her story of recovery

In this episode of the Navigating Recovery Podcast, Catherine and Francis speak with Carrie Rossiter, an eating disorder recovery and LGBTQ+ advocate. Carrie vulnerably recalls the beginnings of her eating disorder, and how a trip to Italy and previous trauma and family dynamics contributed. She works through the painful parts of her story, continually reminding us that recovery is neither linear nor perfect, and that there is always hope for recovery. She talks about her book, Diet Pills and Broke Dream – Stories I Could Not Tell, a brutally honest memoir which is comprised of pieces of her journals. Carrie’s contribution to the podcast is an important one, and we were so appreciated of her time and energy.

CW: eating disorders, eating disorder behaviors, trauma, strained family dynamcis

Episode 71: Natalie Fisher (she/hers) shares her story of recovery and how she was able to create space for fun in a challenging experience

In this episode, Catherine and Francis are joined by Natalie Fisher, a junior at Grand Valley State University’s Kirkhof College of Nursing. She shares her story of recovery – which began in April of 2020 — and how social media became an outlet to speak out about her experience and connect with others in recovery or in search of recovery. In this interview, Natalie discusses what keeps her grounded and how she was able to create space for fun in her recovery, especially through her “Smash List”. Natalie wants to use her voice about eating disorder recovery and mental health to reach out and help those who may be struggling. Given her incredible passion about this subject and eating disorder recovery, she would love to work in the mental health field as a nurse one day. It was a pleasure having her on the program!

CW: eating disorder behaviors, eating disorder treatment

Catherine and Francis Participate in the Science Museum of Virginia's Lunch Break Science to talk Eating Disorder Recovery

This episode of the Navigating Recovery Podcast is a little different as co-hosts Catherine and Francis participated in the Science Museum of Virginia’s Lunch Break Science, a series of talks and lectures on varying topics for people to listen, learn, and connect. This is the recording of Catherine and Francis’s presentation. In this talk, Francis and Catherine debunked common myths about eating disorders; interviewed each other about their own eating disorders and how they found recovery in an effort to provide insight into that experience; revealed what they’ve learned about eating disorder recovery from a year of conversations on their podcast with clinicians and recovery/life coaches as well as individuals in recovery; shared insights into how to help a loved one who is struggling; and answered questions from the audience.

The museum is featuring the Mental Health: Mind Matter touring exhibition that uses immersive experiences and multimedia activities to raise awareness about mental illness. Catherine and Francis were so grateful for the opportunity to participate and share their stories.

To view the powerpoint slides and video, please visit:

One Year Anniversary Episode: A collection of guest's responses to “what would you share with those seeking recovery?”

We’re excited for this special one year anniversary episode! Towards the end of nearly every episode, Francis or Catherine ask guests what words of wisdom, kindness, and hope they would offer to those seeking recovery from an eating disorder. Every response is unique to the person’s experience and every response is steeped in relatability that connects us all. The responses tell the story of recovery as a journey, not a destination. This episode is a collection of those responses to the question “what would you share with listeners who are seeking recovery?” If you are feeling stuck in recovery, thinking recovery is not possible, and are looking for guidance, take a pause and listen to these incredible people share their insights for you. Perhaps you’ll find pieces of yourself and your experiences within their answers. While we couldn’t include every person who has contributed on this podcast, we welcome folx to search episode descriptions and listen to episodes that feel relatable to your story.

Guests in order of responses: Syd Yang, healer, writer, artist, Episode 33; Vance Goodman, chaplain, poet, Episode 63; Mike Marjama, former professional baseball player, Episode 27; Melissa Bernstein, Melissa & Doug toys, author, Episode 65; Dr. Veronica Franklin, behavioral health clinician, Episode 19; Rebecca Eyre, CEO, Project Heal, Episode 55; Lucie Waldman, advocate, Episode 66; Kelly Davidson, RD, Episode 64; Misti Anderson, recovered individual, Episode 45; Kristina Bruce, body acceptance coach, Episode 57; Sarah Dionne, yoga instructor, Episode 25; Jenna DiLossi and Melissa Harrison, Center for Hope and Health, Episode 67; Beth Ayn Stansfield, founder, Stay Strong Virginia, Episode 21; Connie Sobczak, founder, The Body Positive, Episode 13; Eva DeVirgilis, advocate, actress, speaker, Episode 15

Episode 70: Our One Year Digest!

It’s been a year since we began this podcast adventure! To celebrate this milestone, we take time to interview each other, sharing thoughts about what the past year has been like, how co-hosting a podcast has impacted us, and what we hope to do more of moving forward.

We’re so grateful to our guests for continually inspiring and educating on this platform — we’re in awe of their vulnerability and resiliency. And to our listeners: we thank you for your continued support and communication throughout the past year.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! We can’t wait to see what’s next!


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