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The Partnership Between Intuition And Dreams with Dr. Marcia Emery

It has become easy to disregard the subject of dreams in our lives. Most of the time we forget about them. Dreams could actually reveal something much deeper about our lives. Dr. Marcia Emery, author and pioneer in the field of applied intuition, takes this and pairs it with intuition. She talks about the partnership between intuition and dreams and how we could make sense of the latter in our lives. Learn the different ways dreams reveal themselves through our intuition with our senses and hunch. Get to kn

Correcting Your Food Choices And Eating Habits with Tracy McCormick

The biggest misconception people have nowadays is that to be healthy means having to give up on eating delicious foods. Tracy McCormick, also known as Princess Know It All, believes otherwise. Tracy promotes taking better care of our health by having the right food choices and eating habits. She shares her own personal journey about being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which has shifted her life into living healthier. Now, she inspires people to take the steps themselves to this path. Tracy speaks on chan

Dr. James Greenblatt on The Effects Of Nutritional Deficiencies To Mental Illness And Disorders

There has been a lot of frustration among clinicians and even patients about the effectiveness of medications as the core treatment approach in psychiatry. In fact, recent research has shown that the medicines for depression and many other disorders are not helping as much as we would have liked or hoped. Dr. James Greenblatt delves deeper into this as he talks about the problems with psychiatry today. He is a certified child and adult psychiatrist, a pioneer in integrative medicine, assistant clinical prof

Naturally Reversing Heart Disease with Dr. Decker Weiss

Much of the solutions in the medical world tend to focus on the treatment of the symptoms and not the underlying causes. Bringing his insights to that, particularly from a naturopathic physician and cardiologist perspective, is Dr. Decker Weiss. Starting by giving us a background on how significant it is to be the first naturopathic physician to complete a residency program, he shares what differentiates him from other naturopath doctors. Dr. Weiss provides an understanding using a different philosophical a

Taking Down Obesity Myths with Dr. Linda Bacon

Much of what we think we know about our weight are actually false beliefs built on a number of stereotypes and ideas the society has created. In the midst of this, we live in a world where we usually think people in larger bodies are considered unhealthy. There is this rampant fear of becoming bigger that we become obsessed about our weight. Breaking all the obesity myths and other concerns about our bodies is Dr. Linda Bacon. She has a PhD in Physiology, specializing in weight regulation, as well as gradua

Healing Trauma And Addictions with Judy Crane

People who get into addictions and disorders often have events in the past that triggered them to get into this place. These are the traumas they encountered and Judy Crane points out its relationship with addictions. Judy is a certified therapist and hypnotist who has two decades of experience working in treatment centers. She imparts her knowledge by talking about healing trauma and addictions. Discussing what trauma is, Judy talks about generational traumas and how it relates to certain stages in our liv

Shifting To Heart-Centered Goals Through Intuition with Amir Zoghi

Oftentimes, we find ourselves hating the things we do, yet we go on because it keeps us fed. The longer we stay, the more emptiness we feel. Amir Zoghi shares his own journey of shifting his goals to heart-centered goals through intuition. Now he is an international leader and speaker in the area of self-awareness and human potential. Amir talks about the emptiness we feel despite the things we accomplished in life. Teaching how to overcome that, he talks about intuition and steering away from the voice in

Dr. Gabor Maté: How Mind-Body Unity Affects The Development Of Addiction

Taking a different perspective on addiction, Dr. Gabor Maté believes that addiction has a lot to do with how people experience life in their early years. He attributes it to the adversities one goes through during childhood. Dr. Maté is a physician and bestselling author whose interests include mind-body unity, health illness, and the treatment of addictions. With this background, he talks about addiction in light of the mind-body unity, how it connects with the experiences we go through in our environmen

Soulful Eating From A Love-Based Place with Isabelle Tierney

In order to become what the society dictates us to become, we tend to deprive ourselves with a lot of things. In terms of our body, we starve ourselves in order to look the ideal way. We don’t eat from a place of love. Instead, we eat from a place of fear. Isabelle Tierney teaches soulful eating, which is when you choose to eat to nourish your body from a love-based place. She is a life coach and licensed marriage and family therapist with an M.A. from Tufts University in Child Development. She is the fou

The Zone Diet with Dr. Barry Sears

It is said that there are three things in life that are visceral; one is politics, second is religion, and third is nutrition. Diving deep into and covering the last one is Dr. Barry Sears. He is a bestselling author of multiple books including his most famous The Zone Diet, and the founder of He is one of the leading authorities on the dietary control arm of hormonal and inflammatory responses to treat chronic disease. Dr, Sears imparts his expert knowledge by talking about diet, and gives


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