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The Definitive Guide To Prostate Cancer with Dr. Aaron Katz

September is prostate cancer awareness month. One in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. This affects not only the patients themselves but their families as well. That is why it is important to get acquainted with everything about it as best as you can. Dr. Aaron Katz is the director of the Center for Holistic Urology and an associate professor of Clinical Urology at Columbia University. He talks about his book, The Definitive Guide to Prostate Cancer: Everything You Need t

Showing Up And Living Your Truth with Amir Zoghi

In this fast-paced day and age, it has become easy to forget living your truth. What we see is the reality we believed to be as the truth in our lives. We stop poking around ourselves thinking that all we have and all we are is right in front of us. Intuitive Warrior Amir Zoghi says that there is a difference between the truth and the reality. Amir is an international leader and speaker in the area of intuition, self-awareness, and human potential. He says living your truth takes a deeper dive within yourse

How To Approach Childhood Obesity with Dr. Edward Abramson

Obesity is a big focus in America. Yet it is something that the country does not know how best to deal with, so we have a number of diets present for both adult obesity and childhood obesity. Contrary to what people believe, Dr. Edward Abramson, licensed clinical psychologist, says that children who are overweight or obese should not be put on a diet. As an expert on eating and weight problems and an internationally recognized authority on emotional eating, weight control, and eating disorders, he gives gre

The Benefits Of Mind-Body Therapy with Dr. Ralph Carson

Often overlooked in aiming for a healthy lifestyle is the mind/brain aspect. People tend to be more engrossed in the physical activities and transformation. Dr. Ralph Carson believes otherwise and puts forth the importance of mind-body therapy. He is a clinical nutritionist and exercise physiologist with nearly 40 years of experience in the treatment of addictions, obesity, and eating disorders. He integrates bio physiological intervention and proven psychotherapeutic treatment. Dr. Carson talks about the e

Overcoming Obesity Through A Healthy Lifestyle with Bree Boyce

Everyone has their own success stories with overcoming obesity, but not everyone goes through the same process and ends up with the same results. Bree Boyce, crowned Miss South Carolina in 2011, talks about her own journey. Bree shares how she went from being an overweight teenager to being in the Miss America Pageant. At 17 years old, with her highest weight at 234 lbs, being told that her knees and joints couldn’t handle the excessive weight anymore, she realized she had to make a crucial shift in her m

Mindsight: Awaken The Power Of Your Mind with Dr. Daniel Siegel

You can awaken the power of the mind through developing your mindsight. According to Dr. Daniel Siegel, co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center and executive director of the Mindsight Institute, says mindsight means how we see the mind in ourselves and others. It is having an emphatic understanding of others and an insightful understanding of ourselves. Dr. Siegel discusses how we can develop our mindsight through exercises that enable us to balance our emotions, strengthen our attention, feel

Food And Money, Why You May Be Binging On Both with Francine Rogers

For some people, their bad credit score and bad money habits didn’t necessarily come from mismanaging money. Sometimes, it’s from an emotional dysfunctional neediness inside of them. The emotions that drive us to binge or overeat compulsively are the same ones that lead to overspending. This is exactly true for liability account specialist Francine Rogers. For Francine, when she gets stressed about her business, she ate and spent money irresponsibly. Most of the time it has nothing to do with being hungry


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