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EP 461 Spy Vs. Spy: The U.S. Fight Against Soviet, Now Russian, Aggression

It’s the same old song as the Russian spy machine keeps rolling along.  Who would know better than Jack Devine who formerly served as acting director and associate director at the CIA  and was in charge of the CIA’s largest and most successful covert action operation, which drove the Russians out of Afghanistan? In his … Continue reading EP 461 Spy Vs. Spy: The U.S. Fight Against Soviet, Now Russian, Aggression

I No Longer Make Plans

I just completed over six months of intensive weekly chemotherapy. I’m relieved, sad and terrified all at once. I’ve been here before. Living with advanced cancer, means living with uncertainty. This experience is the epitome of the precariousness of life. I miss making plans. Because I can’t count on tomorrow, this experience forces me to live in the moment. And, there is so much beauty if you take the time to notice.

047: The Golden Key with Brandon Beachum

There are keys to living a purposeful and happy life. Brandon Beachum’s new book, “The Golden Key,” is described as modern alchemy to living a full and abundant life. Brandon has lived a very successful life and attributes much of his success to understanding the keys he describes in his book.     We attract into our lives what we are “putting out.” Many refer to this as the “Law of Attraction.” In other words, our thoughts have a vibrational component and we attract into our life things that are in alignment with our vibration. We can learn and understand more deeply how to live a fulfilling and satisfying life, but often we need help with managing our vibrational output. Brandon and Robin talk about the role that Faith and Trust play in bringing joy into our life.     The Golden Key will enlighten you in ways that you may have not considered that will assist you on your path to really shine in the life you have chosen.         Learn more about Awaken Radio at

I Have Nightmares – a Pandemic Story

Kate Weaver was fairly new into her career as a Clinical Dietician when she found herself on the frontlines of providing care during the height of the Pandemic. Like so many frontline workers, she found herself overwhelmed and feeling helpless. What she didn’t realize at the time was the toll this was taking on her mental health. This is her story of survival and healing from trauma. It’s a story of hope and resilience.


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