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Tag: Chemical Dependency

Where Behavioral Health EHR Vendors are Missing In Action with Doug Edwards

Join Doug Edwards, Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Behavioral Healthcare division, joins us to today to discuss what is trending in Behavioral Healthcare today and what EHR vendors are missing when it comes to marketing their software.

Join Doug Edwards at this years National Conference on Addiction Disorders in Denver, Co.

Some of the questions we asked Doug are listed below:

What big trends have you seen in the behavioral health field during your 15 year career?

Why do you think investors are interested in behavioral healthcare now?

Should providers be concerned about the amount of “new money” flowing into the field?

Does the increased investment in the field only apply to for-profits? What about for not-for-profits? 

What is the role of information technology and EHRs in relation to the investment flowing into treatment centers?

Where can providers turn to for information on selecting EHRs?

What trends should providers be preparing for now?

How can listeners become more engaged with Behavioral Healthcare magazine?

Please read the full blog article here.

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