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That Infernal Noise Ep. 10 – As Honest As I Have Ever Been

In this episode as the title implies, I am more honest than I have ever been. You get an unfiltered look into my mind and my thoughts of men’s mental health and the perception of being weak in discussing emotions. I also discuss the suicidal thoughts I have, some of the motivations for them and my reasons for still being here.

I apologize to anyone that may find this a sensitive subject but I feel that all too often these thoughts are downplayed, if not just outright ignored and that inevitably leads to a increase in suicide rates. My goal is to create a dialogue and let everyone know you are not alone, you can talk about it and you are not weak if you seek help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-723-8255 (available 24 hours a day)

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NEW to MHNR Network!  That Infernal Noise – Tune In if You’re Feeling Alone!

That Infernal Noise:  A podcast new to MHNR Network that’s providing a safe space to feel a little less alone.

“If I am being honest, I feel like I have a higher calling to do something to help people. I have been told my whole life that people feel comfortable speaking to me and I enjoy that. I like thinking that I can help improve someone’s life just by talking or speaking to them and if I can help even one person it will be worth it.” – Robert (Host)

“We are those f*cked up thoughts in the back of your head”

When asked what his goal is for every episode of That Infernal Noise, Robert responds, “That no one is alone, no matter what they think.  I am not the atypical person you think of when it comes to being an advocate for mental health and have felt isolated because of it.”  He wants everyone to know that, no matter your race/creed/sexual orientation or any applicable qualifier you wish to use, that it is always okay to talk about your issues and seek help in whatever way works best for you.  He understands that managing our mental health is unique to each individual.

Robert uses his ‘weak’ and ‘insecure’ moments from his day to day life as the main talking points for each of his episodes and as a form of therapy.  He appreciates not only helping others, but there is a certain level of catharsis he gets from just being to put his truths out into the universe, rather than shoving it down and allowing it to fester and eventually consume him.

When asked about any personal information he’d like to share, he shared a bit of wisdom that his son reminded him of when he was having a bad mental day, “it is okay to have negative thoughts, it is what you do after them that matters.” He noted it was nice to know that teenagers listened…occasionally.

About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 90 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health. Its Speakers’ Bureau and filmed series such as Mixed Nuts: Comedians and Mental Health allow it to further its mission to reach as many people in as many places as possible to encourage dialogue about mental health.

About That Infernal Noise

Robert, the host of That Infernal Noise, is a man, a dad, a friend, a human.  We are all so many things in life.  As a man, he shares his life’s interesting moments, his difficult moments.  Tune in to get to know him more.



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That Infernal Noise Ep. 7 – My Ladder of Aggression

Join me on my journey through my psyche and listen to me try and navigate it.

In this episode I talk about my most recent freak out and discussing it with my therapist and coming to the realization that my brain has become incredibly efficient as jumping to anger.

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Any thoughts or feedback on it would be very much appreciated!


That Infernal Noise Ep. 6 – The Journey Begins

It has been a while but I am back discussing my own short comings as a husband and more importantly as a human. I decided that today is first day of the rest of my life and I am going to take charge starting now. 

Join me on my journey through my psyche and listen to me try and navigate it.


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Any thoughts or feedback on it would be very much appreciated!


Comedian Brian Malow

Science and comedy usually don’t mix UNLESS you’re listening to Brian Malow, the Science Comedian! He’s our guest this week, as he talks about life as the science comedian. And not only does he tell jokes, but he interviews scientists such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Take a listen to Brian and his science humor.

Brad Montgomery

Our guest Brad talks about his journey from magician at renaissance festivals to keynote speaking at conventions. Brad’s been an entertainer since his teens, and he actually trashed his plans for law school to be a magician. Great chat with Brad.

Comedian Dobie Maxwell

Comedian Dobie Maxwell has the stories! From being in the middle of a bank heist to pulling a prank on a mean booker, Dobie has had a fun and funny comedy career. He is called “Mr. Lucky” because he doesn’t have luck, and his book “Monkey in the Middle” is a great read. Check out our interview with hilarious comedian Dobie now.


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