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Neurodiversity Within Teen Friendships

We spend a lot of time working with kids on the spectrum about social skills or how to engage with a friend and be in a friendship. What about working with neurotypical kids and teens on how to learn social skills and how to befriend those who are different like those on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Caroline and her friendship with her best friend who is on the autism spectrum.

For more interviews such as these and the entire curriculum on Spectrum Teens go to where you can learn about teens on the spectrums and the issues they face.
DVDs and a downloadable course are available.

Addiction is about the pain of Mistaken Identity

Fascinating podcast featuring Paul Noiles. Paul has written a book called The Mistaken Identity: A Sacred Journey from Addiction to Awakening. He explains that people use their addiction to hide the fact that they don’t know or like who they are. Everyone experiences trauma and not addressing the root issues will lead to relapse. Listen to this podcast as the nuggets of wisdom and truth fill the conversation. See his Bio and get his book!!

PAUL NOILES is a unique teacher who believes all addictions are about the pain of a Mistaken Identity. The solution is knowing our innate truth through awakening consciousness. Paul writes with depth, uncomplicated clarity, courage, vulnerability, and honesty rarely seen in the world today. His raw, intimate sharing of his experiences restores hope for many in the grips of addiction. Paul is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition.

Paul has personally discovered that The Mistaken Identity is the biggest block to seeing this essence. Removing it allows a person to get in alignment with their authentic self. There is nothing to fix or change about anyone, only something to awaken to— their true essence of love, peace, and joy.
Paul has been using his MI teaching model with his clients to incredible success. His raw sharing of his own suffering and path to awakening and recovery, written with courage, vulnerability and honesty restores hope for many.


?Awakening Coaching
Recovery Coaching
Codependence Coaching
Sober Travel Companion

These are his primary focuses.

Paul’s book “Mistaken Identity – A Sacred Journey from Addiction to Awakening” is now available online at Amazon and Kindle and Kobo and various other places.

Coping with Suicidal Thoughts — A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach: Interview with Dr. Katie Gordon | Episode 92

In this episode, I interview Dr. Katie Gordon, a clinical psychologist and the author of the recently published book “The Suicidal Thoughts Workbook.” We talk about her H.O.P.E. approach to helping people cope with and learn from suicidal thoughts.

H = Seek help to broaden ideas about how to manage suicidal intensity.

O = Find optimism by searching for things to look forward to.

P = Change perspective through tools like “opposite action” and by putting your thoughts on trial.

E = Attend to emotions through self-compassion and emotional regulation strategies.

About Dr. Katie Gordon
Kathryn H. Gordon, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Prior to working as a therapist, she was a professor for ten years. She was recognized as an Inspiring Teacher for her classes about psychopathology, empirically-supported therapy, and cultural diversity. Dr. Gordon is a mental health researcher who has published over eighty scientific articles and book chapters on suicidal behavior, disordered eating, and related topics. She co-hosts Psychodrama Podcast, blogs for Psychology Today, and shares mental health information through her website, Dr. Gordon’s book, The Suicidal Thoughts Workbook. For more information go to

Spectrum Siblings

Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Erica who will talk about what is like as a sibling to someone on the spectrum. She will discuss the strengths and challenges of the sister relationship with her older sister who is on the spectrum.

You can hear other interviews of siblings on Dr. Holmes Marriage & Family Course
available at:
The 4-hour course will walk you through common issues in the spectrum family to move beyond surviving to thriving as a family!

Grant Us the Serenity — The Gifts of Long-Term Recovery: Interview with Dennis Berry | Episode

For many of us, we have experiences in our life that mark “before” and “after.” For people in long-term recovery, one of those moments is the date they decided to take significant action in fighting their addiction. Most recite this date with pride and mark it as a milestone as the months, then years, then decades pass.

As a psychologist I can’t say that I gave 12-step programs much more than a passing thought. The support groups and programs were often seen in many circles I traveled as somehow “less than” or “alternative” to mainstream psychotherapy. I knew about AA and Al-Anon, but I had no idea about how many other groups existed and how many people had benefitted from them.

Now that I’ve had some firsthand experience, I can say that I deeply appreciate the approach and understand why they have helped millions of people.

First, they offer a community. A fellowship of peers who have walked the path. Instantly new people are welcomed as the most important group needing support. There are many rules to protect the psychological safety of this community, because helping people feel less alone is a major part of what heals us. Second, they offer guidance for people to consider spiritual growth — no matter what your religious views are (or aren’t as agnostics and atheists are welcomed too). “Spiritual growth” in this context is about connecting with something bigger than yourself and finding a higher calling. There is an emphasis on serving others, reflecting deeply on how to find forgiveness from your past and find grace and growth in making amends. Finally, there is a clear pathway toward healing. The action steps and accountability of the work keep people taking steps forward — one day at a time.

In this interview, I speak with Dennis Berry, a man 18 years sober. He defines serenity as “not drinking today.” In our conversation he shares his story of he transitioned from his addiction to being on a life mission to help others “shorten their learning curve” to recovery. We talk about the brain science behind addiction and the “H.O.W.” approach to achieving a healthy vibrant life. For more information go to

New company All Sober joins the wave of new addiction/recovery solutions

Donald McDonald of All Sober and Rich talk about Donald’s years of activism in the addiction/recovery space and how his frustrations with the system have led him to All Sober. Listen as they take a peek under the hood of All Sober set to launch in October. Good stuff happening here!
Donald’s BIO:
I am a person thriving in recovery from severe mental & substance use disorders since 2004. I call myself a Recovery Activist because I understand that people experiencing mental & substance use disorders face discriminatory barriers to freedom and wellness – that the Recovery Movement is a social justice movement. I leverage my privilege & recovery status along with my clinical knowledge about substance use disorders, policy advocacy, and systems change to help rural and underserved communities create innovative programs and embrace many pathways of recovery. My background includes being a consumer of services, a provider of clinical services in multiple settings, a health policy advocate, and a Recovery Community leader. Previously, I served as the National Field Director of Faces & Voices of Recovery, the Executive Director of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, and the Director of Advocacy & Education of Recovery Communities of North Carolina.

Husband, father, grandfather, veteran, musician, and just another bozo on the bus — views are mine.

About the company:
All Sober is an exciting new company that has been created to provide the millions of Americans suffering from addiction and their loved ones with all the connections, information and resources they need as they journey through recovery and into sober life; to end the stigma and shame of addiction; to inspire people in recovery to sustain sober lives and celebrate sobriety; and to help fund treatment for those who can’t afford it. All Sober is a Public Benefit Company and a portion of all earnings will be donated to the All Sober Foundation and used to benefit the public by helping to fund treatment.

We are proud to announce that Microsoft has committed to supporting All Sober’s mission in numerous ways — including with technology, product sales, marketing, sponsorship and PR initiatives. Microsoft will also help leverage relationships with companies to create opportunities for All Sober, involve All Sober as an addiction recovery partner in their social impact initiatives, and support the company as it launches in 2021.

On behalf of everyone involved, we invite you to become part of All Sober in any way that you can — whether it’s investing your time, talent and even your financial resources. Together, we can and will make a difference in the lives of all those affected by addiction.

Finding Your Child's Potential

Listen in as Stephanie Holmes, MA, BCCC, and Certified Autism Specialist,  along with Melanie Vann, MA as they discuss how to best find a child’s potential when they are on the autism spectrum.  Both personally have children on the spectrum, so they speak from their first-hand experience.  Don’t give up hope, as you discover how to help your child(ren) find their way in the world.

The UNNI Podcast – w/ Kristel J. Nazareno

Episode 57 w/ Pro Hairstylist & Influencer @kristel.jnaz RELEASES TUES 6/22/21 @5pm PST ? Host, Bianca McCall talks racial tensions, Asian Hate Crimes, and the call for self-preservation, in the aftermath of global pandemic. Don’t miss what the hottest Stylist on the West Coast has to say

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