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Innovative mental health app Cope Notes sponsors Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network, the world’s largest podcast network dedicated exclusively to mental and behavioral health and well-being content, is proud to announce Cope Notes as one of its sponsors. Founded by Cope Notes CEO, metal musician and mental health advocate Johnny Crowder, Cope Notes is an innovative mental health app that uses daily text messages to promote good mental and emotional health.

Mental Health News Radio Network CEO Kristin Walker, and Director of Programming Melanie Vann, were early supporters of Cope Notes and among the first people to publically endorse the app. They reached out to Crowder initially.

Crowder said, “The number one barrier in mental wellness is simply a general lack of awareness, so when I read into MHNRN, partnering up was a no-brainer”.

Several of our podcasters have interviewed Johnny on their shows. See the full list here.

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Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Injury: Lori Vann, Counselor and Author

One of our previous guests and my good friend, Olivia Quintanilla of Addiction Campuses, referred Lori Vann to Mental Health News Radio. Lori is a pro interviewee having been an invited guest on multiple radio and television shows. She specializes in many areas of behavioral health with a large focus on Self-Injury. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart so I am honored to dive in with a field expert.

Please join Lori and I for an eye-opening discussion on this misunderstood behavior that not only affects our younger generation but is carried out, if not treated early, well into adulthood.


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African American Mental Wellness: Our Second Interview with Steven Welch, LCSW

Our first interview with Steven Welch took place in June of 2014. We had a lot to discuss and not enough time. I can understand why Steven’s first show has been our most downloaded and highest rated.  The topic of discussion plays a huge part but it is also the intelligence and compassion from Steven that is an indicator as to why his office becomes that safe haven for his clients.  His passion for the community in which he has devoted his behavioral health practice is evident during every conversation.

We were easily able to pick up where we left off and delve into the second part of our discussion on African American mental wellness. We’ve decided to turn this into a three part series so we can devote a show to COLORISM: What is colorism and how it impacts African American (AA) wellness.  We touch on it briefly during this broadcast but it is a topic that deserves more attention.


 Watch Steven Welch on Beyond Focus Media!

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Addiction Campuses Treehouse with Vinnie Strumolo: Trauma and Addiction

Treehouse_HZ_caJoin trauma and addiction expert Vinnie Strumolo, CEO of The Treehouse, in Dallas Texas on Mental Health News Radio. Vinnie talks to us about trauma and how it relates to addiction. Many people turn to addiction as a coping mechanism after facing trauma such as physical/sexual abuse, neglect or even a traffic accident. If left unresolved, these issues can haunt the victim for the rest of their life. Vinn


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