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Jessica Bacal — ”The Rejection That Changed My Life”

Not many of us like to talk about our failings. Rejections don’t go on your résumé, but they are part of every successful person’s career. All of us will apply for jobs that we don’t get and have ambitions that aren’t fulfilled, because that is part of being a working person, part of pushing oneself to the next step professionally. Zestful Aging speaks with Jessica Bacal who just wrote a new book called “The Rejection That Changed my Life”. She interviews 25 powerhouse women about their careers and looks specifically at their disappointments and failures, and gets their advice about how to handle the realities of worklife. Find out more at

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On Being Fearless — Intimate Partner Violence, Women Empowerment & Well-Being: Interview with J'Anmetra “JoJo” Waddell | Episode 90

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode covers distressing content about domestic violence and physical, sexual and emotional assault.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

~Marianne Williamson

“I can breathe. I can think.”

When J’Anmetra was imprisoned in her home under the threat of her husband, this was her mantra. One that kept her alive and ultimately allowed her the ability to escape.

According to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) survivors of intimate partner violence are twice as likely to have multiple suicide attempts, according to a study published in the Journal of Injury & Violence Research, intimate partner problems were identified as a precipitating circumstance in 30% of all suicide cases in the National Violent Death Reporting System. And yet, the connection between intimate partner violence and suicide is under-addressed on many fronts.

In this episode, we bear witness to the inspiring story of J’Anmetra Waddell and her courage to break free from the bonds of her abuser — her husband and the Pastor of her church. She shares her how her near-miss with suicide transitioned to her journey to becoming an advocate for other survivors of domestic violence.

About J’Anmetra “JoJo” Waddell, MBA/HCM
J’Anmetra Waddell, is the ONLY Live Past Crazy Specialist! She works strategically with women to R.I.S.E – mastering their source of power as a mindset mediator.

J’Anmetra is an Amazon’s International Bestselling Author of Fearless Woman Born to Give Thanks and Transition to Freedom and four other amazing books. She has received Author of the Year Award for two consecutive years and has had the opportunity to share the screen with the late actor Tommy Ford in the movie The Last Time. She is the founder of Be Fearless Inc, Waddell Consulting Services helping companies educate their senior leadership and employees on empathy and employee engagement. She has an MBA in Healthcare Management and currently finishing her Ph.D.

She is a strong advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence. At 40, she instantly understood that she had to start being who she was born to be; a leader, teacher, trainer, thought creator, a REBEL!

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Bonnie Marcus — How Can I Navigate Ageism and Sexism at Work?

Award winning entrepreneur, Forbes contributing writer and executive coach Bonnie Marcus assists professional women to successfully navigate the workplace and position and promote themselves to advance their careers. In her newly published book, “NOT DONE YET!”, Bonnie addresses how women over 50 can regain their confidence and claim their power. You can find out more about Bonnie at Facebook: bonnie.marcus – Twitter: selfpromote – LinkedIn: bonniemarcus – Instagram: self_promote_

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Jean Ketcham — “Aging But Dangerous”

Jean Ketcham is the founder of “Aging But Dangerous”, a movement focused on healthy aging and living dangerously through fun, spirit, and style. After retiring, Jean discovered that 55+ women were not living up to their true potential. Their social circles were shrinking and their lifestyles were becoming less stimulating and less adventurous.

Jean began organizing meetings where older women could connect and share experiences, insights, and strategies to help them enrich their lives. She brought in speakers on a wide variety of topics to empower women to take control of the aging process; she also has held special events like 55+ fashion shows, skydiving outings, and an infamous “colonoscopy party”. Find out more about Jean at

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Unplugged — How to Reconnect with Nature in the Digital Age: Interview with Sebastian Slovin | Episode 89

There is a growing scientific field called “ecotherapy” that has demonstrated a strong connection between time spent outside in nature and improved well-being. Shifting our attention to the sounds, smells, and beauty is calming for many. On brain scans we can actually see reduced activity in. the parts of the brain that are linked to rumination — or repetitive negative thoughts. In this episode, I speak with Sebastian Slovin, author of Experience Nature Unplugged: A Guide to Wellness in the Digital Age, a new book on how connecting with nature helps reset our brains. We discuss the ways our digital lives are negatively impacting our mental health and how nature is the perfect antidote.

About Sebastian Slovin
Since Sebastian can remember, nature has been a central part of his life. He was fortunate to grow up in the beach community of La Jolla, California and spent his childhood mixing it up in the ocean. As a young boy, he lost his father to suicide, which would deeply inspire his path in life. As a young adult, he had the opportunity to travel extensively and experience many of the world’s great surf spots as a professional bodyboarder. Through his travel, Sebastian developed a deep love and appreciation for our natural world and at the same time was drawn to the practice of yoga and mindfulness. His passion for nature led him to pursue a BA in Environmental Policy at San Diego State University. He also holds an MA in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego. He is the author of The Adventures of Enu, Ashes in the Ocean, and Experience Nature Unplugged: A Guide to Wellness in the Digital Age. He and his wife, Sonya, founded Nature Unplugged, which is all about inspiring wellness in the digital age. When he is not writing or working on Nature Unplugged, Sebastian enjoys swimming, surfing and (pretty much all things) in the wild Pacific Ocean.

Susan Ryan — The Green House Project: A Radical, Successful Departure From Conventional Nursing Homes

Susan Ryan is the Senior Director of The Green House Project which addresses quality long-term care environments that are pleasant, accessible and affordable to all. They’ve enjoyed some notoriety lately, as their setups are smaller and more intimate, therefore avoiding the COVID contagion that has impacted so many nursing homes. The emphasis is on quality of life and offering a family-style and close knit living experience. Learn more at

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Scott Schober — Expert in Online Scams

Scott Schober is the author of three best-selling security books including “Senior Cyber”. In the book, Scott and Craig Schober pick apart a multitude of cybersecurity scams that relate directly to the financial, socioeconomic, and health & well-being of all seniors by offering simple advice for all levels of cybersecurity experience for grandparents, grandchildren, and everyone in between. Find out more at

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Train the Brain — Daily Practices to Disrupt Negative Thoughts and Build Healthier Pathways: Interview with Johnnie Crowder | Episode 88

When it comes to overcoming mental and emotional challenges, we have a problem. In fact, according to Cope Notes we have several:

PROVIDERS: Our mental health providers are often overwhelmed with demand, that accessing services in a timely way can be challenging. Once we find an available provider, we often can’t afford the level of service we need, and, even if we can, we find that many providers are not culturally or linguistically aligned with the people who need the support the most. Medicalization, jargon and pathologizing can keep us in a mindset of “sickness.”

PEOPLE IN NEED: In many instances the process of finding the right services is overwhelming, confusing, and exhausting. This level of perseverance is difficult for people who are functioning well, let alone for people who are feeling hopeless, unseen and unknown. Once people do find their way to support services, they often worry about privacy, judgment, and losing control.

COMMUNITIES: Generally speaking we seem to be focused more on responding to crises than we are on preventing them in the first place. Our approaches, therefore are reactive instead of proactive and big splashes of effort instead of slow drips over time.

In this conversation I speak with the brilliant and inspiring Johnny Crowder. We talk about how we can gain the upper hand on our complex and mysterious brains by short-circuiting negative thoughts. We explore how faith, creativity and community helps us gain new perspectives and forms of expression. We discuss the questions of how do we replace old thought patterns with healthier ones? How do we build a better brain? Stronger friendships and families? More resilient communities?

About Johnny Crowder
Johnny Crowder is a 28-year-old suicide/abuse survivor, TEDx speaker, touring musician, mental health advocate, and the Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, a text-based mental health platform that provides daily support to users in nearly 100 countries around the world. Armed with 10 years of clinical treatment, a psychology degree from University of Central Florida, and a decade of peer support and public advocacy through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Johnny’s infectious positivity and firsthand experience with mental illness uniquely equips him to provide realistic, yet hopeful insight into the pains of hardship with authenticity, levity, and unconventional wit. For more information on this episode go to

Meredith Patterson — Pioneer in Health Care, Aging and the Ethics of Elder Care

Meredith Patterson is a pioneer in the field of health care, aging and the ethics of elder care. Meredith developed a unique home care model in which the client and the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) would experience a greater sense of respect, the client was ensured the highest caliber of care, and the aide would be compensated at a significantly higher rate of pay. However, the cost to the client would be no more than the rate. Meredith prides herself on using a holistic and client centered approach, honed from a background in clinical social work. Find out more about Meredith and her unique agency at

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What Are You Feeding Your Most Hungry Organ — The Brain –?

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and Dr. Julia Rucklidge are the authors of the brand new book “The Better Brain”– the first book to discuss how and why nutrients can be used to treat mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD. We talk about the challenges in changing the paradigm from a medication-first approach to dealing with mental illness to one that promotes providing the brain with the nutrients it requires to operate well. Find out more at

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