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Ep – 235 Ruth Gotian

In this episode I speak with Ruth Gotian, Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology and former Assistant Dean of Mentoring and Executive Director of the Mentoring Academy at Weill Cornell Medicine, Thinkers50 Radar List awardee and author of the upcoming book, “The Success Factor,” whose wakeup call was noticing the commonalities that highly successful people have ranging from Nobel laureates to astronauts to MD/PhDs that she worked closely and her wanting to make those attributes available to anyone who wants to succeed.

Ep – 222 Adam Gilad

In this episode I speak with Adam Gilad, CEO and Founder of Kyyndr and the Kynndr Summit, whose wakeup call was recovering from a traumatic relationship breakup and realizing how he and the world were hungry for deeper and kinder relationships. http://kyyndr.ocm

Ep – 231  Dr. Sam Qurashi

In this episode I speak with Dr. Sam Qurashi, who left the field of addiction medicine after seven years when he woke up to all the ways to help people heal from their mental and other issues that traditional medicine was missing. He shares his transformational thoughts and concept across social medial including more than 700,000 IG followers to help people who are.

Ep – 230  Mena Mirhom

In this episode I speak to Mena Mirhom, M.D., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Columbia University Medical Center, co-author of, “Women’s Pearls: A Focus on Women’s Mental Health,” advisory board member of Healthcorps and a partner to the NBA’s Player Association re: mental health, whose wakeup call was noticing the lack of justice with regard to mental health care for women and minorities and want to correct that.

Ep – 229 Howard Getson

In this episode I speak with Howard Getson, CEO of Capitalogix whose wakeup call was dialing the operator when he was two and a half to tell her that his nanny was physically abusing (and ended up killing) his nine month old brother. Since then his life as been one of taking charge and control and building a future and companies and helping the world make the most of what comes next.


Ep – 228 Marshall Goldsmith

In this episode I speak to the world’s #1 Executive Coach and WSJ multi-bestselling author, Marshall Goldsmith, whose wakeup call was realizing that leaders often needed to focus more on stopping negative behaviors to reach their full potential and also many years ago when he became a philosophical Buddhist, which he explains beautifully.


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