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Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.


Join us on Mental Health News Radio as we discuss Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse with Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi. She is a published author and behavioral health provider specializing in the treatment of narcissistic abuse. We leave no stone unturned regarding this topic. Get ready to take notes and enjoy the show!

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Resiliency: the Final Stage of Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

Author, counselor, and international speaker, Julie Brand, joins us again on Mental Health News Radio. Her first show went in-depth about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse especially when the perpetrator is a parent. Today we discuss the final stage of recovery which Julie insists is RESILIENCY.

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Behavioral Health EHRs: The New Model for Integrated Care Technology

Our guest today on Mental Health News Radio is Brook West, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Valant — one of the leading Behavioral Health EHRs. We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with the Valant team even visiting their corporate office in downtown Seattle in 2014.

As the Behavioral Health market moves toward direct integration with primary care we turn our focus toward electronic health record software vendors that are already using new technology to deliver solutions. Vendors that have superior credibility and credentials in Behavioral Health, attract quality leadership, and possess an unparalleled infrastructure. Our listeners know that Behavioral Health is our passion. Technology designed by the right organizations have a direct effect on mental health providers and their ability to deliver patient care.

Join Brook West and our host, Kristin Sunanta Walker, as they discuss where Valant is headed and how their EHR solution is paving an entirely new road for Behavioral Health organizations.


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Mentegram: Clinical Outcome Measures for Behavioral Health with Igor Holas

Igor Holas is a research psychologist, chief scientist, and one of the founding partners of a clinical outcome measurements software program designed for behavioral health. Mentegram empowers therapists with the understanding for making better therapy decisions. The platform helps build and quantify mental health insights, that are often lost, between therapy sessions. As a result, both parties are better prepared for therapy. Because less in-session time is required for understanding issues, more can be devoted to addressing them.

Innovators like Edison, da Vinci, Bell and many others are responsible for the world that we know. A world that is better. Mentegram helps bring innovation into studying and understanding human behavior, experiences, and well being.


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