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Dr. Ginger Campbell — Embracing Uncertainty in the Time of COVID

Dr. Ginger Campbell has been a physician for almost 40 years, and a podcaster since 2006. Her Podcast, “Brain Science”, explores how the recent discoveries in neuroscience are helping explain how our brain makes us human. She calls “Brain Science” the “show for everyone who has a brain”, because it is accessible to people of all backgrounds. Dr. Campbell also recently published the second edition of her book “Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty”. Find out more at

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The Whirlwind of Grief, the Holidays & COVID

Kristina McNeal joins me in chatting about the journey of grief, its heightened reality during the holidays and how incorporating certain self care strategies can make a massive difference in our journey.

Kris shares her passion as a grief coach as well as its connection with empowering women to connect their own mental wellness with the things they put in and on their bodies focusing on removing toxins for a healthier way of living.

You can follow Kris’s work on empowering women in raising their awareness of what they put on in and in their bodies visit her site at as well as on social media:,

If you are interested in receiving grief coaching, which will assist in helping you where you are and the journey of where you desire to be, you can contact Kris at

Global Chaos and Fear: Help Managing During this Crisis

Join Kristin, Martha Juchnowski (from our own Empowered Empath’s podcast,) and Ryan McCormick (from our own The Outer Limits of Inner Truth podcast) as they discuss their views of what is going on in the world around us, socially & spiritually. They discuss how to help overcome some of the fear that is being fed to us daily.

A Former TV Producer & Newspaper Editor, Ryan McCormick is the Host & Executive Producer of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show. Ryan McCormick is a metaphysical, spiritual, and philosophical investigative journalist. Born and raised on in Long Island New York, Ryan knew at an early age that he was a Fringe Dweller and thought much differently than “normal people.” Ryan has an insatiable curiosity, a voracious appetite for learning, and a rebellious nature.

Your Hidden Power #158 – Are Your Body/Mind Out of Balance, Due to COVID19?

Host Doug Stephan and co-Host/Astrologer Laura Banks, she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 welcome Senior Health Reporter for The Epoch Times, Conan Milner. Ever felt that your body is out of balance? Maybe more than usual during this crazy time? Could be your yin-yang are out of balance. The yin-yang philosophy says the universe is made up of competing and complementary forces of dark and light, sun and moon, male and female etc. It aims for balance. In an exciting development, Western medicine is now starting to learn how foods stir these dualities of metabolic responses –
without calling foods yin or yang. Next, our weekly visit with Mystifier Uri Geller. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley discusses Male versus Female energy. Finally, co-Host/Astrologer Laura Banks, discuss whether Host Doug Stephan should have been born a woman, rather than a man.

The Funny Shrink Presents…Staying Safe and Sane During COVID-19

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and our world has completely changed for the unforeseeable future. We don’t have the luxury of interacting with family and friends the way we used to, and this has caused great spikes in mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Come in and take a seat on the comedy couch and listen to your podcast hosts talk about how they have chosen to stay safe and sane in this new unchartered world of COVID.

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COVID, Transitions, and Autism Anxiety

Join Dr. Stephanie and her guest Sydney to discuss COVID and transitions in education and how they affect students from the student on the perspectives point of view. This series has looked at the stressors and challenges for the caretaker/parents and from clinicians’ point of view and concerns and now this will give the perspective from the student’s point of view looking at the impact on stress and anxiety.

Sydney is a graduate student of the Georgia University system and Graduate Research assistant who shares her thoughts and concerns about how the pandemic and change is affecting people like her on the autism spectrum and points of consideration of those making decisions about education for students on the spectrum.

Top Lab: Covid-19 PCR and Antibody Testing

Join Kristin as she speaks with Victoria Frenkel, the CEO of Top Lab, about Covid-19 testing. Victoria discusses how they decided to do their part to assist in the testing struggle here in America. Hear a bit about the different types of testing, the antibody test, and the molecular PCR Covid-19 test. Victoria warns against the hazards of the miscellaneous unregulated tests flooding the market right now. Top Lab is licensed in various states and is also federally regulated. Victoria helps us all learn how to get the peace of mind that proper testing can provide from just about anywhere in our country.

Victoria Frenkel is the CEO at Advanced Comprehensive Laboratory, LLC / Top Lab

Combating Pandemic Stress: Taking Back Your Mental Health

Join Dr. Holmes and David Glick as they discuss mental health issues as a result of the current pandemic in the neurotypical population and the neurodivergent population. The Washington Post and New York Times have featured articles with concern for mental health issues and possible crises with the ongoing pandemic. How does this affect special needs populations and their parents? While issues concerning the pandemic are largely outside of one’s control, being intentional about mental health and relationship needs while maintaining proper distancing guidelines are crucial for physical and mental health needs. David discusses how social distancing has negatively turned to social isolation which has negative impact on mental health for all people and populations, but for a population with social skills deficits and needs, we must be more intentional in safe ways to provide for relational needs.

Dave Glick is the founder and director of Triad Psyc, P.C., and has been working in the combined fields of behavioral health, special education, and disability services since 1993. Originally trained at Boston University, he has worked as a special education teacher, behavior analyst/specialist, clinical director, and as a disability consultant and advocate. He holds a master’s in both education and social work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Dave founded Triad Psych, p.c. in 2003 to provide valuable resources to the special needs community.

Nutrition and Mental Health During Stressful Times

Join Kristin as she speaks with Christina Veselek, a mental health nutritionist, as she helps us understand the importance of nutrition and its impact on how our brain as it helps us handle the stress and our mental health during incredibly stressful times. These are things we can do to help keep our brain as at stress-free as possible.  Please always note to discuss any new supplements with a licensed professional before beginning anything new.

Christina Veselak is the owner of Garden Gate Counseling and The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition, which is now located near Huntington, in West Virginia. While she is licensed in Colorado as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), in Wayne, West Virginia, she works as a Relapse Prevention Coach and a Mental Health Nutritionist. She also trains therapists in advanced counseling skills and mental health nutrition.

Coping through Covid: Back to School Edition for Parents, Educators & Students

Back to School has a whole new meaning this year for millions of students, parents and educators. Whether we’re distance learning, home schooling, or in the classroom there’s SO much to digest and SO many emotions involved.
Renee Collins, teacher, parent and ambassador of goodness joins me for this week’s episode. We talk about the anxiety and stress involved with the decisions we are forced to make as parents as well as the significance of having a supportive and encouraging tribe. Renee shares how complicated our current situation really is, the importance of utilizing compassion in all we do and how critical it is to look beyond our own personal bubble.
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