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Bill Pepitone ret NYPD, Mayoral Candidate of New York City

Bill Pepitone, City of New York Mayoral Candidate and former New York Police Officer, sits down with The Firefighter Deconstructed and talks about the heavy toll police work takes on officers and their families. He is a big, strong, tough guy born and raised in the Bronx and HE says it’s ok to not be ok. He says it’s so important to ask for help before you get the point of suicide. If a long time police officer from New York says it’s not weak to be affected by the job and ask for help, then you know it’s ok to not be ok.

Hope and Grief with Dr. Fatima Ali Haider

In this very special conversation, Dr. Fatima Ali Haider shares about her personal tragedy and how it led her to start an organization to create a space for women and mothers to grieve in Pakistan. The toll of terrorism in clear and the impact of trauma cuts across cultures. This heartwarming conversation is further proof that the worldwide need for understanding trauma and creating access to mental health services is necessary. Listening to this brave and incredible woman will leave you inspired.

Fatima Ali Haider, a medical doctor and EMDR therapist by training, lost her husband and son in an incident of sectarian terrorism in 2013. Her personal experience and journey after the tragedy made her aware of those suffering in similar situations. Therefore, she co-founded an initiative in 2015 called ‘The Grief Directory’ that was intended to be a bridge of compassion between victims of terrorism in Pakistan who require support and individuals willing to offer it. Through this platform, she has reached out to countless victims of terrorism and their families across the boundaries of religion, sect or ethnicity, providing assistance in areas of health, education and emotional support. Other than directly working with the victims, Dr. Fatima has been conducting youth internship programmes from The Grief Directory’s platform for the last five years, training young college students on empathy, tolerance, acceptance, and resilience through in person meetings with victims and diversity tours. The programme has been well attended by young students, many of them women. In an effort towards countering terrorism and violent extremism in Pakistan, she regularly advocates for the rights of victims of terrorism in Pakistan including establishment of institutionalized mechanisms of support and state ownership on various platforms.
Dr. Fatima recently completed her master’s in Peace and Conflict from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and is now undertaking her Ph.D. there. She hopes to bring valuable lessons home to support those who have been marginalized due to religion, sect, and acts of violence.

Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas is an Olympic athlete in long distance running, actress/filmmaker, and author of the upcoming book “Bravey” which comes out January 12th, 2021. Dreams ————————————————————————————–Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral: 

Ryan Dedmon-Outreach Director of the 911 institute

Former Dispatcher Ryan Dedmon sits down with the Firefighter Deconstructed and talks about his co-worker’s suicide and his own downward spiral. And most importantly, how he climbed back out of it. Ryan is a great speaker and has important information that will help all first responders. He now trains dispatchers and is the Outreach Director for the 9-1-1 Institute, The 9-1-1 institute works to bridge dispatchers with qualified local mental health professionals to be sure they get the help they need. The Institute now includes a team of experts who create uniquely qualified 911 education and consulting services to support the health and performance of our Very First Responders here in North America and abroad.

Pulse Nightclub Massacre Part 1 (Timeline)

The Pulse Nightclub tragedy of June 12, 2016… No doubt you remember it. Orlando Florida was the epicenter of a terrible mass casualty that left a scar in the SoDo community, many broken hearts and stories of bravery in its wake. This episode, Part One, offers a timeline of events. Part Two will be a discussion with director of The Center LGBTQ+. Part Three will be an interview with a worker who assisted with immediate needs of the loved ones and the wounded. Part Four will be an interview with the father of one of the fallen.

Lacey Sturm

Lacey Sturm is the former lead singer of the band Flyleaf, she is also an author, solo artist, and a rocking mom! ——————————————————————Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral: 

An interview with Psychiatrist, podcaster and film maker Dr. Parvinder Shergil

Part 1 of my interview with Dr. Parvinder Shergil, a Psychiatrist working within the NHS who is also a film maker and podcaster working tirelessly to combat stigma towards mental illness and create new narratives about mental health struggles, and recovery. Her podcast, The Mental Health Book Club, has won an award from The Royal College of Psychiatrists and is available here: Please note: The sound quality is not great in this episode… but it should be audible.

Amy Arends

Amy is a certified Oola Life Healing coach and a mental health advocate. ———————————————————————– Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral:

Ken Falke and WP72 Alum Erika Emmons talk 2020 lessons learned

Don’t miss this deep dive into the power of Warrior PATHH and how it can benefit you in any situation. Join Ken Falke as he sits down and chats with Erika Emmons, WP72 Alumni, about her life before and after the program, as well as how it helped her prepare to care for her mother in her final moments of 2020. Erika Emmons is a 6-year Army National Guard combat veteran. She deployed with the 36th Infantry Division to Iraq from 2010-2011 as an imagery analyst before getting out in 2012. She currently lives in Cary, NC for her job with BAE Systems, Inc where she works as a software trainer, technical support, and a Jane of all trades in the GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) community.

Erika attended the Warrior PATHH program at Boulder Crest Virginia in October of 2019 and is a proud member of WP class 072 (Valkyrie). She actually put off attending the program for over a year & a half because she felt there were other vets who needed it more than her, but thanks to the gentle persistence of Joe Wood, she relented. Today she readily admits that she needed the program more than she realized & that self-care is NOT selfish, but necessary.

Erika’s biggest personal accomplishment this year was being able to be her mother’s primary caregiver in her last chapter of life. Throughout the year Erika shared her journey through public posts on Instagram & Facebook in hopes of reaching people who are either in similar situations or may be in the future. Her goal was to help just one person, but now she has expanded that goal to reach as many as possible. She is working on a YouTube series about being a primary caregiver & is also in the very early stages of writing a book on the same topic.

“I Will Love You For However Long…”

In today’s podcast, we interview Rachel, a foster mom who has opened her home to many children over the years. Rachel delivers a powerful example of selfless love as she talks about the rewards and challenges of being a foster parent. In a world where countless children need a loving home, Rachel lives by the philosophy that “they need to attach more than anything I need”. She expertly describes the keys to successful foster parenting and emphasizes that the children she has cared for taught her far more than she ever taught them.

Rachel is a Social Worker and is foster mom to a 8 month old, 13 year old and 18 year old. She relishes time with what she refers to as her “sweet little family”.


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