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One of my personal favorite tools for self care are Affirmations. Yes, it is important to continue therapy to help process trauma and pain, but it is equally important to practice self-care the other 29 days of the month. Affirmations are a great way to rebuild your foundation and help you to realize that you are worthy and deserving of all the great things that life has to offer. Today I sit down to have a conversation with ThinkUp App’s Founder, Irit Wald to discuss her journey with affirmations, as well as my own personal progress and growth over the last 3 years using ThinkUp App. Listen in. You can find out more about ThinkUp App and download a free version at

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Diana Cusumano is a LMHC, NCC, RYT Yogi, and Mindfulness Coach. I met Diana when she was a board member for NAMI Westchester. She currently works with the JED Foundation setting up mental health programs at colleges nationwide. She prefers to take on mental health and wellness from every angle in order to minimize it’s ability to take up too much space in our lives. Today we discuss how her own struggles with anxiety lead her to combine therapy and yoga to take a new approach towards mental health conditions. Diana is a warrior that strives to help others find their warrior within. Listen more. Listen in…Literally. Namaste’.

Screenwriter, Actor, and Director John Palomino comes back to Hysteria Radio to let us know how his first year of advocacy went. John spent the last year screening his film Man of the House across the country. Along the way he has opened up a much needed dialogue about suicide and suicide prevention. It was a pleasure to talk with John and see his growth and what he has learned from the mental health community. He is a positive force that will continue to make an impact on the world around him. Tune in to our conversation now and you can find out more about John’s work at

Are you a new parent that has a child that can’t sleep? Are you a parent that could use a little more sleep? Today’s episode of Hysteria Radio is most definitely for you. Writer, musician, and the creator of Sleepy Time Club joins Joe to talk about undoing old sleep patterns and then replacing them with healthy sleep habits.

Brook Packard is an early childhood music specialist. She’s also a mom, educator, and a storyteller with a mission: making bedtime irresistible.

You can find Brook’s work at

Latonia Francois is a life-long writer and the CEO of Let’s Write Life. Let’s Write Life is an expressive, bold, and fun journaling company where you will explore inspirational journals, unique writing tools, and journaling events that will empower you to restore hope to heal, build confidence, and be motivated to pick up your pen and fully discover the limitless purpose your life.

On today’s show Latonia tells us about a time where she felt trapped in her story. Depression hit hard and she could not escape the 24/7 negative thoughts that told her she wasn’t good enough. After taking some time to write about all the pain she was feeling she decided to try something new. She thought, “What if I could make some small changes? What if I could start writing down the things that cause me pain and back away from them? What if I could make lists of things that make me feel good and make sure to do these things more?”

It’s not a quick or easy process. In fact it is a life-long process. But in time she realized that she gravitated more towards the people, places, and hobbies that made her feel good. And with these small changes her mood started to change.

If you are a writer or have been putting off starting your journal you won’t want to miss Latonia’s story.

You can find all of Latonia’s works at

Hysteria Radio is now part of the Mental Health News Radio Network’s podcast roster. The show joins over thirty mental health and well-being focused MHNR Network podcasts including The Rehab, Beyond Risk and Back and Converge Autism Radio.

The show is hosted by six time published poet, author and speaker Joseph Fusaro, who also works with organizations including the National Association on Mental Illness to raise mental health awareness. Fusaro personally experienced the healing power of song writing to combat suicidal thoughts and psychosis. This power helped him to stay alive, literally, to seek professional mental health intervention. Alongside therapy and learning to self-care creative expression has been an ongoing support in his recovery from mental illness.

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 Artist and Advocate Jason Paden joins us on the show to discus what it is like to live Mental Healthy.  Jason is a very creative and talented visual artist that lives with Schizoaffective Disorder, a mental health diagnosis that until recently has not been talked about much, even on the mental health advocacy scene.  Today Jason and Joe go into what it was like receiving this diagnosis and how they turned to creativity to give them an outlet of what it was like to have some of these symptoms.  

This is a powerful episode, not only for those living with a mental health diagnosis but also for the friends and families of those that are living with one.  Jason and Joe talk about the compassion they have for their families and how we can’t get caught up in blame.  We must come to an understanding that if we can forgive and accept that sometimes no one has the answers at the onset of symptoms in order to move forward with the healing process.  You can find more of Jason’s work at


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