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Host of Beyond Your Past podcast and founder of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, Aaron Huey, speaks to parents at a middle school about teaching kids personal management skills. It’s hard to teach a child anything without modeling it themselves. What kids learn from their parents is what they do and what they don’t do. You as a parent have to take a look at your own life. If you don’t create your day your day creates you.

Three months into our one year around the world leaves opportunity for

The world is smaller than we realize with SO many hurting or caring for someone who is. Part of lightening the load of hurt is lending kindness, gratitude and a smile.

I’m excited to share that Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center is an official sponsor of Goodness Chick. Hop on their website to learn more about their programs.

Lots of hurting people out there. The vast majority of us either
face a struggle with mental illness or addiction or they have someone
they care for who does.

Guess what? The more we chat about something, the stronger we become
and the vibe becomes more positive than negative & much more approachable.

I sit with Kerstin Stockhem who runs a residential treatment center, Villa Vita,
with her husband, Chris, in Sweden. She shares the approach of her center and
how Sweden is approaching addiction and mental health challenges. We chat on
the power of caring and treating our fellow hurting humans individually rather
than using one standard method.

If you have someone you care for struggling, hurting… my hope is that you will
pass the word that help is ok and support is something they deserve. Treatment
and recovery are possible. Wishing you blessings and peace as we head into a
new week.

Dominique de Marne is living, loving, laughing, learning and traveling with borderline, addiction and depression for over fifteen years now. She is a full time Mental Health Advocate trying to spread the word and the lessons she has learned through life. Dominique wants to change how we speak about mental health.

In today’s episode we chat about the power of learning to be silent, being comfortable in our own
skin and how to find a full quality of life through all life throws at us. I am SO grateful our paths crossed at this year’s European Conference on Mental Health.

Hop on Dominique’s website for more information on her mission and where her
projects are taking her:

My guest, Susanna Mittermaier, is a licensed psychologist, psychotherapist and author of the #1 international bestselling book, Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy.

We look into how labels are placed on people often defining them rather than asking questions in getting to know who they are. From depression, A.D.H.D, anxiety, anger and beyond…we get to flip the approach to mental health upside down to gain a fresh and encouraging view of the mind and body.

We will be presented with windows of opportunity for change in different seasons of life. We can take a step forward or we can remain where we are. Our decision can impact a whole lot of aspects
of our life.

My guest, Deb Berruti Knight, is an Occupational Therapist who has served at a clinic in Niger for the past ten years. She has reconstructed limbs, encouraged hearts and saved lives. For both her and her husband, James, their season is ending in Niger and a new one is beginning.

How we handle change, our outlook and who we associate with are key components in how we do life. Deb discusses the power of mindset, the ingredients for fostering true girl power and leaves us with some crazy amazing life challenges to get our goodness on.

I sat with Romeo Mihovic, native of Stoliv, Montenegro (part of Kotor Bay) reflecting on life, priorities and the importance of tradition.

Romeo’s family has resided in the bay area for over 600 years. He spent time in the Montenegro Navy as a Seaman and then served as a Social Worker for over 20 years.

Romeo’s outlook on life is based upon embracing the simple pleasures around him. Family takes precedence over work and materials. Family, good friends, local food and preserving his country’s traditions seem to flow through his veins.

It was a privilege to have the opportunity to sit and chat with the President of the Jewish Community Center in Brasov, Valer Plugaru. When we are aware of our past it plays a role in deterring the atrocities of the past from repeating themselves. Taking time to bring life to things that were truly ugly, can be a powerful tool for adults and kids in learning about the strength in kindness and the importance of knowing our history.

A life without passion can often lead to complacency and falling short of living to your intended potential. Finding your intended passion(s) in life can be a beautiful thing and it is a message to be relayed to our kids. When they lack passion, often it may lead to struggles with self esteem or opting to make some not so good decisions.

My guest, Silvia Demeter-Lowe, a Romanian who is a conservation activist as well as political activist. She shares her passion for a more unified and people focused government that is inspiring.


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