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Episode 12 – Medical Marijuana for Anxiety? Yay or Nay? Tune in! Today on H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T

“Today on H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T Radio we will explore medical marijuana for bipolar induced anxiety disorder (or the like). I will share my experience with you and yours! Also, an exciting new announcement about a 6 week course I am offering entitled “Loving Your Bipolar Kin,” based on a new interactive workbook I have created, written and produced.

Check it out! Available at

WAIT! Not so fast.. before you go, I am also seeking interviews! Please write me at with ideas, your story, et cetera. WE… COLLECTIVELY WILL HELP and Entertain!” – A. Grieme

A Safe Haven Space for Refugee and Immigrant Mental Health

Egette and Kristin talk about her new podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network: Safe Haven Space.

Egette Indelele was born and raised in a refugee camp in Tanzania. She is the oldest of five children and a first-generation honor college student at George Mason University. She is studying Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive and Behavior Neuroscience in hopes of opening her own practice in Burundi and emphasizing the importance of mental health while serving children with the hope of healing their traumatic life events. Egette’s work with Safe Haven was inspired by her experience as a refugee . She founded Safe Haven to help refugee students resettle in a new world while having access to mental health services.

Aside from mental health, Egette has a great passion for children around the world. With the passion to help children, she became the President of a UNICEF club at George Mason University. The club gave her the opportunity to advocate for children’s rights and educate her university community on the importance of helping the younger generation. She extended her passion and is now serving on the United Nation international Children Emergency Funds USA National Council. She also manages a program where members and volunteers mentor and tutor elementary-aged children at a local community center that serves refugees transitioning to life in America.

With mental health being a stigma around the world, specifically in refugees and immigrant families, she believes that Safe Haven will ease the transition to the American life. She also believes that it will help student perform better in school overall, while working on solving unresolved trauma

Student Mental Health with Sean Perry

Join Sean and Kristin for a discussion about student mental health and new ways to educate, empower, and provide help.

Sean Perry has two decades of coaching experience and working with youth. He’s a certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Specialist/ instructor, certified in Childhood Trauma and is an Exposure Response Prevention Specialist. As of late Sean is trained to train staff in the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program. He also has been trained in collaborative problem solving.

Sean has spent the last several years in the Human Service/Mental Health field.

Sean saw a huge gap in the mental health industry while working in the private residential setting. He noticed that it was more about the have and the have nots then anyone would like to admit. This lack of equality pushed Sean to create We R H.O.P.E. Inc. with a colleague. While operating We R H.O.P.E., Sean was simultaneously the Program Manager at a residential treatment center for boys with severe trauma. He has since resigned to focus all of his energy on We R H.O.P.E. Sean hopes to create change in the public schools by bringing support at a much younger age and breaking the stigma of mental illness.

ST Podcast Ep. 61: Cobra Kai

ST Podcast Ep. 61: Cobra Kai

On this episode, Dr. Janina Scarlet and Host Dustin McGinnis explore the wisdom and beauty found in Karate Kid spin-of series, Cobra Kai. They discuss the heartwarming feeling of nostalgia, the power of a teacher’s influence, and how redemption is possible for anyone and can provide a path to healing and connection.

The post Superhero Therapy Podcast Ep. 61: Cobra Kai first appeared on Superhero Therapy.

Dr. Paul Meier: Anniversary Illnesses Part II

Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin for part 2 of anniversary illnesses.

Dr. Paul Meier Notes:


My father died many years ago and I was with him when he died talking to him and it was a wonderful experience even though sad to lose him. I have dealt with it well I believe. One Christmas Day a few years after his death, I was excited to go wake up our young kids to open presents and have an exciting day together, but then I felt suddenly sad for no apparent reason and couldn’t figure out why. I went into a room by myself and prayed for insight and immediately became aware that my parents always came at Christmas mornings to open presents with us. My Mom was still alive and would be there soon, but my Dad wouldn’t and I missed him. I actually encouraged myself to cry and did so for about two minutes and prayed that God would send an angel to give him a hug up in heaven and tell him we love him and miss him today. God would never say no to a request like that. Then I felt great again, having become aware of the reason and dealt with it. Feeling temporary brief dysthymia is not always a bad thing. It was a good thing in that circumstance and it might be for you in our listening family too.

REGRESSION = Lots of my clients who I have seen for med checks but brief therapy once every few months for 10-15 years have done great that long, but we all still have a tendency to REGRESS to some extent to seeing life and ourselves and our roles like we saw them in childhood when we visit parents and sibs on the holidays or other events (weddings, etc.) and then are surprised we may feel worse temporarily after the holiday and not even know why. I warn my clients as I see them in Nov and Dec to watch out for that and I explain this to them. That way they catch themselves and avoid it, or sometimes need to avoid obnoxious parents who are always verbally abusive. To feel guilty for staying out of contact or limiting contact with chronically abusive parents is false guilt. We should feel guilty if we subject ourselves and our families to that instead. “Honoring your father and mother” in the Bible doesn’t mean letting them dominate or abuse you. It might mean having no contact with them but pitching in financially with other sibs to help pay for a nursing home when they are old, or it may involve doing nothing but avoiding or assisting them altogether.
PTSD SYMPTOMS MAY OCCUR ANNUALLY EVEN WHEN GONE THE REST OF THE TIME. If there is a past traumatic event of any kind or even strong regret that has not been adequately dealt with, each year near that anniversary date any person might experience more anxiety and sadness and not know why. Even nightmares that are difficult to understand, or more sensitivity. A person MIGHT be aware of what it is and feel bad each year or MIGHT NOT even be aware of what it is. For example, people who believe abortion is OK for personal reasons often feel sad annually at the time it occurred, often unconsciously, and may even look around at kids of the age that child would be had he or she been born and have conscious or unconscious regrets or guilt feelings. This is part of what is known psychiatrically as POST-ABORTION SYNDROME.

UNRESOLVED GRIEF. Anniversaries of major losses, like death of a child or significant other. Broken relationships. Divorce is often more traumatic than the death of a beloved mate. It is a rude awakening that the mate was not who you thought he or she really was. It is a willful rejection of you rather than an unexpected death.


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