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Dr. Paul Meier: Anniversary Illnesses Part 1

Join one of your favorite cohosts, Dr. Paul Meier, discussing how times in our lives that were traumatic are stored in our bodies.

Dr. Paul Meier Notes:


My father died many years ago and I was with him when he died talking to him and it was a wonderful experience even though sad to lose him. I have dealt with it well I believe. One Christmas Day a few years after his death, I was excited to go wake up our young kids to open presents and have an exciting day together, but then I felt suddenly sad for no apparent reason and couldn’t figure out why. I went into a room by myself and prayed for insight and immediately became aware that my parents always came at Christmas mornings to open presents with us. My Mom was still alive and would be there soon, but my Dad wouldn’t and I missed him. I actually encouraged myself to cry and did so for about two minutes and prayed that God would send an angel to give him a hug up in heaven and tell him we love him and miss him today. God would never say no to a request like that. Then I felt great again, having become aware of the reason and dealt with it. Feeling temporary brief dysthymia is not always a bad thing. It was a good thing in that circumstance and it might be for you in our listening family too.

REGRESSION = Lots of my clients who I have seen for med checks but brief therapy once every few months for 10-15 years have done great that long, but we all still have a tendency to REGRESS to some extent to seeing life and ourselves and our roles like we saw them in childhood when we visit parents and sibs on the holidays or other events (weddings, etc.) and then are surprised we may feel worse temporarily after the holiday and not even know why. I warn my clients as I see them in Nov and Dec to watch out for that and I explain this to them. That way they catch themselves and avoid it, or sometimes need to avoid obnoxious parents who are always verbally abusive. To feel guilty for staying out of contact or limiting contact with chronically abusive parents is false guilt. We should feel guilty if we subject ourselves and our families to that instead. “Honoring your father and mother” in the Bible doesn’t mean letting them dominate or abuse you. It might mean having no contact with them but pitching in financially with other sibs to help pay for a nursing home when they are old, or it may involve doing nothing but avoiding or assisting them altogether.
PTSD SYMPTOMS MAY OCCUR ANNUALLY EVEN WHEN GONE THE REST OF THE TIME. If there is a past traumatic event of any kind or even strong regret that has not been adequately dealt with, each year near that anniversary date any person might experience more anxiety and sadness and not know why. Even nightmares that are difficult to understand, or more sensitivity. A person MIGHT be aware of what it is and feel bad each year or MIGHT NOT even be aware of what it is. For example, people who believe abortion is OK for personal reasons often feel sad annually at the time it occurred, often unconsciously, and may even look around at kids of the age that child would be had he or she been born and have conscious or unconscious regrets or guilt feelings. This is part of what is known psychiatrically as POST-ABORTION SYNDROME.

UNRESOLVED GRIEF. Anniversaries of major losses, like death of a child or significant other. Broken relationships. Divorce is often more traumatic than the death of a beloved mate. It is a rude awakening that the mate was not who you thought he or she really was. It is a willful rejection of you rather than an unexpected death.

ST Podcast Ep. 60: The Mandalorian

ST Podcast Ep. 60: The Mandalorian

Join Dr. Janina Scarlet and Host Dustin McGinnis as they discuss the first ever live-action Star Wars series: The Mandalorian. On this episode the talk about the power of objects, symbols and creeds, the psychology of cute, and how the the great Mandalorian and Jedi purges mirror the horrors and trauma inflicted upon Indigenous Americans.

The post Superhero Therapy Podcast Ep. 60: The Mandalorian first appeared on Superhero Therapy.

Greta Gar Bitch: Open to Where Life Takes You

Join Kimber Leigh and Kristin for a discussion about many things including her best selling book Greta Gar Bitch.

Greta Gar~BITCH is the true story of a young girl growing up in a family with extreme dysfunction. Enduring daily physical and emotional abuse that was fueled by alcohol, sex, and drugs. The severity of abuse caused two of the four youngest children to commit suicide as their only way out six months apart from the other. In another six months, the mother committed suicide by ingesting a gallon of vodka a day, with a variety of prescription meds. When the mother’s body could no longer keep up with this cycle of drinking and drugging, her death left this family in their darkest hours.

At the tender age of seven, Kimber Leigh listened to the stories told to her by her grandfather, about the famed Hollywood actress from the 1930s, Greta Garbo. Kimber’s grandfather said, “You are going to be just like her when you grow up.” When Kimber shared his words with her mother, her mother’s reply was, “Sweetheart, you will never be anything but a BITCH… a Greta GarBITCH!”

Kimber’s life was left in turmoil after years of suffering physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and others.

This book reveals what turned Kimber’s life around, so she was able to lead a life of miracles, peace, love, and forgiveness. These experiences taught Kimber how to understand the real ‘game of life’ leading her to find true love, all the while witnessing endless miracles along her life’s long journey.

Great Gar~BITCH will explain how YOU can live a miraculous life. People will witness your growth and say, WOW!

Kimber Leigh is a highly respected actress, model, producer, television host, spokesperson, and master of ceremonies. She is well steeped in the Arizona cinema scene, whilst residing on the Big Island of Hawaii with her husband. … Kimber has also received a Gold Hermes and a Telly Award for her work in journalism.

Episode 11 – Meet Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Family-Focused Mental Health Attorney and Advocate

Today we celebrate Carolyn Reinach Wolf, an executive partner in the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, and director of the firm’s mental health law practice. Profiled by the NY Times and a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Carolyn shares her passion and dedication to helping the mentally ill and their loved ones. You may email inquiries directly to Ms. Reinach Wolf at the following email:

Anxiously Okay with Alec Baynes – Here to Help Learn to Cope with Anxiety

Join Kristin as she welcomes Alec Baynes to MHNR Network with his new podcast, Anxiously Okay. Listen as Alec and Kristin catch up and Alec gives some insight into his new podcast regarding his experiences learning to cope with Anxiety.

Alec Baynes, an avid gamer, brings a youthful perspective to MHNR Network. He grew up diagnosed with Aspergers and had to learn to manage through his life struggling with anxiety.

Twitch: smartalec24

Episode 10 -The Waiting Room of Winter – Bipolar BLAHS and How to Move Forward

The Holidays have snapped, crackled and popped… the New Year (HALLELUJAH) is upon us… and we feel, well, uninspired. Call it creepy covid overload, call it WTF is going on with our world, call it whatever you wish! The bottom line is this; the unknown, braided with lack of sunlight and chemical imbalance is a recipe for emotional shutdown, whether mentally ill or not! Today, join me in the 2020 waiting room (a nod to Fugazi). We WILL get through this! – A. Grieme

NEW! The Funky Brain Podcast – Get Help Learning Life Skills

Join Kristin as she speaks with MHNR Network’s NEW addition, Dennis Berry, who hosts The Funky Brain Podcast. Dennis and Kristin discuss varied aspects of learning to cope with this thing we call life.  

Dennis Berry is a Certified Life Coach and has been working with people worldwide for over 15 years. With modern technology, he can work with anybody anywhere via Zoom. His expertise is in Life Mastery. He has been sober since April 8, 2003, during which time he became a successful businessman, athlete, and family man. His journey in recovery helped him find his mission in life, which is to help others achieve inner peace and success, and master every area of their lives. Dennis knows what it is like to be helpless and hopeless with no positive direction. He was able to climb out of the gutter and transform his life and he spends his life helping others do the same.

Catching Up With Friends in 2020

Join Kristin with Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian, as these two friends sit and discuss 2020 and how it’s all affected them within their friendships. They reflect upon the pandemic, the politics, and friendships.  

As a humorous keynote speaker, Frank brings his corporate brand of comedy to educate, inspire, and finally, entertain…again, ah-has, with a sprinkling of ha-ha’s, in a one of a kind presentation on matters of life and death. He blends his experience as a clean, clever stand-up comedian, an award-winning syndicated humor columnist, and as a warrior in his own lifelong battle with depression and thoughts of suicide, for content-packed and eminently listenable keynote presentations and workshops.

Timeout For Mental Health: Coaching Men on Mental Health & Masculinity with Tim Krass

Join Kristin as she speaks with, Tim Krass, who is bringing his podcast, Timeout For Mental Health to Mental Health News Radio Network. Tim explains his harrowing experience with depression, addiction, suicidal ideation, managing personal traumas, and his 30 years of research on what masculinity should truly look like. He shares his goal of helping as many men as possible relearn what is often learned toxic masculinity and learn how to begin processing what are often unmanaged trauma responses that can manifest in negative ways throughout life.

Tim Krass is a veteran media and entertainment executive, as well as a leadership coach for business executives. Krass holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Georgetown University and an M.A. in Sport Management from Ohio State University. Krass has had executive roles with major media companies such as FOX and Univision. Krass has studied masculinity and taught leadership training for more than thirty-seven years. Krass resides in Redondo Beach, CA, where he is an active participant in recovery meetings regarding marijuana, depression, and alcohol, as well as working one on one with men regarding alcoholism, addiction, and masculinity issues, that occur both at home and in the workplace.


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