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When life throws, not 1 but 3 curveballs – Real talk about cancer, mortality and relinquishing control

In today’s podcast, we are honored to talk with Leah Barrett, who gracefully speaks about her six year journey through three cancer diagnoses. What Leah has endured has been both frightening and freeing. With beautiful poignancy, she describes how life redefined itself and has ultimately left her with an acute appreciation of what really matters.

Leah is a highly sought after therapist in private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. To learn more about her work and her story, she can be found at

Sex Trafficking – One woman’s unbelievable story and how she found her voice in the darkness

Wow! This real and raw podcast features Mel Wells, a survivor who rose from the ashes of an adolescence that left her broken, traumatized and fleeing for her life. After years of abuse from a family member, Mel found herself in the clutches of a perpetrator who groomed her and sold her into sex slavery. She spent years running from one state to another to escape his brainwashing until she finally found what she was looking for…herself.

Mel is the proud mother of three adult children and precious grand baby. She started her facebook page, Safe Place for Survivors where she inspires others to embrace their power, own their strength and create a new narrative.

For a PDF on Human Trafficking, please visit

You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! – How one simple gesture can change a life

In today’s podcast, we welcome author/speaker, Neal Brownell. He poignantly talks about his own journey from a youngster who was told he was “stupid” to where he is today, highlighting the teacher that gave him a new narrative to believe in. In his book “You’re Amazing and I’ll prove it”, Neal asks questions you never even thought of asking and then shows readers how everything and everyone has special attributes that make them unique and exceptionally important.

Neal and his wife, Linda travel to audiences young and old, sharing their message of
seemingly unremarkable people doing extraordinary things. His message is simple but powerful…We are all exceptional and when we start to believe it, we are truly free.

“You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove it” is available on Amazon.
Twitter: @NealGBrownell

The Kidney Bean Brothers – A story of selfless giving!

Join us for this beautiful story of two friends who are forever connected through a kidney transplant. Patrick Reed was in desperate need of a kidney transplant and reached out to fellow connections on Facebook. In enters, Dan Evers, a friend from college, who immediately offered his kidney without a moment of hesitation. Both men discuss their journey and candidly express their love and gratitude toward one another. There are 600,000 people in America in need of a kidney. This touching story is a perfect reminder to all of us about what the true spirit of giving looks like.

Patrick is works in California for Lexus and Dan lives in Texas, where he is a college professor. Both men are in regular contact with one another and remain close friends who have truly become brothers…”kidney bean” brothers, that is.

Depression – “I SEE you”

This podcast is jammed packed with nuggets of wisdom from Dale Pierce, a pastor in Colorado. With a humble transparency, Dale talks about his own journey with depression and the things that have made the difference in the dark moments throughout his life. This is no preachy church service…Dale is candid about how we ALL can help others in our lives move through difficult times by simply SEEING them.

Dale is the pastor at United Church of Crook in Crook, Colorado 970-886-3151
( He is married to Jen Pierce and is father to 3 beautiful adult children and two precious grandchildren.

“I became homeless and no one smiled at me anymore”

In this powerful podcast, our guest “Autumn”, speaks about the homeless population. With winter weather here and the holiday season approaching, this message is relevant and much needed! Autumn speaks about how mainstream culture often labels the homeless as “lazy or crazy”. She drives home the point that “We all need each other” in a world that frequently silos and separates. She leaves the audience with tangible ways in which we can help those who need to be supported, encouraged and loved on.

“Responding Rather than Reacting” – Tips for Parenting

We loved our conversation with Tonya Kron, a Multi-Systemic Therapist (MST) at North Range Behavioral Health. Tonya talks straight about how she helps families find their way through the chaos and crisis of their relationships. She helps the entire family system create a home environment that is peaceful again. In this podcast, Tonya gives relevant tips for parents in establishing boundaries with love. When she is not at work, Tonya loves to play with her dog, paint, and has an obsession with football!

North Range offers a wide range of services to individuals and families. For help:
Call the statewide hotline at 800.493.TALK (8255).
Call 970.347.2120 (press 2).
Text TALK to 38255.
Come to 928 12th Street in Greeley.
Find other Colorado walk-in centers at

Generational Trauma – Grandmas and Mamas and Sons…Oh My!

In this podcast, we welcome our favorite person on the planet, Hunter! We discuss the trauma and the beauty that is passed from one generation to the next and the responsibility we all have in talking about it, acknowledging it and making decisions about what we will pass along. In this authentic conversation, all 3 generations talk about how they moved past what they were taught and decided Which Way? they would move forward. What this family hopes to show is that despite transgressions, mess-ups and blunders, when there is love, the rest falls into place.

Hunter is co-owner of Beyond Blue Media ( and co-leads the “After Party”, a college ministry that meets on Monday evenings at 7:00pm at Everyday Joes in Fort Collins. He is soon to be married and looks forward to the day when he can be a father and help the family legacy move onward and upward.

The Invisible People – The Homeward Alliance

Join us for a discussion about homelessness in Larimer County with Marla Hopkins and Monique Sutherland as they talk about how housing is not a “one size fits all issue”. The Homeward Alliance was born out of the Homeward 2020 initiative, an initiative that committed to ensuring homelessness in Larimer County becomes rare, short lived and nonrecurring. Marla and Monique point out that homeless clients are humans, whose day to day job is their survival! They provide data, resources and ways to help.

Marla and Monique are passionate about the relevant and much needed work they do for our community and can be reached at:

Cookies Crumble…Parents Can’t

Please join us as we talk with Kaetlyn Herrider who shares her journey from wounded teenager to adulthood where she now works at the same treatment center she lived in several years ago. Kaetlyn candidly talks about her struggles as a teen who was misunderstood and lost. Her story is one paved with insights about how to establish boundaries and self acceptance.

Kaetlyn is a Psychology student at CSU and plans to get her doctoral degree at Naropa so she can become an individual and family therapist. She works as a counselor at Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center in Estes Park, Colorado, the same treatment center she lived in when she was 17. Her transparent, speak-the-truth style has already positively impacted many teens who are struggling to find themselves.


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