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On Alchemy: Deep Dive on Liberation

What happens when one realizes one show alone, The Ascension Show, cannot possibly address the week’s topic  “Liberation”, especially during Black History Month?  Well, you produce another show on your platform that does, a show that addresses the feelings, triggers and questions around that word. This week, on the On Alchemy show, Dr Denise and […] Continue reading…

Your Hidden Power – #181 – Yoga Takes You to Places Unknown and Forgotten

Host Doug Stephan introduces us to Author and Yoga Coach, Katherine Perrin. She has practiced yoga for over twelve years and completed her 200-hour Kripalu Teaching Certification in 2011 and is trained in Energy Healing Yoga. Katherine says, “You are a product of your environment” and she encourages you to create an environment that you love, that feels good and nurtures you, through Yoga. Her goal is to help people come home to themselves so they can release stress, reveal the peace within and connect to the magic of life. Next, our weekly visit with Uri Geller, who proclaims that it’s snowing in Tel Aviv, right now. He is unhappy that the storm in Texas is named after him. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley tells us that she’s writing a new book on how to make the best use of their Psychic. Finally, Actor and resident Astrologer Laura Banks has good news for Doug, that the Mercury Retrograde is ending, and says that it’s time to embrace new ideas. She also suggests that you commit to doing 5 things, every day, to reach your goals.

A Grandma's Love… Happiness at 100!

“No Regrets” — that’s the battle cry from Helen Kruskal who just celebrated her 100th birthday.!  In this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, we hear from this centenarian who takes that old phrase “laughter is the best medicine” and turns it up a notch to “Love is the best medicine.”  Grandma Helen is joined […] Continue reading…

Your Hidden Power – #180 – Add Color To Your Voice

Host Doug Stephan and co-Host/Astrologer Laura Banks, she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 introduce us to the ‘voice behind the voice’ of a stellar array of actors for the last twenty years, Denise Woods. With over two decades of Voice, Speech and Dialect teaching experience at The Juilliard School, California Institute of the Arts and in the film industry, Denise Woods has become one of the most sought after Dialect Coaches in the country. In her new book “The Power of Voice, A Guide To Making Yourself Heard,” she shows you how to articulate clearly, gain confidence in any situation, release tension and stress and how to address speech issues. Next, Uri Geller talks about his new book, “Learn to Dowse,” and then he reports that a prominent Israeli space pioneer says that ETs do exist on Earth. We will learn about them soon. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley talks about connecting to people “on the other side.” Finally, Actor/Astrologer Laura Banks goes into depth about the meaning of Mercury being in Retrograde. She also says that great stuff is coming with The New Moon.

A Safe Haven Space for Refugee and Immigrant Mental Health

Egette and Kristin talk about her new podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network: Safe Haven Space.

Egette Indelele was born and raised in a refugee camp in Tanzania. She is the oldest of five children and a first-generation honor college student at George Mason University. She is studying Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive and Behavior Neuroscience in hopes of opening her own practice in Burundi and emphasizing the importance of mental health while serving children with the hope of healing their traumatic life events. Egette’s work with Safe Haven was inspired by her experience as a refugee . She founded Safe Haven to help refugee students resettle in a new world while having access to mental health services.

Aside from mental health, Egette has a great passion for children around the world. With the passion to help children, she became the President of a UNICEF club at George Mason University. The club gave her the opportunity to advocate for children’s rights and educate her university community on the importance of helping the younger generation. She extended her passion and is now serving on the United Nation international Children Emergency Funds USA National Council. She also manages a program where members and volunteers mentor and tutor elementary-aged children at a local community center that serves refugees transitioning to life in America.

With mental health being a stigma around the world, specifically in refugees and immigrant families, she believes that Safe Haven will ease the transition to the American life. She also believes that it will help student perform better in school overall, while working on solving unresolved trauma

Student Mental Health with Sean Perry

Join Sean and Kristin for a discussion about student mental health and new ways to educate, empower, and provide help.

Sean Perry has two decades of coaching experience and working with youth. He’s a certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Specialist/ instructor, certified in Childhood Trauma and is an Exposure Response Prevention Specialist. As of late Sean is trained to train staff in the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program. He also has been trained in collaborative problem solving.

Sean has spent the last several years in the Human Service/Mental Health field.

Sean saw a huge gap in the mental health industry while working in the private residential setting. He noticed that it was more about the have and the have nots then anyone would like to admit. This lack of equality pushed Sean to create We R H.O.P.E. Inc. with a colleague. While operating We R H.O.P.E., Sean was simultaneously the Program Manager at a residential treatment center for boys with severe trauma. He has since resigned to focus all of his energy on We R H.O.P.E. Sean hopes to create change in the public schools by bringing support at a much younger age and breaking the stigma of mental illness.


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