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Your Hidden Power #200 – Be Careful What You Ask A Psychic!

Host Doug Stephan asks resident Astrologer, Laura Banks she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 to explain the foundation of Astrology. Did you know that many historic landmarks, such as The Hoover Dam, were built around Astrology? Laura tells us about what a thorough Astrological Reading would cost these days, and explains the term “Running out of Runway” means. Next Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley says that you should be careful about what you ask a Psychic, especially in a group setting. Then, Laura Banks returns she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 with the news that July is a lot about friendships and family.

Your Hidden Power – #199 – What Are Sacred Feminine And Masculine Energies

Host Doug Stephan introduces us to Energy Medicine Practitioner, Rachel Rossitto. Since Rachel was a little girl, she’s been sensitive to energy and could intuitively read people and situations. She could pick up on things that weren’t visible to the eye, but were undeniably present. Rachel says “Helping women remember their deeply rooted feminine beauty is what makes me come alive. I have guided women home to themselves through private coaching, facilitating multiple online programs, as well as hosting retreats, workshops and women’s circles around the world.” Next, Uri Geller sings “I Did It My Way.” Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley tells Doug how people react the first time they learn that she is a psychic. Finally, Actor/Astrologer Laura Banks she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 discusses the many important roles the Moon plays in Astrology.

Your Hidden Power – #198 – Following Your Own Authentic Path

Host Doug Stephan begins by introducing us to Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Spiritual Minister, Intuitive Coach, and Psychic Tools Teacher, Kathryn Schiff. She teaches an experiential, psychic meditation, where one experiences how to read vibration in the chakras and aura, that create release of negative belief patterns and foreign energy, keeping you from purpose, freedom, and manifesting your highest potential. Kathryn creates a space for you to connect with your Divine Higher self, your Intuition, and your ability to facilitate healing. Next, Paranormalist Uri Geller tells about some of the many treasures in his new museum. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley says that she can usually receive clear advice on relationships, from Spirit. Finally, Actor/Astrologer Laura Banks she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 discusses the “delicious” effects our recent bright Moon has affected Astrology.


We have our “Earth Age” and OUR “Soul Age” coupled with the unseen energy of joy and happiness that influences our material DNA for optimal health and well-being. This show is full of surprises on where the conversations lead to on dating… sex… marriage… age “norms” & more. Plus, we talk supplements, sleep, tea, meals […] Continue reading…

Your Hidden Power – #197 – Stop Fixing Yourself, All Is Well

Host Doug Stephan introduces us to Don Joseph Goewey, Executive Director of the De Mello Spirituality Center. and Previously, Don managed the department of psychiatry at Stanford Medical School. In his latest book “Stop Fixing Yourself – Wake Up, All Is Well” he poses and answers the question: Can you attain enlightenment without the slightest effort on your part? He says that if you are watchful and awake, all that is false and neurotic within you will drop away and you will begin to live increasingly from moment to moment in a life made whole, happy and transparent through awareness. Next, our weekly visit with Uri Geller who talks about the latest addition to his museum, Mick Jagger’s guitar. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley explains how she helps her clients slow down and relax. Finally, Actor/Astrologer Laura Banks she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 says that you’d be surprised to learn how many billionaires use Astrology regularly.

Your Hidden Power – #196 – Meditation, For Overcoming Anxiety And Stress

Host Doug Stephan introduces us to Gabrielle Ortega, Owner and Founder of OM Therapy Coaching. Gabby integrates her knowledge as a trauma-informed meditation therapist with her experience as an online, high 6-figure conscious leader and business owner, to create unique programs that help stoke your inner fire. Next, our weekly visit with Paranormalist Uri Geller. Doug and Uri discuss the meaning of Paranormal. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley says that her male patients today seem better connected to their emotions than women. She also talks about the emotional differences between different generations. Finally, Actor/Astrologer Laura Banks she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 says that the co-star Astrology app is being used today by many young people.

Your Hidden Power – #195 – Turn Pain Into Power, Through Your Own Courage

Host Doug Stephan welcomes Author, International Speaker, Clinical Psychologist and Wisdom Teacher, Dr. Shefali, MD, PhD. Her current book “A RADICAL AWAKENING -Turn Pain into Power – Embrace Your Truth – Live Free” lays out a path to heal a woman’s own emotional disconnect—and those of women collectively—it prepares her to discover inner truth, and her own powers. She says “This book i s about your awakening. It i san ode and an homage to your authentic self, the self that is waiting to be birthed anew.” Next, Paranormalist Uri Geller says that “Your DNA can be reprogrammed through the power of intention.” Finally, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley says that she is big on telling others how to let go and trust that The Universe will see them through.

The Ascension Show Season 3, Episode Five “Intuition: Hacking the Afterlife”

It’s your clear knowing, your clear feeling, your clear seeing — it’s your #INTUITION!  But how do you use it and how do you #HackTheAfterlife?  The Ascension Show team tackles it all!  The doctors answer the million-dollar question of, “Is this my anxiety or my intuition?”  Plus, practical applications of your intuition — everything from […] Continue reading…


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