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Discovering Our True Selves and Abilities By Consciously Interacting With Our Heart Field

This edition of Empowered Empaths finds Kristin and Martha discussing how we can
access our Divine selves through awareness of the Heart Field of Energy. Every human since
the beginning of time has radiated this energy into their surroundings but up until fairly recently,
were not aware of this massive and very powerful field of influence. In order to experience this
profound phenomenon, we must first be aware of its presence and this can be done by
meditating on the heart space with the intention of conscious connection with it. After a bit of
practice, we can expand it, contract it, fill it with love, compassion, and all manner of high
vibration intention. Superpower? Indeed! Join us for a reminder that we are more than we think
we are!

Shielding for the Empath: A Different Perspective Taking Us From Fear to Empowerment

As an Empath, I have spent most of my life feeling the need to “protect” myself from the energy
and influence of the outside world and everyone in it. The threat of intrusion and harm from
outside sources, from people with bad intentions to darker unseen forces, was enough to
cause me to look for protection and help from guides, angels, and other supernatural allies. The
feelings of fear and vulnerability were always present and it wasn’t until all these years later that
I realized that if I approached the idea of protection out of fear, I may be mistaken. My guides
began to remind me that any idea, thought, or undertaking born in fear puts us at a vibrational
disadvantage. Join Kristin and me as we explore this subject in greater depth.

The Path of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey to Her Authentic Self

On this week’s edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha are joined by author and sound healer Mytrae Meliana. In her book “Brown Skin Girl: an Indian American Woman’s Journey from Broken to Beautiful,” Mytrae describes how the traditions of her East Indian family impacted her freedom to live as she chose. Coming to America to attend college, Mytrae dealt with massive culture shock but found the opportunity for the expression of her awakening awareness and desire to help people through counseling, Trauma-Informed Sound Healing, and crystal bowl healing. Tune in to hear Mytrae’s compelling story of triumph and evolution.

Mytrae Meliana (pronounced “my-thray-yee”) is an award-winning writer, spiritual teacher, speaker, and holistic psychotherapist. She leads workshops for women who desire to heal from trauma, liberate themselves from patriarchy, connect with the Divine Feminine, and create true, bold, inspired lives. When she isn’t working, you might find Mytrae hiking, traveling, or discovering restaurants with friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mytrae has a beautiful website to explore:

The Way of the Empath: Changing Our Self Perception from Victim to Hero

On this episode of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha discuss the messages received from Martha’s guides regarding our spiritual gifts such as being an Empath, Psychic, Healer, and all of the “super” natural abilities we may possess. For too long, we have kept our abilities on the “down-low” out of fear of ridicule, rejection, and being overwhelmed by negative energy and have experienced depression, addiction, and anxiety due to the feeling of being an outsider with no place to fit in the world. Martha’s guides were very insistent that the time has come to perceive ourselves differently, to know that our gifts are our superpower and that we are meant to use them, especially at this time in history. Join us for this exciting and empowering discussion!

Sacred Death: Transforming Fear Into a Sacred Rite of Passage

In this week’s edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha joined in an enlightening and empowering discussion with author and Transformational practitioner, Melody LeBaron. In her new book, “Transforming Death, Creating Sacred Space for the Dying,” Melody discusses how our age-old outlook on death has deprived us of the opportunity to feel and integrate grief and instead has become a fear-ridden process, a seldom discussed event that must be avoided at all costs. Since it cannot be avoided forever, the time has come to take a different perspective on this rite of passage. Melody describes her effort to turn the consciousness of fear surrounding death into a celebration of a life well-lived. We are pleased to bring you an opportunity to abandon fear and enter into hope and peace.

Melody has been blessed to live in 30 homes around the US and Canada. The oldest of 7 children, she worked with her mother to pack, unpack, and organize each home. They moved every few years; the one constant was “going home” to her grandparents who lived in small prairie towns in southern Alberta. She loved their trips to the Canadian Rockies and as a child, she believed that everyone felt the hum of the mountains in their body. Her deep connection to nature led to a natural sensitivity to the environment. She has worked as a professional organizer utilizing Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki and providing space and personal clearings.
For the last 30 years, she’s been called on to attend the dying. At 35, she midwifed her mother’s conscious death process, partnering with her room to create a peaceful environment, and creating an evolving set of altars in her room to support her moving from denial to acceptance. She’s now midwifed the deaths of 13 of her close loved ones and coached countless others through the dying process.

Melody LeBaron can be reached at

The UNNI Podcast – w/ DJ Prenup

Survivor Check, One-Two, One Two!”
Host Bianca McCall and the UNNI Podcast, return for a strong start to the Second Season. Bianca is joined by DJ Prenup of GTV Radio. Tune in, as the dynamic duo get comfortable in the studio to discuss life, music as a creative expression; and learning to recognize yourself, as the survivor you are- Nobody’s Victim. DJ Prenup calls to action the need to eradicate stigma, end suffering in silence, and each of us taking responsibility for how we maintain connection with others through shared lived experiences. Video production, available on The UNNI Podcast Youtube Channel:

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