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Treat Yo’ Self!

Getting on the train of self care, value and going out of our way to celebrate ourselves and the life we are living.
Does decorating for Halloween make you smile? Do you LOVE your apple cider or the smell of balsam for Christmas? Too often we allow the expectations or rules set by others to hold us back from tapping into the little things in life that evoke joy and goodness in our hearts.
Celebrate. You don’t need to come up with some crazy excuse of why you’re taking a bubble bath, going for a run, pursuing your masters degree or whatever it is that enhances your life….go for it.
Life is short. Every day is a gift. Repeat that to yourself. Take time to live, really live, enjoy the beauty in fresh air, a sunrise, a good cup of tea or whatever it is that fills your cup. Love yourself and don’t just say it, connect it with action.

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Daring to Create Goodness

The Founder and CEO of the Bee Daring Foundation joins
me for this week’s episode chatting about how dialoguing about
mental illness and provide tips for strengthening mental wellness it
removes barriers and stigmas that too often deter people we care about
from receiving the help and support that they need.

Michelle shares her journey in how she has chosen to dare to create
amazing goodness spreading awareness on mental health in providing resources for support, encouragement, and insight.

Be sure to follow Michelle and her work on all forms of social media at Bee Daring Foundation:

You can also register for one of our upcoming virtual workshops with the Daring Goodness Campaign at

Never Be Normal

Be you. Toss the feeling of having to conform to what you think others want you to be to the wayside. The reality is that there is no normal. It simply doesn’t exist. What does exist is one you. There are no replicas.
There are millions of people that are living life, but aren’t comfortable in their own skin. Who don’t really know who they are. It can be a somewhat slippery slope trying to be what you think you’re supposed to be or live up to the expectations of others.
In today’s episode we look at how to rock out being your authentic self and, with that, learning how to love who you are and who you were intended to be.

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How To Not Control What You Can’t Control

Have you struggled with the lack of control that exists in the midst of
some truly trying times? Have you faced anxiety and other emotions due to it?
Check out today’s episode rocking out some strategies for learning how to let go of the concept and pursuit of trying to control things we simply are incapable of. When we are able to take this big step it has amazing emotional and physical benefits.

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Coping through Covid: Back to School Edition for Parents, Educators & Students

Back to School has a whole new meaning this year for millions of students, parents and educators. Whether we’re distance learning, home schooling, or in the classroom there’s SO much to digest and SO many emotions involved.
Renee Collins, teacher, parent and ambassador of goodness joins me for this week’s episode. We talk about the anxiety and stress involved with the decisions we are forced to make as parents as well as the significance of having a supportive and encouraging tribe. Renee shares how complicated our current situation really is, the importance of utilizing compassion in all we do and how critical it is to look beyond our own personal bubble.
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Chicken Soup with a dash of Comfort, Gratitude and Grace

Amy Newmark, Publisher and CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul, is my guest on today’s show. It’s nearly impossible to not be familiar with the Chicken Soup Series and I’m sure there’s a story or segment that holds significance in your own life.
Amy and I look at how the raw honesty of those who have shared over the year has inspired millions in the form of grace, gratitude and forgiveness.
Hop on to keep updated with all things Chicken Soup, tune into Amy’s Podcast or even share your own personal story.
This fall, Amy will be releasing: Chicken Soup for the Soul – Think Positive for Pre-Teens as well as Chicken Soup for the Soul – Think Positive for Teens.
Hope on Twitter & Instagram @ChickenSoupSoul or FB @ChickenSoupfortheSoul

Planes, Trains & My Wingman

Conversations for Good: Listening and Learning From Our Neighbors Around the World is available in paperback this Thursday.

To get our literary launching stoke on my husband, Keith joins me for today’s episode talking about the plans that went off course.

You can purchase Conversations for Good on Kindle or paperback on Amazon.

When You Think You Know What you Don’t Know

Have you ever looked back in a time of your life where you thought you knew more than you actually knew? This can pertain to prejudices, judgments, and unsubstantiated thoughts that place barriers for growth and connection. This can be devastating on so many levels, but it doesn’t have to be.
Today’s episode I read an excerpt from my book, Conversations for Good, where I share a personal wake up call I experienced on a layover in Bahrain. Lessons learned and insight gained.

Undercover Kindness

The simple act of kindness has both physical and emotional benefits. It impacts our mindset, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, and can even have cardiovascular benefits.

We’ve heard about the act of kindness, but what about pursuing undercover kindness? The pursuit of encouraging and spreading kind actions to others without them knowing who was on the other end? This no strings attached pursuit has the ability to strengthen our mental wellness, physical state, and mindset.

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Dealing with Mid-COVID stress

Trevor Steinhauser, the host of the Stigmatized Podcast, joins
me to look at the funky weird state we’re in mid-COVID and its bearing
on our mental wellness.

Do you feel like your super over COVID even though we’re not over COVID?
Are you tired, frustrated, and in need of a self-care recharge?

The reality is that it’s ok to not feel ok, that you may be desperately missing normalcy or having a sense of uncertainty with your social, personal, and work-life when it comes to COVID.

We have teachers uncertain about what their classroom is going to look like. There are parents on edge about how to respond with the upcoming school year. The countless struggling with heightened anxiety and depression with the impending uncertainty of what to expect with work, traveling, socializing, and simply dealing with everyday life.

Trevor and I chat on ways to identify when we’re not in a good place and look at ways to strengthen our mental wellness and get in a flow that works for us.

Check out Trevor’s Podcast, at, as well as the Stigmatized Pod on Instagram and Stigmatized Podcast on Facebook.


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