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When You Think You Know What you Don’t Know

Have you ever looked back in a time of your life where you thought you knew more than you actually knew? This can pertain to prejudices, judgments, and unsubstantiated thoughts that place barriers for growth and connection. This can be devastating on so many levels, but it doesn’t have to be.
Today’s episode I read an excerpt from my book, Conversations for Good, where I share a personal wake up call I experienced on a layover in Bahrain. Lessons learned and insight gained.

Undercover Kindness

The simple act of kindness has both physical and emotional benefits. It impacts our mindset, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, and can even have cardiovascular benefits.

We’ve heard about the act of kindness, but what about pursuing undercover kindness? The pursuit of encouraging and spreading kind actions to others without them knowing who was on the other end? This no strings attached pursuit has the ability to strengthen our mental wellness, physical state, and mindset.

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Dealing with Mid-COVID stress

Trevor Steinhauser, the host of the Stigmatized Podcast, joins
me to look at the funky weird state we’re in mid-COVID and its bearing
on our mental wellness.

Do you feel like your super over COVID even though we’re not over COVID?
Are you tired, frustrated, and in need of a self-care recharge?

The reality is that it’s ok to not feel ok, that you may be desperately missing normalcy or having a sense of uncertainty with your social, personal, and work-life when it comes to COVID.

We have teachers uncertain about what their classroom is going to look like. There are parents on edge about how to respond with the upcoming school year. The countless struggling with heightened anxiety and depression with the impending uncertainty of what to expect with work, traveling, socializing, and simply dealing with everyday life.

Trevor and I chat on ways to identify when we’re not in a good place and look at ways to strengthen our mental wellness and get in a flow that works for us.

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When Positive Self Talk Can Change Your Life

The statements and thoughts we feed to ourselves about our actions, decisions, and expectations are connected to every aspect of our life. The negative can often be self-fulfilling and there are ways to kick it to the curb and rewire or strengthen our mindset.
The belief of ‘can’t’ places roadblocks in front of the ‘can.’
It’s learning to give ourselves credit for our accomplishments. It’s embracing our beauty and potential.

When we knock ourselves down internally or externally the damage can be significant having a ripple effect on our outlook on life, our relationships, and the decisions we do or do not make.
Check out strategies to strengthen your mindset and get your positive mindset strengthened and quality of living kicked up a notch.

How You Can Keep Sane this Summer.

This is a summer like we’ve never experienced before.
Resurging COVID cases. Heavy hearts weary from racism and unequal treatment due to skin color. Canceled vacations. Uncertainty
with what’s next.

Personal check-ins are critical in these times. How are you doing?
I mean how are you really doing? I’ll be sharing some red flags
indicating that we need to kick up our support resources as well as
simple strategies to effectively keep our mental wellness as a high
priority in the coming months.

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When It’s Not So Bon Voyage

Jules and Christine are the dynamic duo behind the award winning travel blog, Don’t Forget to Move, and the travel podcast, Not So Bon Voyage. They turned their passion for travel into a full-time job.

Jules and Christine share about the inevitable flukes in travel and learning how to grow and take the glitches in stride. We also jump into how etching out time to volunteer or contribute in even the smallest way to the destination you visit enhances your experience. Simply, travel and volunteering make us better people.

Our travel plans may be on halt for the time being, but tapping into opportunities for personal growth and making the world a better place hasn’t gone anywhere.

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Listening & Learning from Others: Conversations from India, Indonesia & Israel

This week’s pod is about pursuing a willingness to pause and listen to the life experiences of people different from ourselves. It’s valuing the views and outlook of people beyond our little bubble; whether they live in our own town or halfway around the world this pursuit can help us reach that place of peace and community with our neighbors that we are all craving deep down.
Listening, learning, and gaining insight can allow us to grow. We don’t have to agree on everything…or even most things, but just listening, with a humble heart, is a way to give back to our fellow humans.

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Black Lives Matter: Hope & Unity; A Christian Perspective

We are at a divisive time in our nation. Learning how to help bridge the gap, the hurt and frustration as a white American holds tremendous significance for me. Today’s episode is about listening, learning and doing better as a human race.
My guest today, Art Butler, is a black American with a passion for service, pouring out the love of Christ in both action and word as well as breaking down barriers in some spectacular ways.
Art has served both State-Side and abroad with mission-minded charitable organizations for over 30 years. He is a leader, minister and true ambassador of goodness. God is using him to do amazing things in the lives of others and his heart is evident through today’s episode.
Art’s book, Focused: Understanding the Genius of God in Our Weakness, will be released in 2021 and will be available in bookstores and amazon. Check it out!

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When CBD is a Game Changer

There may seem to be a CBD shop every seven blocks in any town or city, but what is it and what are its benefits? In today’s episode, we look at what CBD is as well as its potential benefits for your mental and physical well being.

If you’ve been unsure about what the heck all the CBD hype is about, be sure to tune in.

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No Bones About it

Karen Laine and her daughter, Mina Starsiak, star in the hit HGTV series, Good Bones. Karen shares her story and journey. Karen shares about taking risks, following your heart, and the unbridled beauty in doing our part to make a difference in the world.
Karen shares her thoughts on the ingredients for a healthy personal/professional relationship with family members. We look at how to keep connections while physically distancing and taking time to change the world through our smile, eye contact or simply saying hello.

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