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Should We Question The Universe? You Bet!

If you’re like me, you were raised to accept what shows up in your life as “the will of God” and never, ever question or complain about what does show up. I always thought I was a peon,
flawed, a sinner who had no business speaking to God other than to say I’m sorry for my many faults. Little did I know how wrong I was! I began, slowly but surely, to feel as though I was a
being that is and always was a beloved individuated aspect of that Creator and I have been on a journey of awakening since. What I know now is that we live in a participatory universe and we play the central role in conscious creation. What I also know is that we haven’t come to the full realization of our powerful gifts and abilities and need a little feedback and reinforcement as we go along and that’s why I have learned to ask the universe some questions. The first is “what if”.
What if all that I believe about myself is false? What if I am not hopeless, lazy, ugly, fat, stupid,
unworthy? You’re not making statements that your subconscious mind can’t believe and will therefore guide you back to the old default thoughts. You are merely looking at possibilities that have never been entertained. The other “challenge” I give to the universe is this: Show me how
it can get better”. Kristin and I talk about these ideas on this week’s episode of Empowered
Empaths. This may change your life for the better so join us and find out for yourself. What if it is true?

Conversation With a Medium

Join Kristin and Martha for an uplifting and informative conversation with psychic/tarot reader
Misty. We are so fortunate to have the privilege of speaking with so many gifted
psychics, mediums, and healers and sharing their unique perspectives on what’s been
happening in the world as well as how they guide their clients to awakening and growth. Misty
is a deeply empathetic counselor and also uses the tarot to share the spirit of wisdom with her
many clients. Along with her business, she homeschools four children which we all agreed is
the hardest job around!

Misty can be reached at as well as her Facebook page.

The Shift…What It Is and How To Thrive in the Higher Vibration

There has been much speculation about what’s going on in the world right now, everything
from Armageddon to the return of Christ. We can all see and feel the changes in the world and
while it looks chaotic, many of us know this to be a paradigm shift of epic proportions. When a
paradigm is shifting, chaos can and does manifest as the old energy is no longer helpful and is
shifting to a higher vibration. Those who are not ready to grow and expand will find themselves
feeling fearful, angry, and unsettled. Those of us who are engaging with and cooperating with
the process can feel the stress in our own endeavor of uncovering what no longer serves us
and healing ourselves. On this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths, Martha welcomes our
friend, psychic, medium and healer, Deborah Hendrickson as they discuss their own
experiences as well as how to remain centered and optimistic. While it is an uncomfortable
time to be alive, we came well equipped with all the tools we need not just to survive but thrive.
Deborah’s insight and wisdom helped us to remember who we are.
Her website is and welcomes visitors!

Connecting With The Spirit of the Tarot

Everyone has some familiarity with tarot cards either through a personal reading or anecdotal
testimony. The practice of reading the cards has been associated with darker esoteric
practices and has been largely misunderstood. This week, Kristin and Martha welcomed healer,
teacher and reader Meghan Rose who brought a new understanding to the practice of reading
the tarot and how the cards inspire the reader to a deeper understanding of the client,
triggering the reader’s intuitive gift of insight and empathy. Meghan shared her gift by giving
Martha a “mini” reading that was insightful and impactful. A peek at Meghan’s website,, will give you an idea of the services she provides. Join us for a
fun and informative trip into the spirit of the tarot!

Message From My Guides: How Do We Move Forward In These Tumultuous Times

Kristin and I have an unusual approach to our show content. Unless we have a guest, we allow
our guides to inspire us with the subject matter and then allow the flow to happen, and it
always does! This week, my guides had a message that they requested to be shared with our
audience and I found myself taking dictation. I was asked if I would be willing to be a
messenger for them in this venue as they have much to say so we can expect more messages.
Having worked with these folks for many years, I know and trust them and their guidance. I
include this message below and may it be a blessing to you.
“It is now time to put into use all of the memories of self that you have uncovered through
years of inner work and self-healing. There are those who have been diligently occupied with
the process of remembering who you are and are eradicating all false assumptions of self that
have been imposed upon you and now it’s time to capture and incorporate a new idea of self.
No longer will the belief that we aren’t worthy be entertained, if you cling to the old, obsolete
beliefs that belittle and disempower you, we will remind you of the truth. You came here with
unique skills and those skills are needed now. There is no need to labor over this truth to bring
it into your awareness, your singular contribution is now ready to be given and all you have to
do is open your eyes in the morning and breathe. The more you “try” the more you confuse
and confound yourself and then the flow of this dynamic expression of you is complicated
unnecessarily. What is requested now is that you enter into expansion by giving more attention
to your gifts and abilities and less attention to what you perceive to be your faults. The world
does not need a daily influx of negativity from the lightworkers who have chosen to incarnate at
this time and continue to feel deeply their perceived flaws and imperfections. Now is the time
to focus on our light, our successful transmutation of generational patterns of darkness, the
goodness of our core self, and the miraculous manifestations waiting to be born through our
hearts. We were there at the birth of this material reality and are part and parcel of its
miraculous existence. Accept this understanding, let its vibration reside in every cell, and then
allow it to expand into every aspect of your beingness. Know that we celebrate you, we love
you beyond any human measure and we await your request for guidance and assistance.
Above all…remember who you are.”
Join Kristin and I as we discuss this message and how it impacts our daily life. Namaste,

2020 Is Over, Did We Survive or Thrive? It’s Your Choice

There is little doubt that we have just lived through one of the most difficult and frightening
years that any of us can remember. Our lives were locked down, threatened with a deadly
disease and an undercurrent of simmering anger and hatred caused many of us deep trauma
that led to various mental health challenges. All of us have been affected and even the most
positive thinking, spiritually awakened folks feel a bit like they’ve been repeatedly pulled
through a knothole in a fence. Empaths everywhere are feeling overloaded, frazzled, and deeply
challenged to maintain a stable center of gravity, and on this week’s Empowered Empaths,
Kristin and Martha speak honestly about their personal challenges over the past year and how
they were able to survive AND thrive. Join us for an honest discussion about fear and a great
big dose of hope!

Psychic Roundtable: Tuning Into Your Innate Abilities (Yes, You Have Them!)

On this week’s Empowered Empaths we are joined by our friend, psychic/medium, and healer,
Deborah Hendrickson as she and Martha discuss ways to connect with your abilities. We are
asked by clients how to tap into our intuitive gifts, whether it be psychic knowing or connecting
with the departed as well as energy healing and Deborah and Martha share time-tested
methods that open the door to these gifts. Everyone is different and there is no “one size fits
all” way of learning but there are some practices we can use to activate our higher
consciousness so join us and expand your horizons!

Can We Stop Cursing Ourselves?

In another journey into the heart of things, this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths
explores the epidemic of self-blame and self-loathing. Why are we so quick to believe that we
embody the worst attributes of humanity and why do we believe that everything bad that
happens is our fault? Have we ever examined why we are so harsh with ourselves? If we spoke
to others the way we speak to ourselves, we would have no friends and would probably have
many scars from being beaten up. So why do we continue to berate and belittle ourselves and
can we change the inner narrative to something that more accurately reflects our true nature?
Join Kristin and Martha as they share personal stories of failure and triumph while traveling the
road to self-love and respect.


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