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FF ret Joshua Concepcion – PTSI and Department Betrayal

Josh’s 13 year firefighting career was cut short by PTSD and department betrayal. His attitude and resilience is nothing short of inspiring. No matter how tough everything became he just kept putting one foot in front of the other. If you listen to this episode you will find yourself rooting for him. And if you can root for Josh, you should be rooting for yourself! Department leadership can learn from this episode too, because this department blew it. They lost a valuable member and treated a human being like a piece of equipment.

Former 10851 Bus Driver: Sgt. Jeni Gruner

Jeni was employed as a police officer at Patrick Henry High School on Saint Patrick’s Day 2012. On this day she finally realized she needed to address her alcoholism when she commandeered a bus in an attempt to driver herself home. She was subsequently hot stopped and arrested.
Sgt. Jeni Gruner shares her story of alcoholism, blackout drinking and the stigma about asking for help as a First Responder. She talks about how she overcame her addiction through continued recovery and how she made it through the worst struggles in the aftermath of the devastating consequences of alcohol abuse.
Jeni Gruner has been a police officer for the last 22 years. She is a Sergeant with the San Diego Unified School District Police Department and is currently in charge of the Peer Support and Wellness Program. She began her career at the San Diego County Marshal’s Office and then as a Deputy with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. She speaks at the San Diego Regional Academy to new recruits and also at the POST Management School in the area of substance abuse and officer wellness.

Jeni has two wonderful teenagers who keep her very busy with various sports and activities . Jeni has been in recovery and sober for almost 9 years living life in gratitude one day at a time. Jeni enjoys working within the community of law enforcement as a peer supporter and advocate of wellness for police officers.

Police Chief Gary McHone – Strength, Vulnerability and a Servant’s Heart

I love Texas!! Police Chief Gary R. McHone, from Texas, shares how to truly be strong on both sides of the job, as a subordinate and management. He believes the people are the most important resource of an organization, so it will pay great dividends to take care of them both physically and mentally. He talks about how to truly change the culture of a department so talking and investing in mental health happens on a department wide basis. This guy most definitely walks the walk and talks the talk. Leadership of all departments and organizations take notice, the power of vulnerability is real.

Domino Effect of Murder – Kenya Tyson

What are some essentials for a family to know when they enter the court to get justice for the murder of their loved one? What is the role of a victim advocate? Are the terms “plea bargain” and “nolo contendere” familiar? Why do so many DA’s opt for a plea bargain? What is the role of the homicide survivor in court? Listen as Kendra Tyson, a criminal attorney, clears up these and other questions.

Dr. Lorie Hood, First Responder Focused Traumatologist

This is an episode of discovery and hope. Dr. Lorie Hood joins The Firefighter Deconstructed and shares her incredible breadth of knowledge of trauma. Dr. Lorie Hood is a leading expert in trauma, PTSD, Neuroscience, and human potential. She has focused her research and clinical work on first responders, victims of mass trauma and high performers. She is the host of the podcast, “The Traumatic States of America” that is incredible. She is board certified in Forensic Traumatology, Domestic Violence, and Emergency Crisis Response (Diplomate Credential). She is trained and well versed in mind body medicine and dance therapy and uses a somatic approach to her work. Lorie has connected her research on intelligence with her research on stress, resilience, trauma and post traumatic growth and has created trainings, programs and curricula that inform human potential and performance on both individual and system levels. Dr. Hood is crazy smart and super caring.

Police Chief Daniel Smith, Be True to Yourself and Others

This week Police Chief Daniel Smith shares his story with the firefighter deconstructed. He talks about his childhood and coming to the point in his life that he could go either way, positive or negative. He chose positive and accomplished some amazing things. He also talks about the importance of taking care of yourself on the job and not talking about what bothers you is a road straight to self-destruction. By the way, he is only under thirty but has the wisdom of a 70 year old.


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