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Disenfranchised Grief: Death of Friends

Michael Anthony, from Indiana, grew up knowing nothing but physical abuse, neglect, poverty and pessimism. Somehow, in spite of his mistreatment and being surrounded with resignation and despair he knew he was not broken . Then a “mirror moment” changed his life. This self-made man tells us about his journey out of chaos and of his desire to inspire others to do the same.

Physicians Who Deliberately Kill

Special Agent Sackman describes serial murderers who are licensed physicians both inside and outside of long-term health care facilities. Learn what motivates them, why medicine is a perfect setting to commit homicide and how they literally get away with murder for years. It will get you rethnking your next stay inside a hospital.

The Mess of Murder: Who Cleans It Up?

First responders have nothing to do with cleaning up a residence or business after a murder. Who does it, then? What are the risks to a property owner to do it themselves? What is the usual cost to have it professionally done? Are there federal laws that apply? Why is special equipment needed and why? How long can it take? Listen as we discuss these and other questions from the owner of a crime scene cleanup company.

Behind the Scene of Murder Investigations: Blood Analysis

“Why is this murder investigation taking so long?!” It’s a frequent question voiced by homicide survivors. This episode is but one example of why it can take years to get a case on the dockets. Uncovering, processing and entering evidence into legal proceedings is daunting – not to mention frustrating by those waiting for some kind of resolution. Meet Anita Zannin from A-Z Forensics. Ms. Zannin’s unique background and experience has proven invaluable in assisting counsel as both a non-testifying and testifying expert, both in and out of the courtroom. Ms. Zannin has been accepted as an expert in both federal and state courts, and has worked on criminal and civil cases in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. She explains the moving parts behind a murder investigation and helps us understand the frustrating wait for justice.

Struggle Well – Thoughts on Afghanistan

The messy withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused many service members and veterans to question the value of their time there, and to question why it is worth the loss of brothers and sisters. Josh Goldberg sat down with Lt. Col Aaron Schilleci, who was deployed in support of the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan and the battle against ISIS, to get his thoughts. If you are struggling in the midst of all that is happening – you certainly aren’t alone. If you need support, visit and apply for our Warrior PATHH program.

The Physical Impact of Psychological Trauma

Most homicide survivors focus on the emotional dimensions of their situation (such as anxiety or depression, and lowered concentration). But paying attention to the physical aftermath is equally important (such as insomnia, teeth grinding, headaches and stomach aches). Our guest, Tracy Lowry, R.N. discusses the importance and reasons behind this dimension of trauma as well as some strategies for dealing with it.

Retired Officer Albert Veldstra, How 30 years as a cop and an Officer Involved Shooting affected him and his family

Albert Veldstra, who has 30 years as a police officer in Stanislas County in the California central valley, sits down with the FF deconstructed and tells his story of how 30 years on the job and an officer involved shooting affected him and his family. He talks about how he recovered and now helps struggling first responders heal and find hope. You are going to love this guy.

Former Dispatcher Ricardo Martinez, #iam911

Founder of the #Iam911 movement, former 911 dispatcher Ricardo Martinez sits down and shares his story on this episode. Ricardo is the host of the Within the Trenches podcast and is about to release episode 400. He is doing amazing work for dispatchers throughout the country. His passion is sharing the stories of dispatchers and helping them process the trauma they experience on the job. He has started his own media company, hosts and participates in conferences, all dedicated to dispatchers. I really can’t say enough about this guy. You just gotta listen.

What is the Domino Effect of Murder on the Murderer?

What is the psychological and social impact of murder on the person who kills? What is “perpetration-induced traumatic stress?” Listen in as Clark Frederick discusses his murder of Sheriff Dennis Pegg in Stillwater, New Jersey. Learn about the “four Ls” of homicide, brain circuitry responses to killing and a woman’s reaction on a 911 call when she reluctantly shoots an intruder.


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