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Delta Force CSM Tom Satterly & His Hero, Jen Satterly

THE Tom Satterly and his wife Jen sit down with the Firefighter Deconstructed. Who are these people? Well Tom spent 20 years in Delta Force, the most elite special forces unit there is. Tom is a legend even among other Tier One special operators. He was in the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and the capturing of Saddam Hussein. He survived incredible feats of war but he almost didn’t survive PTS. Who is Jen? The woman who stood by Tom and went through tough times helping Tom get to the other side. Now they both work non stop to help their brothers and sisters in the military and first responders who have PTS.
Jen Satterly spent three years as Director of Film and Photography with an elite military company and was fully embedded in Special Operation training missions. She is the Co-Founder and Chief of Programs of their nonprofit, All Secure Foundation, and speaking alongside Tom about the challenges that spouses and families deal with both during deployment and coming home.
All Secure by Tom Satterly
Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD, Together by Jen Satterly

Police Officer Scott Medlin, Addiction, Recover, and Staying Healthy

Super kind and fun Scott Medlin sits down with The Firefighter Deconstructed and talks about the toll the job takes and strategies to get and be healthy. Scott has 17 years of experience in the military and law enforcement. Scott shares his own struggles with mental health and addiction from trauma experienced while in combat in Iraq and on the job as a police officer. He has authored two books about health in law enforcement. He has a passion to help others and help stop the stigma and stop first responder suicides.

Kaia Downing's Story of Husband Brad Downing's PTSD

Kaia Downing is married to Brad Downing, who was on last week. Kaia was a police officer for ten years and is now a parole officer. Kaia shares her story of being married to someone with PTSD. We discuss what it’s like raising children when your spouse is angry, irrational, and detached. Kaia has the unique understanding of what it’s like to be a police officer and be the spouse of one. This discussion is a very good one and I am sure many many spouses and families out there will relate and find that they are not alone.
Movie: The Female Brain

Super Stoic ret Police Officer Brad Downing Tells His Story of Suffering Alone

Retired police officer Brad Downing was a long time “stuff it” guy and never talked about his feelings. He suffered in silence because of that stupid stigma that can be attached to someone when they ask for help. Brad talks about how stuffing it affected his job, his family and himself. He now works to smash that stigma and let others know it’s ok not to be ok. He has started up a first responder support meeting that provides a safe place for first responders to talk.

Medically Ret Police Officer Rob Hindley survived PTS…Twice

Rob Hindley is a Medically retired police officer from the United Kingdom. He went through PTSD twice and speaks to how getting PTSD the second time is even worse than the first time. Rob now works to prevent police suicide and promote police physical and medical wellbeing. He has started peer support groups. We talk about PTSD and the effects it can have on the kids. We also talk about the lack of leadership in this important area and how struggling officers are not being taken care of in all the aspects of a person’s life. He is writing a book highlighting the high price that police officers pay when serving the public.

The Code 9 Project: “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” Brandielee Baker

Brandielee Baker is our guest today on Positive Connections Radio. She is a former First Responder working in EMS and is a professional coach/strategist specializing in wellness, specifically stress, anxiety and conflict.
Brandielee is the cofounder of the national non-profit organization, The Code 9 Project, the founder of Positive Constructs, and the creator, and executive director, of the nationally accredited, S.H.A.R.E. and T.U.F. Training Programs.
The Code 9 Project is a national non-profit that provides education, training and advocacy for the prevention of PTSD and suicide for law enforcement, first responders and their families.
The Code 9 Project also serves as a bridge between First Responders and their communities by providing; outreach, education and community building. They have a team of chaplains, peer support, critical incident trainers and a specialized trauma debriefing team for individuals, police and fire departments, first responders, frontline workers and hospital staff.
The Code 9 Project has a national helpline that is 24/7 for all frontline workers and first responders. The Code 9 Project national helpline number is 844-HOPE-247.
For more information on The Code 9 Project, visit: and follow @code9project on Facebook and @thecode9project on Instagram.

Bill Pepitone ret NYPD, Mayoral Candidate of New York City

Bill Pepitone, City of New York Mayoral Candidate and former New York Police Officer, sits down with The Firefighter Deconstructed and talks about the heavy toll police work takes on officers and their families. He is a big, strong, tough guy born and raised in the Bronx and HE says it’s ok to not be ok. He says it’s so important to ask for help before you get the point of suicide. If a long time police officer from New York says it’s not weak to be affected by the job and ask for help, then you know it’s ok to not be ok.


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