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High Level Narcissists – Shameless Liars

Lying is automatic for the high level narcissist.

Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: 

“Most of us have difficulty lying, whether by omission or commission. Lying makes us feel uncomfortable, as if something is fundamentally wrong. ”  This is not the case for the shameless high level narcissist who lacks conscience. 

“The narcissist insists that the way must be clear for him to move ahead. If the path is smoothed through his lying, that’s al right.”

“Lying and evasion are a way of life for the narcissist.” 

At a point of awakening you recognize that you will move along your own pathway of restoration, healing, transformation and the evolution of your authentic self. 

Practice self care each day: get the sleep and rest you need and deserve, good hydration, nourishing food, movement and exercise, time in Nature, use of your creative gifts, a spiritual practice as you define this.



Intuition – Psychological and Spiritual Light

Quoting from my book: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist: 

“Intuitions are moments of insight that awaken our consciousness with speed and clarity…When you re an intuitive many people label you as an eccentric. Psychological openness is a key to deepening intuition. The intuitive message is faster than thought.”

Your Hidden Power #170 – Meet a Spiritual & Psychic Matchmaker

Host Doug Stephan and co-Host/Astrologer Laura Banks, she can be contacted at: 352-552-1243 introduce us to 5th generation Psychic Medium, mindfulness expert and intuitive business consultant, Dallisa Hocking. Spirit & Spark is known as the go-to company when seeking guidance from the Universe! Think of them as a Spiritual and Psychic Matchmaker, connecting clients with qualified Practitioners. This is achieved by understanding the needs of the individual, and then matching them with a member of their team. Spirit & Spark’s team consists of psychics, mediums, life coaches, energy healers, and more. Next, Mentalist Uri Geller shares insights on his accent. Then, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley expands on the power of intervention. Finally, Astrologer/Actor Laura Banks says “Get ready. Neptune is going direct.

One Foot In Heaven – The miraculous true story of Sheila Preston Fitzgerald

Author of One Foot in Heaven, Sheila Preston Fitzgerald joins us for this inspiring conversation. In this podcast, Sheila talks about the fateful night when a tragic motorcycle accident changed the course of her life forever. What began as a near death experience, and grueling medical journey, turned into a hope-filled story of grit, determination and soul searching. Listeners will fall in love with Sheila’s attitude and are left wanting to know more about the miraculous events that brought her face to face with God. At a time when we all need a little inspiration, Sheila’s jaw dropping story is balm to the soul.

When she’s not speaking about her journey or writing; Sheila enjoys life to the fullest with her “tribe” of friends and family. Sheila resides in the beautiful, rolling hills just south of Nashville, Tennessee. She can be found at: and her book is available on Amazon.

High Level Narcissist – Masters of Denial and Grand Delusions

Understanding the world of the high level narcissist, quoting my hook: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life: 

“The narcissist lives in an intricate world of his making, dominated by inflated illusions of self-importance. His style is grandiose, like some peacock or wild turkey with feathers in full display. His version of reality bears no resemblance to the truth. Experiencing himself as the center of life, like a sun surrounded by encircling planets, the narcissist believes that everything flows from him.”

“High level narcissists are highly rewarded for the very attributes that make them inconsiderate and demanding human beings: self-absorption, aggressiveness, hubris.” 

“We are programmed to envy their (high level narcissist) success. They are fawned over and admired despite a delusional consciousness that rides high on the winds of self-adoration, outrageous demands and excess indulgence.” 

“Setting himself/herself apart from all the rest, he struts across the stage of life—cocksure. His ship leans at full tilt, all sails billowing, ego fully unfurled”

This is the tale of the high level narcissist, his/her delusional world of self perfection and extreme self entitlement. 

Pay close attention to the messages of your intuition. It reveals the true nature of the high level narcissist and helps you focus on your authentic self with your many creative and spiritual gifts.

Intuitive Eating (Because Diets Don’t Work)

Evelyn Tribole is an award-winning registered dietitian and was the nutrition expert for “Good Morning America” and was a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association for six years. Elyse Resch is a nutrition therapist with over thirty-eight years of experience specializing in eating disorders, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size.

Evelyn and Elyse co-authored the cutting edge book “Intuitive Eating”, first published in 1995. “Intuitive Eating” has become the go-to book on rebuilding a healthy body image and making peace with food and was recently revised and re-released. Find out more at

Check out for an innovative app that supports mental health.

Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at

Empaths – Honor Your Inner Wisdom

Don’t expect others, especially narcissistic personalities to understand you.  They are trapped in denial and delusion. You comprehend and appreciate yourself and your intuitive gifts.

Accept yourself as a rare individual, an irreplaceable pearl of great price. Embrace your differentness.

Follow the truths of your intuition – a perpetual sanctuary lamp. 

You instincts about the true nature of the lies, ruses, baits and confabulations of the narcissistic personality. They are valid; follow them.

Slow your pace. Find your rhythm. Don’t let anyone hurry or confound you.

Honor your rest and sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, be kind and let yourself rst. Make no judgments – be a loving presence to the small child inside of you. Listen to music that quiets your nervous system, eases your anxiety and worry, softening your self judgment, infusing you with hope and vitality.

Engage with beauty wherever you find it—in Nature, great Art that speaks to and inspires you.  

Honor your body/mind: gentle yoga poses, basic stretching. 

Listening and telling stories of past remembering. The details and sense of place that you portray take you to another world; you travel through time and space – your reality expands; your old darkness and struggles fade; you are up for the adventure of the story.

Sing to yourself -familiar tunes and melodies appreciate the uniqueness of your voice. No judgments here. You are savoring this moment. 

Or you can chant, whatever is more comfortable and enjoyable to you. Singing activates the vagus nerve and in turn the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Appreciate and honor your uniqueness as a precious individual, an empath.


Jodie Filogomo — Fun and Thrifty Style Over 50

Jodie Filogomo is the voice behind “Jodie’s Touch of Style” where she showcases how it’s never too late to look great. Her styling adventures include her mother, Charlotte, who is 82 years old, and friend, Lesley, who is 70 years old along with Jodie who is 54. Jodie is a retired dentist and has reinvented herself to discuss tips and tricks about style, budget shopping and positivity. It’s all about inspiring women over 50 to look and feel their best. Find out more at .

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Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at

Secure , Calming, Restorative Practices for Empaths

Empaths are so unique…extraordinary. They are deeply attuned to their internal and external environments. Empaths are sensitive to loud noises, projections of rage and those who lack emotional control. Some empaths have chronic insomnia. 

Empaths have difficult ordeals with narcissistic spouses, partners, family members.

Empaths internalize great beauty in the form of Art, Nature, close relationships. 

Spending time with Nature is a great boon to the empath. One example is the miracle of the four seasons which occur as a result of the tilt of the Earth on its axis.

Empaths need more rest and sleep than others.

Empaths need to slow their pace. 

Listen to the music that soothes your nervous system; feel the melody move through your ears, nervous system and brain. You enter the gentle inner world of the parasympathetic nervous system. 

You clearly perceived the psychological and emotional state of your parents and other family members. You were misunderstood, criticized and labelled strange. 

Your perceptions of truth were denied by your family. No one understood you.

You have always been a seeker. You knew the truth from the beginning.

Here’s to putting your well being, deep inner peace and creative gifts first each day! 


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