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Consciously Move through the Process of Change – TPS388

It feels like we are in a process of great change, which can lead to a lot of feelings of discomfort because of the uncertainty. This requires that you look at things from a different point of view. What if, everything that is happening really is for our own good?


The process of moving forward can be uncomfortable. I talk about how you need the stirring up in order to move forward.
Are you willing to let go of your attachment to the past?
The process is about letting go and building new.
There’s an energy of change on the planet. Seeing our connection to everything helps to deal with the change.
Santa Fe, where I live, is a peaceful place, so I don’t live in the conflict.
It takes time to turn things around.
What do you want to be feeling in the next few years? You can decide how you want to feel.
Although I don’t know where my life is going, I feel it moving in a positive direction.
There needs to be an internal cleansing.
The clearing process happens over a period of time.
Although we are going through a difficult time, it’s part of the process of change.

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James Purpura: Seeing Is Not Believing – TPS387

James Purpura has experienced some of the most extreme moments life can offer. Fifteen years ago, he was an inmate struggling with life in solitary confinement, placed there as a result of his actions while homeless and addicted to drugs. While in prison, he reconciled his life and developed a personal philosophy. Once released, he found his wife, created an amazing family, a beautifully prosperous life, and became inspired to share his knowledge with the world.


What being in solitary confinement was like, what he learned from it, and how he started to turn his life around.
Taking ownership of his life outcomes was his turning point.
You do not see reality – James explains.
We develop our perception of reality when we are young.
What you see is just an assumption. Mindfulness allows you to see beyond the assumption.
You cannot see what you don’t believe is possible.
Emotions are the window into our subconscious mind.
Emotions draw your attention to your beliefs about yourself.
Every belief has an emotional component.
The emotion will lead you to the belief.
Creating happiness is about changing your internal world. Making more money is about changing your external world.
James shares his emotional integration technique.
In their book, they take things that are complicated and they break them down into something simple.
As soon as you focus on something it becomes part of your possibilities.
There is a cost to being a pessimist.
Positivity opens up your field of possibilities.
There are no bad decisions. You make your decisions based on the information that’s available to you.
Life and growth are about living in the uncertainty of not knowing.

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The book – Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing.

Joel Zaslofsky: Creating the Perfect Life for Yourself – TPS386

Joel Zaslofsky is the community-animator, multipotentialite, and quantum biology fanatic behind a bunch of neat stuff. He’s the Connections and Operations Guy for the Puttytribe, hosts the popular Smart and Simple Matters podcast, and has one overarching theme in life – bringing people together.


Joel shares how he decided to leave corporate.
Joel identifies himself as a minimalist and talks about how he got into the movement.
Getting clear internally and changing habits was important to get into the simple lifestyle.
Melinda, Joel’s wife, keeps him grounded.
We talk about what it takes to find guides and mentors for unconventional people.
The Everything Conference was held recently. Joel explains what it was and hoped to accomplish.
Multipotentialites often think they are broken in some way because they don’t focus on one thing.
There is so much information available and some people become overwhelmed with the choices.

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The Situation Doesn’t Cause the Feelings, the Feelings Create the Situation – TPS385

In today’s episode, I discuss a prosperity principle that people aren’t always aware of. It takes a bit of time to understand, but once you get it, your perception of your problems can change dramatically. This makes it easier to find solutions.


Here’s the principle: The situation you are in doesn’t cause your emotions, your emotions create the situation.
Your emotions are the creative force behind your life stories.
Emotions are not inherent in a situation.
I use a disappointment habit as an example.
I talk about a process for recognizing and altering your habitual feelings.

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Shoshanna French: All About Intuition and How to Use It – TPS384

Shoshanna French is an Intuition Expert, a Coach and a Consultant who specializes in training others how to connect to their intuition and live their best lives. Based in Denver, she has been providing one-on-one session work for clients for the last 23 years. Her clients transform their relationships, create unpredictable success, and develop deep connections to their purpose.  She offers corporate and personal retreats, training programs, and one-on-one sessions for clients across the globe.


We learn how Shoshanna came to recognize and start using her gifts.
People who are drawn to her sessions are open-minded and curious.
When talking to corporate type audiences, Shoshanna uses language that her audience can relate to.
We discuss how people express their experiences with intuition.
Intuition is a practical tool that you can use.
Intuition and synchronicity are related.
Shoshanna talks about the difference between using “psychic” rather than intuitive.
People can learn how to use their intuition for business decisions.
Are intuitive “messages” always right?
Often, we have to “clear the channel” to get the right message.
First, you have to find out how your gift works. Shoshanna explains.
Once you understand what kind of intuitive you are, you can ask better questions.
You can tell what kind of intuitive you are if you watch the news.
How can people get past their fear of following their intuition?

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Hiding In Plain Sight – TPS383

In this episode, I talk about being a “closet woo” and hiding the thing I love to do best. I wonder what you may be hiding in plain sight that’s keeping you from enjoying your full expression – and the success that can come from being honest about who you are.


Finding out who we really are and expressing it is one of our life journeys.
There’s an evolution of consciousness that happens with each decade.
Much of our life is finding out who we are not before we find out who we are.
Learn how to enjoy what you’re doing and to not judge it.
My goal was to not let my money determine how I feel and not to worry about anything.
I talk about the energy adjustments that I’ve been doing for many years and was afraid to talk about with total confidence.
I share some stories about things that happened when I did energy adjustments.
Why are you still hiding?
I talk about my new goal and how I’m going to handle it and changing my old habits.
Your cash flow is related to the energy flow through you.
Your emotions are the creative force behind your life stories.
What about you is hiding in plain sight?

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Olympia Hostler: Women Choose Wealth – TPS382

With over 35 years of prosperity leadership in corporate, government and the entrepreneur sector experience, Olympia Hostler, The Queen Of Wealth, empowers women leaders to eradicate self-sabotaging money blocks so they can work less, make more, and live free™. She has vast experience as a highly sought-after business consultant specializing in rapidly making businesses profitable, purposeful and pleasurable.  At 33 years old, she became a corporate executive running multi-billion dollar programs and bringing in over $50 million.  Now, she offers The Mind Over Money Makeover Program via her site,


Olympia explains how she was able to deal with so much money at an early age.
Her family didn’t have a lot of money, but her father was really good at managing what he had.
We learn from the people around us. Surround yourself with people who are what you want to be.
After she left corporate, she had a lot of healing to do.
She learned from her father to worry about money.
With her clients, Olympia has them understand their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that affect their money.
The top 4 money blocks are: I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, fear of success, fear of failure.
Her clients are successful women entrepreneurs.
Self-sabotage is a form of self-protection.
We talk about the techniques she uses to help clients get over their money blocks.
When you can connect to your original self, you can see more possibilities.
Our parent’s behaviors and attitudes affect our development.
Olympia makes good decisions, something she says people can learn to do.
Wealth, poverty, and struggle are choices.
A lot of people get stuck in the “fixing” stage.
We need people who model healthy behavior.
We all have money strategies that we can break down and change.
We are wired to be in community.
Women have gotten into over-giving and they have to learn to receive.
When she left corporate, Olympia quit without knowing what was next.

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Building a Stress-Free Business: An Upcoming Webinar – TSP381

Today’s episode is a short introduction to a free webinar I’m doing on September 19 with my friend Henry Lopez. Henry is a fabulous business coach and host of the podcast, “The How of Business”.

We did an episode of his podcast talking about what we’ll be doing on the webinar. You can listen to it here.

There will be no selling and there will be a replay, but you have to register.

You can register at

If you have any questions, email me at

Aprille Janes: Following Her Inner Prompting to Change Her Life – TPS380

We’ve been following my friend Aprille’s life as she transforms herself from a business coach and trainer in Toronto to a full-time artist and AirBnB host on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. In this episode she shares her progress since we last talked – and the wisdom she has gained.


Aprille and her husband made a big change in their lives without the end in mind.
This is a beautiful story of following the inner messages instead of having clear plans.
Aprille talks about what they had to go through internally for this to work.
Learn with small things and trust the process.
Changing how she was looking at and thinking about things made a big difference.
Don’t give up the goal, just change the plan.
We talk about the difference between planning and doing during different decades of life.
She had never been to Nova Scotia before she moved there.
Aprille learned to trust via some experiences earlier in life.
All we need to do is pay attention to what’s happening now.
Instead of thinking about the worst that can happen, think about the best that can happen.
We talk about the benefits of being more mature.


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