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What Is Home Inspection Stress?

Join Chad and Ashley Taylor, owners of Pisgah Home Inspections, for a chat about why we get so stressed out about home inspections and how to perceive them from a less stressful perspective!

More about Chad and Ashley:

Chad’s journey is nothing short of impressive! With 20 years of experience in residential home building and a passion for custom carpentry, he’s a seasoned expert who knows homes inside and out. Chad has even had the honor of helping construct stunning Bobby McAlpine homes alongside his mentor, Jeff Beale in Montgomery, Alabama.

Chad’s secret sauce? He has an exceptional understanding of how homes should be built, combined with some time off in between inspections to shred on his mountain bike. His keen judgment allows him to distinguish between critical issues and unique quirks in your prospective home, and deliver that information to his client in an unalarming way. With Chad as your inspector, you’re not just getting an inspection—you’re getting a wealth of construction knowledge and experienced judgment!

Ashley is the Heart and Soul of Pisgah Home Inspections. She brings the perfect blend of warmth and positivity to Pisgah Home Inspections. While Chad is out in the field ensuring no detail is overlooked, Ashley is the friendly voice and organizational whiz behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Together, they make the ultimate team.

When you choose Pisgah Home Inspections, you’re not just hiring an inspector, you’re inviting Chad and Ashley on your journey, and they’re always up for an adventure!

For an easy checklist to help you feel confident with your home inspection, please download Pisgah Home Inspections Guide.


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