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Ken Falke and WP72 Alum Erika Emmons talk 2020 lessons learned

Don’t miss this deep dive into the power of Warrior PATHH and how it can benefit you in any situation. Join Ken Falke as he sits down and chats with Erika Emmons, WP72 Alumni, about her life before and after the program, as well as how it helped her prepare to care for her mother in her final moments of 2020. Erika Emmons is a 6-year Army National Guard combat veteran. She deployed with the 36th Infantry Division to Iraq from 2010-2011 as an imagery analyst before getting out in 2012. She currently lives in Cary, NC for her job with BAE Systems, Inc where she works as a software trainer, technical support, and a Jane of all trades in the GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) community.

Erika attended the Warrior PATHH program at Boulder Crest Virginia in October of 2019 and is a proud member of WP class 072 (Valkyrie). She actually put off attending the program for over a year & a half because she felt there were other vets who needed it more than her, but thanks to the gentle persistence of Joe Wood, she relented. Today she readily admits that she needed the program more than she realized & that self-care is NOT selfish, but necessary.

Erika’s biggest personal accomplishment this year was being able to be her mother’s primary caregiver in her last chapter of life. Throughout the year Erika shared her journey through public posts on Instagram & Facebook in hopes of reaching people who are either in similar situations or may be in the future. Her goal was to help just one person, but now she has expanded that goal to reach as many as possible. She is working on a YouTube series about being a primary caregiver & is also in the very early stages of writing a book on the same topic.

Ken Falke talks finding hope after trauma with Howard & Chad Myers

Don’t miss this inspiring podcast with Ken Falke and Vietnam veteran Howard Myers, and his son, Chad Myers, on their story of thriving after trauma. Howard not only recovered from his Vietnam War wounds that blinded him, but he was able to create a positive mindset despite his hardships and tells his journey on this episode of the StruggleWell Podcast.

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Struggling Well during COVID-19

Listen to Josh Goldberg and Ken Falke break down the wellness triangle and how you stay balanced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair provide guidance on each part of the triangle with helpful tips to struggle well. If you love what you hear, get  the book on Amazon and dive deep into the Struggle Well philosophy.

Navy EOD Wife Lindsey Stacy talks about life as a caregiver

Listen to Navy EOD wife, Lindsey Stacy, talk about her life as a caregiver and give insight into her daily life managing a household of six. Lindsey is married to Kenton Stacy, a highly decorated Navy Senior Chief EOD Technician, who holds two bronze stars and a purple heart. They have four children together and currently reside in San Diego, California. The couple grew up in Greenville, Ohio, and were high school sweethearts.

On November 9, 2017, towards the end of Kenton’s fourth combat deployment, he was struck by an IED while clearing a hospital in Syria. The IED detonated and forever changed their lives. Kenton had to fight for his life and was resuscitated four times after the blast. He lost six inches of his trachea and 42 pints of blood. The IED penetrated through his neck and out his spine leaving him a quadriplegic. The shrapnel has left Kenton blind in his left eye, and his voice box and vocal cords were so damaged he can’t produce a voice and relies on his wife to read his lips.

Kenton remains strong and still manages to smile every day. Kenton cognitively is all there and can remember everything prior to the blast going off. This last year has been the hardest year for the family, and even more so for Kenton.

Lindsey is a survivor and has had the opportunity to travel to 12 countries in her life. Before becoming a full-time caregiver, she studied travel and tourism, and interned at Walt Disney World, which holds a special place in her heart. Lindsey knows the road will continue to be difficult but is grateful to have her husband alive.

They will be celebrating his “Alive Day” On November 9, 2019 with the 2019 STACY STRONG 5K to help raise funds for the ever growing expensive to take care of Kenton. To register and find out more information click here

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