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At one of her lowest points in cancer treatment, Leah thought that this must be what is meant by “Karma”. It drove her to reach out to someone she hurt deeply. This is a story of love, regret, shame and healing.

Everything is Going to Be Okay

When things fall apart, when we lose our sense of security, when we can’t find our way, nothing feels okay. Leah knows this first hand as she lives with a terminal illness. In this episode, she share s how she reconnects to knowing that Everything Will Be Okay.

Picking Up the Pieces

In this episode, my guest wishes to remain anonymous. She shares her story of how breast cancer ignited her childhood trauma which took her to her knees. This is a story of a woman who found her way back through facing her fears with the help of psychedelics.

Be Your Own Hero

We love our Heroes and Heroines. We look to them for inspiration. We aspire to be more like them. In this episode, Leah shares stories of heroes from her counseling practice as a reminder that we are all Heroes.

My Main Purpose for Living Right Now is You

In this episode, Leah sits down with her Mom. Listen to their intimate and revealing conversation about how Leah’s illness has affected their relationship – the good, the bad and the ugly (but mostly good). Shared tragedy will reveal the cracks in a relationship and isn’t that a good thing? If you don’t see the cracks in the relationship then there is very little hope in repairing it.

I’m Brave and So Are You

Living with uncertainty takes courage. In this episode, Leah talks about how she struggles to find courage in the face of cancer. She encourages us to accept fear as a normal part of being human. She shares ideas about how to live fully in this present moment. WE can all Find Our Brave.

Radical Acceptance

This episode is a conversation between Leah and Joe: two very different people connected through their struggles and wisdom gained. This is a conversation about being human and learning to live with the messiness of life.

At the age of 27, and in the midst of losing everything, an exhausted and distraught Joseph S. Fusaro decided to see if he could write his way out of a deep clinical depression that came after years of trial and error with medications, misdiagnoses, and a longtime battle with insomnia. He concluded that it took a lifetime of the wrong use of language and learned helplessness to get him in that place, and maybe the only way to create some peace and lightness of mind was to take the reigns and write out a new story; one of acceptance, perseverance, strength, and a little bit of compassion for himself and others.
After spending most of his 20’s in and out of hospitals he turned to his journal and mindfulness in a final attempt to get his life back on track. For a few years he gave up nights and weekends to work on himself every waking hour. In time he would begin to write and speak professionally with several mental health advocacy organizations. He published 8 poetry books that follow his journey from absolute rock bottom to reclaiming his health, finding peace, creating a successful audio production company, and most importantly feeling alive again.

You can find out more about Joseph on his podcast Hysteria Radio, which is a part of the Mental Health News Radio Network. You can also find his poetry books on Amazon.

She Wasn’t Afraid to Live

Leah sits down with one of her high school classmates, Karla Zahn. As they reminisce about life in small town Wisconsin, Karla reflects on how her “candy coated” life suddenly took a different course the day her 19 year old daughter, Ellie, died of depression. Listen to this powerful, raw and beautiful conversation about depression, mental illness and suicide. It’s important.

Spiritual Bypassing

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a sure fire way we could experience personal growth without all of that hard work? Well, the self-help industry (and it is a billion dollar business) says “Yes, we can help with that very thing!”. It’s human nature to find ways to decrease our pain and suffering when we are struggling. Yet, it’s that very process of learning to sit with and self-examine that is the gateway to true growth. In this episode, Leah talks about the concept of Spiritual Bypassing and the risks it poses to the changes we are hoping to achieve.

Lives Revealed

Leah sits down with Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist and author of the New York Times bestseller “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”. Going to therapy is an invitation to look inward, take risks, and be vulnerable with the hope of seeing ourselves more clearly, removing our blind spots and revealing our lives.


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