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Mick Meagher on the Law and Addiction and Recovery Treatment Centers: A SLAPP!

Mick Meagher is a California State Bar member. He represents clients in Federal and State courts. His practice consists of matters related to SLAPP Litigation, Business Litigation and Consumer Protection. His SLAPP representation is primary focused on defense from SLAPP suits. In Business Litigation the focus is on contracts, trade secrets, and unfair business practices. His Consumer Protection Litigation addresses matters related to violations of the federal and state Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts. He holds a business degree, and prior to entering law spent over 17 years in Chemical Dependency Treatment, Intervention training, Treatment facility management and consulting.

Mick wrote the book Beginning of a Miracle: How to Intervene with the Addicted or Alcoholic Person. This book has been described as one of the best books ever written on the subject Intervention. Mick teaches the reader how to develop strategies to overcome the denial present in anyone who suffers from chemical dependence.

His business consulting service ranged from restructuring treatment centers that were failing to provided training for over 5,000 professionals to establish Intervention services. Participants in his programs include Attorneys in MCLE programs, members of Physician Well-Being Committees, Physicians, Therapists, Educators and business leaders.

Mick is one of the presenters at the Evolution of Addiction Treatment conference held in Los Angeles in February 2017.  What an amazing guest and proud, very, to air this show! For more information about Mick, please visit his website.

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