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Ep – 243 Lilli Bewley

In this episode I speak with Lilli Bewley, host of the “Attract Health Build Wealth? podcast and developer of her “Align into Authenticity” program for women whose wakeup call was a suicidal moment with a gun in hand when she realized she wanted to live but would need to change her life path and mission.

Ep – 242 Brendan Kane

In this episode I speak with Brendan Kane, one of the pioneers in influencers as a marketing vehicle, author of “Hook Point” and “One Million Followers” whose wakeup call was being smacked by his dad and told to think before he spoke and also how he outthought a bully by leveraging an influencer group. Listen and be in for a treat with someone who is so clear and articulate it almost hurts.

Ep – 241 john baldoni

In this episode I speak with recognized and internationally awarded leadership speaker, coach, author of 15 books including, “GRACE: A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us,” whose wakeup call was being angered by all in incivility in the world and his wanting to instead highlight what is good and how grace can be something we can all strive for.


Living is Harder Than Dying

Sometimes I think living is harder than dying. At least that’s what I’ve been struggling with since I completed another course of IV chemotherapy. Metaphorically speaking, living means staying open in the face of fear. Living means staying engaged in the midst of overwhelm. It’s a courageous act to stay present when life feels like it’s one big “sufferfest”. Here’s to every single one of you who are enduring some version of pain at this moment. You are my hero.

Ep – 237 Scott Jeffrey Miller

In this episode I speak to return guest Scott Jeffrey Miller, host of “On Leadership with Scott Miller,” and author of “Master Mentors: 30 Transformational Insights from Our Greatest Minds,” whose wakeup call was moving from transactional to transformational and loving the wisdom from his amazing contributors.


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