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Filicide: Charlene Flynn Recalls the Murder of her Brother at the Hands of her Mother

When Charlene Flynn was only 4 she tried to awaken her 12-year-old brother, Patrick. Much to her shock, she discovered he was deceased. Her mother was later convicted. Charlene’s life went into a tailspin. She was placed in different foster care homes, group homes, and psychiatric hospitals prior to living with relatives. But Charlene was determined to overcome her past and live up to her potential. Listen as this remarkable young woman (now a mother herself) explains how she did just that.

Double Sibling Loss – Tara Myers from Sells, Arizona

Tara Myers lost her brother and sister to separate homicides in Sells, Arizona. She and her loved ones have been marginalized in life and her siblings have been marginalized in death. Here she describes her uphill battle with turning away from alcohol and finding some relief from her grief. Much too little is published about the high and disproportionate victimization of Indigenous people in North America. It has given birth to the MMIW movement. Listen as Tara describes her all-too-familiar experiences with this shameful chapter in American history.


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