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Pulse Nightclub Massacre Part 1 (Timeline)

The Pulse Nightclub tragedy of June 12, 2016… No doubt you remember it. Orlando Florida was the epicenter of a terrible mass casualty that left a scar in the SoDo community, many broken hearts and stories of bravery in its wake. This episode, Part One, offers a timeline of events. Part Two will be a discussion with director of The Center LGBTQ+. Part Three will be an interview with a worker who assisted with immediate needs of the loved ones and the wounded. Part Four will be an interview with the father of one of the fallen.

Domino Effect of Murder – Kenya Tyson

What are some essentials for a family to know when they enter the court to get justice for the murder of their loved one? What is the role of a victim advocate? Are the terms “plea bargain” and “nolo contendere” familiar? Why do so many DA’s opt for a plea bargain? What is the role of the homicide survivor in court? Listen as Kendra Tyson, a criminal attorney, clears up these and other questions.

Parenticide: How does one recover from the brutal murder of both parents at the hands of a younger brother?

Listen as Dan Yearick describes his devoted and careful efforts to assist homicide survivor Ryan Hadley heal from the brutal murder of Ryan’s parents at the hands of his younger brother who celebrated his bloodshed with a two-day party while his deceased parents were nearby. Ryan and Dan collaborated on their book “A Thousand Fireflies: Living in the Aftermath of My Parents’ Murders.” Ryan is the essence of a survivor in every sense of the word.

Guilt By Association: When your relative is the murderer

How will the murderous actions of your relative impact you? The generation after you? Would you rather be a homicide survivor or the relative of someone who committed homicide? To find out, listen to the portrayals of Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Lois Robinson, Danyall White, Nader Hassan (Ft. Hood) and Kerri Rawson (BTK serial murderer) recount the fallout on them when their family member did the unspeakable.

Big News in a Small Town: The Senseless Murder of Chad Butcher

When gregarious, 19-year-old Chad set off from his rural home in the Pacific Northwest to find his future in Phoenix no one could have predicted the deadly outcome. Missing for two weeks, his family was determined to find him. Hear his sister’s painful recollection of Chad’s senseless murder on the 30th anniversary of the tragedy, how she carries the loss in her heart and her feelings about the impending prison release of the perpetrators.


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