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A Grandmother’s Sorrow: The Murder of Little Christopher

Imagine being a thousand miles away from your little grandson when you learn of his murder by a man he barely knew, then having to relay this to your son (his father) followed by an acquaintance asking why you didn’t stop it. Kristen allows us to accompany her on a grievous journey she never imagined taking – nor having the strength to endure – and how the State of Utah failed Christopher.

Convo with Juliet Ruiz, Thanatologist (Part Two)

In this second half of the discussion, thanatologist Juliet Ruiz talks candidly about how working with the subject of death impacts her own views of mourning, how to approach the family member who is closed down, what it might mean when someone won’t stop talking about a death, something called “meaning making,” integrated grief, the special loss of a sibling, how grieving can be seen as a gift because it spares the one we lost from going through it, conflicted grief, her reaction to murder-as-entertainment and the importance of finding others with a common ground.

Convo with Juliet Ruiz, Thanatologist (Part One)

We are broadening the discussion in the next two episodes to learn how death and dying are seen from the perspective of a thanatologist (a grief expert). In the first half of the discussion Juliet Ruiz focuses on the field of thanatology, Kubler-Ross’s model of death and dying, William Warden’s work on the four tasks of grieving, the big disconnect between society and the griever, the special needs of siblings of the deceased, the role of bereavement groups, the brain’s response to sudden death and her opinion about online support groups.

Grieving the Children Lost to Sex Traffickers

Guest, author and activist Nancy Hartwell, whose German friend was kidnapped by sex traffickers over 40 years ago, describes her grief and how she channeled it to tirelessly educate the public about this growing, worldwide threat. Three separate cases of parents who lost children to sex traffickers are reviewed, as well as how they coped with the death of their daughters. The corresponding show notes on the Facebook page “Domino Effect of Murder” provides many tips and resources adults can use to help keep kids safe and spot a child victim of this abhorrent “industry.”

Kathryn Simpson (daughter of murder victim Kimberly Womack) wants the public’s help

Kimberly Womack’s death certificate says she died from homicide due to blunt force trauma to the left side of her head and multiple broken ribs. Yet, County Coroner Bo Clark had her cremated almost immediately, violating Louisianna state law. (This is one of over 100 such cases of Dr. Clark’s and one of over 800 in the state of Louisianna). No one is providing answers to her only child, her now-grown daughter. Listen as guest Kathryn Simpson describes her frustration at not getting justice for her mother, Kimberly. If you know anything please contact Kathryn. (See the Facebook Shownotes)


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