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Parent of Murdered Child and Its Aftermath (Part Two)

When Professor Bill Jenkins’s teenage son was murdered at work in 1997, resources to help homicide survivors after receiving the death notification were sorely missing. In this segment of Bill Jenkins’s two-part interview, we hear how he negotiated those first tough weeks and took the scattered notes and print outs to create the backbone of a unique book that eventually won awards “What To Do When The Police Leave.” He also provides a compassionate and useful explanation of how trauma impacts homicide survivors biologically and the implications for reconstructing one’s life.

Parent of Murdered Child and Victim’s Rights (Part One)

When Speech and Set Design Professor Bill Jenkins’ 16-year-old son was murdered his second day of employment in 1997, it forcibly directed our guest on a different path. Since then Bill Jenkins has worked tirelessly on behalf of homicide survivors. In this first segment of a two-part interview, he introduces us to his wonderful son that was senselessly taken from him and the world, then addresses the issue of victims’ rights and Marsy’s Law. He also speaks about the marginalized victims of murder – those who were related to the murderer.

Intro: The Story Behind the Stories

First things first. Where did the idea for the show originate? What makes the host an expert on coping with the aftermath of homicide? What sets the show apart from other true crime podcasts? What can the listener hope to gain from tuning in? Who can we expect to hear from? These and other questions will be answered in this first episode.


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