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Ep – 224 April Rinne

In this episode I speak with April Rinne, world renowned futurist and author of “FLUX: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change,” whose wakeup calls included her parents influence both positive about exploring the world and negative from some of the family dynamics and also the death of both of her parents when she was 20.

Ep – 222 Oleg Konovalov

In this episode I speak to Oleg Konovalov, referred to as the da Vinci of Visionary Leadership and author of, “The Vision Code,” whose wakeup call was frequently getting into trouble by letting his curiosity take him wherever it wanted him to go.

220 Jonathan Brill

In this episode I speak with Jonathan Brill, keynote speaker, former Global Futurist at Hewlett-Packard, Managing Director at Resilient Growth Partners and author of: “Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change,” whose wakeup call was realizing that nearly everything we face in present or future we have already been through in the past and if we learn from those prior events and add new technological advancements we can do a better job of handling anything that comes our way.

Ep – 219 Dave Stachowiak

In this episode I speak to Dave Stachowiak, host of a top rated leadership podcast, Coaching for Leaders and founder of Coaching for Leaders Academy whose wakeup call was allowing his boss at Dale Carnegie to talk him out of quitting, because his boss saw potential in him that he couldn’t see.

Ep – 216 Gary Sanchez

In this episode I speak with Gary Sanchez, developer of the WHY Operating System whose wakeup call was feeling at a dead end in a successful dental practice until he sat down with Simon Sinek and discovered his WHY and now helps the world discover theirs.


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