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Improving Patient Retention Rates in Behavioral Health

In today’s world of convenience, it is simple to search for a product or service you need online, order it, and move on with your life with very little interruption. Often, once a consumer has received their product or service, they never have contact with the vendor again. Their transaction over, there is no need for additional communication.

In the health industry, however, particularly in the field of behavioral health, it is much more important that the patient and doctor build a relationship of trust. Several factors can be involved in a patient’s physical and mental state, and past relationships can be crucial in diagnosing and treating the patient and maintaining the patient’s health.

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A New Path to Addiction and Recovery: An Interview with Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith is Director of Marketing for A New Path. She has always been passionate and enthusiastic about helping people. Kristen earned a degree in Business Marketing in 2000 from Texas Christian University to create a platform for blending her business and people skills. After working for an advertising agency in Houston for two years she recognized her disease of alcoholism and checked herself into treatment. As she created a new life rooted in recovery, Kristen realized she could bring both her marketing background and personal experience to a position with a treatment center. This began a career in an industry that helps not only the individuals they treat but everyone around them. Kristen has brought her expertise in marketing and outreach to the recovery industry since 2003, a year after she began her own journey in recovery. Originally from Texas, Kristen moved to Southern California in March of 2014 – she loves it! When she is not creating, planning or building relationships for A New Path you can find her at the beach, on her road bike or on a yoga mat. Kristen also consults for various addiction treatment centers regarding marketing, culture and leadership.

Kristen is one of the presenters at The National Conference on Addiction Disorders in Denver, CO.

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