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Mental Health News Radio Network partners with BINGE Networks to bring mental health content to a wider audience

Mental Health News Radio Network has partnered with BINGE Networks to raise mental health awareness by bringing cutting edge mental health and well being focused content to 50 OTT/connected device channels including Apple TV, SonyTV, and Roku.

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 30 podcasts covering all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. It shares the latest information about narcissistic abuse recovery, the opioid crisis and more. MHNRN podcasters run the gamut from leading mental health professionals and coaches to peer specialists and addiction recovery advocates.

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Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Injury: Lori Vann, Counselor and Author

One of our previous guests and my good friend, Olivia Quintanilla of Addiction Campuses, referred Lori Vann to Mental Health News Radio. Lori is a pro interviewee having been an invited guest on multiple radio and television shows. She specializes in many areas of behavioral health with a large focus on Self-Injury. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart so I am honored to dive in with a field expert.

Please join Lori and I for an eye-opening discussion on this misunderstood behavior that not only affects our younger generation but is carried out, if not treated early, well into adulthood.


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