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Boosting Your Longevity May Be As Simple As Eating This For Breakfast

A phenomenal new study, published 2 months ago in the Journal Of The American Board Of Family Medicine, found that just by eating breakfast with a high fiber intake, mortality risk was decreased by 21%. That is a large longevity bonus for something as simple as adding fiber to the first meal of the day! In this episode, I’ll give you the details on this study, along with several breakfast suggestions, as well as lots of ways to combine eating breakfast with intermittent fasting for added health benefits. If you are interested in more holistic weight loss tips or to join my Weight Reset class, hop over here:

NEW to MHNR Network – Intuition Physician UPdates Hosted by Laura Koniver, MD, a Physician Who Threw Out the Old Model of Treating Patients. 


Intuition Physician UPdates, New From Laura Koniver, MD Who Helps Combine Traditional Medicine With Holistic Care That Treats the Body as a Whole. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Am I an artist? Am I a physician? Am I a mother? Am I a soul?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

And I am happily blurring the lines between all four each day.

– Laura Koniver, MD 

Laura Koniver, MD, a general medical practitioner by training, always keeps her eyes open for new and interesting holistic healing breakthroughs based on legitimate medical studies.  Intuition Physician UPdates, her podcast, is NEW to Mental Health News Radio Network.  Each episode aims to highlight a medical study, explained by Laura, and provide insightful, easy, and actionable tips that can be put into place within listeners’ daily lives. Pulling from her knowledge of both traditional medicine and alternative medical approaches she aims to treat the body as a whole, which is known to improve both mental and physical health.  Laura provides her listeners with an uplifting and easy takeaway, directly from a holistic physician, that improves their life without having to read and interpret the medical literature themselves.

Grounding and Shielding are a couple of practices that traditional medicine looks past.  Grounding is how to harness the earth’s ‘good’ electrical impulses, while shielding includes ways to shield our bodies against the more harmful radiation and man-made EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) that are ever-increasing in our world.  Laura conveyed that one of her biggest takeaways from Medical School is how conductive we are, being made up of  60% water.  We use electronic monitoring to monitor the heart (ECG), brain (EEG), and muscles (EMG), We continue to live in an ever-increasingly manufactured world in which many people can go far too long without actually touching the earth, our docking station that boosts and protects our conductive health. Why does traditional medicine ignore this huge piece of the puzzle of overall wellness that affects us both physically and mentally?  On the flip-side, because we are so highly conductive and rely on proper electrical function to be healthy, it is imperative to protect our conductive health by shielding it from the man-made electrical fields.  The simple activity of consistent grounding can allow for various benefits such as reducing depression, lowering stress and blood pressure, and often simply increasing happiness.

Laura brings her vast knowledge from both traditional and alternative medicine to provide helpful insight that can even fit into a 21st-century life.

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Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 90 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health. Its Speakers’ Bureau and filmed series such as Mixed Nuts: Comedians and Mental Health allow it to further its mission to reach as many people in as many places as possible to encourage dialogue about mental health.


About Laura Koniver, MD

After the life-changing experience of motherhood gave Laura Koniver, MD, currently a holistic physician and traditionally trained general practitioner, an entirely new outlook at wellness she left traditional medicine and branched into a new way of practicing focusing on the body as a whole combining traditional practices with alternative holistic approaches based on medical science.  As a mother of two and a soon to be empty-nester, she recently published her 4th and favorite book, The Earth Prescription, a family-friendly book full of hundreds of ideas on how to incorporate grounding into even busy daily routines.  You can find her book on Amazon as well as on her website:


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