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15-Time Law Author & Mental Health Advocate | Frank Ramos

Frank Ramos is a partner at the Clarke Silvergate Law firm, he is regarded as one of the best lawyers in the country. Ramos has written 15 books for lawyers and serves as a mentor for young lawyers. In 2013, Frank was in a deep depression that consumed all of his relationships, tasks, thoughts, and projects.

Frank shares that those 2 years were the darkest of his life. Since then, he has become devoted to helping others. Listen as Frank shares his story.

For more, visit and be on the lookout for my new book, “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”

Danielle Glick; Quarantine, Cancer Diagnoses, and Her Quest to Meet All the Dogs

Mental Health Advocate, Liscenced Therapist, and Lover of All-Dogs Danielle Glick drops in to talk to Joe about what it’s been like going through the Covid-19 Quarantine after receiving a cancer diagnoses. Danielle bravely and authenically shares her experiences, lessons learned, and hopes for the future. Please do not miss this incredibly inspiring human’s message.

You can find Danielle and Joe on Instagram @danielleglickms and @sincerely_joe.

You can find out more about Joseph S. Fusaro at

Dharma and Espresso; Woo-ston, We Have a Problem.

Diana and Joe are back with an all new episode of Dharma and Espresso. Where do Spirituality and Psychology intersect? How can we make sense of it? Or can we even? All this and more on this “Covid” and “Surrender” themed episode.

Diana Cusumano is a certified yoga instructor and licensed therapist. Joseph Fusaro is an author and sound/silence explorer. Join them as they enjoy a few espresso’s, and attempt to share their monthly moment of truth.

Please message us with any questions and or comments. You can find us on Instagram @dianajcusumano and @sincerely_joe.

On Alchemy: Deep Dive on Liberation

What happens when one realizes one show alone, The Ascension Show, cannot possibly address the week’s topic  “Liberation”, especially during Black History Month?  Well, you produce another show on your platform that does, a show that addresses the feelings, triggers and questions around that word. This week, on the On Alchemy show, Dr Denise and […] Continue reading…

MMA, Mental Health & Love | Mavrick & Gwen

A pioneer in MMA, Mavrick is also an entrepreneur. Mavrick also has a background as a movie and TV personality. Mavrick’s career took off after becoming the bodyguard for Janet Jackson.

Mavrick launched a successful MMA career with 32 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, including 5 World Titles.

Mavrick still wanted more. He went on a spiritual journey before eventually finding his wife Gwen, who has her own impressive resume.

Listen as the two discuss their lives along with their own perspective on the issues of mental health & addiction.

For more, visit and be on the lookout for my upcoming book “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”


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