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Julie Ryan is a medical intuitive. We cover a lot of topics on mental health news radio but not this one. We wanted to know if a medical intuitive can also detect depression and other mental health issues.

Julie can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has, she can facilitate energetic healings, see energy fields—and communicate with spirits both alive and dead. She can work from anywhere; it’s rare I’m with someone while scanning them.

In addition, she can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and other buildings, and tell how close to death someone is.

Although the medical intuitive aspect of her life has been an amazing side interest, she is basically a businesswoman, an inventor, an author, and a serial entrepreneur. During her 35-year career, she invented surgical devices that are sold throughout the world and founded several companies in the medical, natural gas, advertising, long-term care, compliance, and data breach prevention industries.

Join hosts Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Sunanta Walker with the incredible Jenn Edden talking about our addiction to sugar.

Three women unleashed on this incredible new series Be Awesome!

Jenn Edden is a certified health coach specializing in sugar addiction and empowerment coaching. She is also a mom, speaker, and biz coach for other entrepreneurs looking for clarity and confidence. As a recovering sugar-a-holic, Jenn supports women to take back their lives and health by making small tweaks to food and lifestyle choices while addressing how much mindset plays a role in long-term success.

Nanci Danison joins us to talk about the day she died. That’s right. The day she died and what she learned from the experience.

She died March 14, 1994, at the age of 43, but voluntarily returned to human life to share what she could remember of the wonders she experienced and truths she learned in the afterlife. At the time of her death, she had been an attorney practicing law in a 270 attorney regional law firm for 17 years as a litigator in the labor and employment law areas, and as a transactional and health care fraud defense lawyer in the health law field. She brought her training and skills as a trial lawyer to the evidence she encountered and challenged within the afterlife.

“Nancy brings the credibility of a trial lawyer, highly trained to evaluate evidence, to her account of the answers to our most pressing spiritual questions: What is God? Who am I? What is the purpose of this life? What happens when we die? . . . She
observed this near-death experience with the detachment of a jurist. That jury of one found no evidence to support the traditional religious model of ‘heaven.’ Instead, the reality she experienced was much more intricate and fulfilling. It felt like returning to a very different but familiar culture.” — June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, Healthy Beginnings Magazine (Sept. 2012).

Amy O’Neill, MS, LPC is a speaker, survivor, resilience expert, therapist, and motivator is our guest today with her friend and our co-host, Dr. Kristina Hallett. Today we talk about and examine resilience.

Amy O’Neill chose a mental health career that requires resilience to do well and stay healthy; and she engages in hobbies that thrive on resilience, like the Iron-man Triathlon and Boston Marathon. Amy has also been thrust into situations wherein survival came from resilience. Thus, as a Mental Health professional and Boston Marathon attack survivor, Amy has acquired keen insight into how we can not only survive the challenges life throws at us, but also thrive in creating a life we love.

How do we support the mental well-being of the people who are on the front lines? Our first responders. These jobs where people put their lives at risk to help others but aren’t supported enough in taking care of themselves?

Join two of the founders of Stepstone Connect, Joe Gorton and Barry Toone, with our host Kristin Sunanta Walker, as they discuss how they serve our front line support.

Joe Gorton is the CEO/Co-Owner with Step Stone Connect. Offering therapeutic and consulting services. He is an empathic, effective, and motivated professional; Experienced with a broad range of mental and behavioral disorders; Clear awareness of diverse backgrounds; Proven experience of growing the client base and implementing strategic program development; Consummate net-worker with exceptional communication skills; Licensed as a Certified Mental Health Counselor.

Mr. Barry Toone is General Counsel and Co-Founder of Stepstone Connect, a Telebehavioral Health company with licensed clinicians throughout the United States. Stepstone Connect provides a wide-range of mental, emotional and behavioral-health services using secure, HIPAA-compliant technology. Stepstone Connect proudly works with America’s First Responders through its growing professional network with police, fire and law-enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local level.

Two PhD’s in Psychology, Dr. George Simon and Dr. Sherry Simon, one who well known for the study of character disorders and the other for her work with those in relationship with the character disordered. Our host, Kristin Sunanta Walker, could not wait to start the first of many of these conversations on our series: Character Matters.

Dr. George Simon is an internationally-recognized expert on manipulators and other problem characters and the author of 3 bestselling books: In Sheep’s Clothing (which has been translated into 12 foreign languages), Character Disturbance, and The Judas Syndrome. He’s made appearances on several major television (Fox News Network, CNN, CBS 48 Hours).

Until recently, Dr. Simon maintained an active private practice dedicated to assisting individuals develop character and helping empower victims in relationships with disturbed characters. In addition to providing psychotherapy services, he specialized in anxiety and anger management, comprehensive personality assessments, mental health professional training, and consultation to businesses and organizations on how to deal with problem characters. Dr. Simon also recently retired as a supervising psychologist for the Arkansas Dept. of Correction. For 6 years he provided oversight to the community risk assessment program for registered sex offenders, and more recently provided similar oversight for the newly expanded and re-vamped prison-based sex offender treatment program. He has given numerous workshops on the various sex offender typologies and offender treatment and management strategies. He helped secure a DOJ grant through Center for Sex Offender Management, and is a member of the grant’s standing committee.

Dr. Sherry Simon is a veteran independent practitioner. She is an excellent writer, advocate, and clinician that we are coaxing into more of the spotlight with her husband. We see incredible workshops and healing facilitation with both she and George together on what the fundamentals of a healthy belief system around relationships look like.

She is also the President of, a peace and social justice movement. Pax Christi Little Rock is a chapter of Pax Christi USA, the national Catholic peace and social justice movement. Our members are guided by the spirituality of nonviolence, advocating and providing leadership for disarmament, human rights, and the care of all creation. Through prayer, study, and mindful social activism, we work to align organizational structures, policies and practices with the teachings of Christ to end violence, racism, economic oppression, and all forms of social injustice.


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