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Eight Days Mental Health with Charles Mattocks

Kristin and Charles discuss his career and an upcoming project about mental health. Eight Days Mental Health is his newest collaboration. This docuseries will follow five people for eight days, shedding light on what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and major depressive disorder—everyday.

CHARLES MATTOCKS is an Award-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Television Host and Health Advocate whose priority for health first and saving lives does not get in his way of excelling in all areas of the business.The Nephew of the late great Bob Marley, Mattocks comes from a very high profile family lineage so it is no surprise that he is taking the Healthcare world by storm. An accomplish Actor, Charles Mattocks notably starred with a pivotal role in “ The Summer of Ben Tyler” along side legends James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern. The movie garnered six nominations during the award season and Variety Magazine declared, “In Charles Mattocks, a star is born’. As an author, producer, and director, his work has been showcased with appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Talk, The Martha Stewart Show and numerous media outlets worldwide. Charles’ world changed the minute he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. As he stared death in the face, he knew he had a larger mission to make changes not only for himself but so many others! He armed himself with education and determination and began to reverse his condition. He documented his process in a provocative documentary, “The Diabetic You”, which peels back the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the diabetes epidemic. This film set his advocacy in motion, with Charles ascending to become a Blue Circle Champion for the International Diabetes Association and a published author for the American Diabetes Association.

Charles created, directed, and executive produced “Reversed”, the highly acclaimed diabetes reality docuseries, on Discovery Life Channel. The show received much recognition from both critics and medical professionals and earned a second season pick-up – this time focusing on HIV. He also produced Trial By Fire, about his mother’s rare disease, complex regional pain syndrome. The buzz worthy success of Reversed inspired FYI network to continue Charles’ healing quests, so, in January, 2020, Charles’ groundbreaking new series, Eight Days, will premiere. The series follows the raw ups and downs of five cancer patients as they wage their battle for survival and journey toward healing. Just as he did in reversed, Charles will guide his patients toward positive outcomes beyond their wildest expectations.

Charles’ passion and personality are contagious and have skyrocketed him to unparalleled success with whatever he tackles. Saving lives of people suffering with chronic illness and inspiring them with his life- changing message, he has become the premiere media expert on health and wellness. Charles entertains, educates, inspires, and heals millions with his ahead-of-the-curve creativity and dedication to excellence in television hosting, content creation, and dynamic advocacy.

Pray The Film with Tony Sands

Tony, Kristin, and Chas talk about how Covid has affected the entertainment industry and discuss his new film Pray, in theaters now.

Tony Sands is a Senior Producer at Family Theater Productions and handles the feature film slate. For Family Theater, Sands has served as producer, writer or director on the films “Assumptions,” “Finding Mary,” “You Will See,” “Carrying On,” “Family Dinner,” “40 Hours” and “Down from the Mountaintop.” Previously, he was employed at Cinesite, where he worked on such films as “Space Jam,” “Titanic,” “Dr. Dolittle” and “Sphere.” He is co-author with Most Reverend Robert Baker of the book “Cacique: A Novel of Florida’s Missions.” Sands received a Bachelor’s degree in Cinematic Arts with a Focus on Writing from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema & Television. He is a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus and member of the Catholic Press Association and Catholics in Media Association (CIMA). He is president of the Board of the Right to Life League of Southern California, sits on the Planning Committee for the Los Angeles Prayer Breakfast and is a member of the Arcangel Film Festival. Sands attends St. Finbar Catholic Church in Burbank, Calif. He also assists with Youth Ministry and Adult Faith Formation Volunteers at Holy Family Catholic Church and St. Finbar.
About the film:

The inspiring true story of a poor Irish immigrant who sets sail for America in 1928 with dreams of becoming a millionaire but, with the help of the most iconic celebrities of Hollywood, ends up spending his life championing the message, “The Family That Prays Together Stays Together.”

Managing our Bad Behaviors Based Upon the Seven Deadly Sins

Join Kristin and her friend and guest today, Dr. Lisa Day, as they discuss how to be self-aware and manage our bad behaviors during difficult times. During stressful times, Dr. Day points out that we tend to regress to our bad behaviors. Listen in as they discuss the 7 Deadly Sins and how we can try to be our better selves during these trying times and how they often boil down to the 7 Deadly Sins:

…and Pride

Dr. Lisa Day is a registered nurse and clinical psychologist. She has been working with Meier Clinics for over 25 years.

Lows: Addiction and it’s Affect on Family

Listen as Kristin speaks with Aubrey & Barry Toone, a father/daughter combo, who speak some of the hard truths of how his addiction issues have impacted her throughout the many phases of life.  Aubrey, who is the gifted singer/songwriter who wrote and performed this show’s new introductory song, shares her memories and how she felt growing up in a family fighting addiction.  These two speak honestly about how Barry’s addiction affected the family and their own relationship, in addition to their path out of that darkness. 

Mr. Toone is an entrepreneur, businessman, speaker, and attorney. He is co-founder, CEO, and, General Counsel of Stepstone Connect, a telebehavioral company headquartered in Woods Cross, Utah. Stepstone Connect has a network of trauma-trained clinicians throughout the United States providing a wide range of mental, emotional, and behavioral health services using secure, on-line, HIPAA-compliant technology. Stepstone Connect proudly works with America’s First Responders and Veterans through its growing professional network and contractual relationships with police, fire, and other first-responder agencies across the U.S. at the federal, state, and local level. Mr. Toone co-hosts a weekly podcast (First Responder Mental Health Network) with Kristin Walker, CEO of the Mental Health News Radio.
Prior to founding Stepstone, Mr. Toone was a trial lawyer and litigator. He was the Managing Partner of Bowman and Brooke in Phoenix, Arizona, the largest product liability defense firm in the U.S. He has represented many of the world’s largest corporations, including Ford, Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, Mazda, GM, and Polaris. He has taken depositions in 46 of the 50 states and handled jury, bench, and appellate matters across the United States. Mr. Toone is licensed and in good standing with the State Bars of Utah, Arizona, Texas, and Missouri. Learn more at

To hear all of Aubrey’s music she is available on all music platforms and please check out her website at

Women Who Lead: Perseverance

Join Catherine and Kristin for a discussion about perseverance. Wow, we need to eat it, sleep with it, and fully embody it during this time of Covid-19.

Catherine Greer Limpo is a high level executive for an extremely male dominated corporate industry and a listener of MHNR Network shows. She is also a mom, a friend, a leader, a professional, a mentor, a daughter, a sister, and most importantly, a mistake-maker. She has a deep desire to understand how we, as women, connect to one another and to our world as leaders. She identifies as an Oregonian, and is very thankful to live in and enjoy the Pacific Northwest with all of the outdoor beauty it has to offer.

Her mission is to help other women see the leader in themselves in every aspect of life, and despite our suffering or blemishes, to succeed. She has had multiple experiences and careers as a high level executive, and has been so fortunate to build relationships with special people throughout time and across the globe.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network.

Review of 24 Guidelines for Healthy Communication with Dr. Paul Meier

Oh Boy! Kristin and Dr. Paul Meier revisit the 24 Guidelines to Healthy Marital Communication and add Healthy Peer Communication to it! Astoundingly they get through all 24 (they only made it to 12 for the first show on this topic). A lot of wisdom from your favorite psychiatrist and the CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network plus some incredible laughter.

Dr. Paul Meier is a world renowned psychiatrist, the founder of, and a New York Times Best Selling author with over 100 books to his name.

Guts, Grit & The Grind: A MENtal Mechanics MANual

Join Kristin as she speaks with Frank King and Peter Dudley, both of who are authors and speakers within the mental health community, each in their own right. They discuss their own voyages as men who help others, men especially, within the mental health community as well as their parts in the second of an anthology series, “Guts, Grit & The Grind: A MENtal Mechanics MANual: Advanced Mechanics in Preventative Maintenance” by Sally Spencer-Thomas, Sarah Gaer, and Frank King.

Frank is a standup comedian and storyteller who was born into a family with the gift of humor and the curse of generational depression and suicide. His maternal grandmother took her own
life after realizing her mental state was deteriorating and felt that “doctors have done all they could.” Frank’s mother found her. His grandmother’s sister, his great aunt, took her life after being diagnosed with glaucoma and deciding that she didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. Frank was four years old when he and his mother found her. According to Frank’s mother, he “screamed for days.” She said that she offered a deal to God, that she would give up 10 years of her life if God would make it so Frank didn’t remember any of this. He didn’t until 2014 when, in an instant, whatever had walled that off in Frank’s brain collapsed and the traumatic memory all came flooding back. It was a blessing and a curse. A curse, in that, up until that moment, he’d been blissfully unaware of his aunt’s final moments and of his family history of generational depression and suicide. A blessing, in that it explained the source of his major depressive disorder and chronic
suicidality. For as long as he could remember, suicide was always an option on his menu—for problems both large and small. He remembers one time when his car broke down and he had three thoughts—one, he could get it fixed; two, he could buy a new one; or three, he could just kill
himself. That’s chronic suicidality. Shortly thereafter, he went from being a ‘funny speaker,’ to being a speaker who is funny. He now had a story to tell, with not just ha-ha’s, but also with lifesaving ah-ha’s. He began doing something he’d been dreaming of since he took the stage as a comedian—making a living and making a di?erence. He took those painful memories and presented an 18-minute TED Talk-style event in Vancouver, BC. Today, he shares his lived experience and mental health insights speaking on depression and suicide prevention for associations, corporations, and colleges everywhere. He’s doing what comedians since the time of the court jester were born to do—speak truth to power on behalf of the powerless. He speaks truth to the power of mental illness on behalf of people often powerless in its grip. He’s combined his familial gift of humor and curse of mental illness to bring hope to the often hopeless. You can find more about him on his website:

Peter Dudley is a fundraising executive and author with extensive expertise in corporate social responsibility, marketing, and software development. Prior to joining the Cancer Support Community as Chief Development Officer in 2018, he ran Wells Fargo’s Global Employee Giving and Volunteerism for over 15 years. Peter is a member of the Community Health Charities National Board of Directors and has served as a scout leader, a youth soccer coach, and a school crossing guard. A 30-year resident of the Oakland area, Peter is the proud father of two grown children and a fierce advocate for equality. You can find more about him on his website:


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