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Bill Pepitone ret NYPD, Mayoral Candidate of New York City

Bill Pepitone, City of New York Mayoral Candidate and former New York Police Officer, sits down with The Firefighter Deconstructed and talks about the heavy toll police work takes on officers and their families. He is a big, strong, tough guy born and raised in the Bronx and HE says it’s ok to not be ok. He says it’s so important to ask for help before you get the point of suicide. If a long time police officer from New York says it’s not weak to be affected by the job and ask for help, then you know it’s ok to not be ok.

Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas is an Olympic athlete in long distance running, actress/filmmaker, and author of the upcoming book “Bravey” which comes out January 12th, 2021. Dreams ————————————————————————————–Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral: 

Ryan Dedmon-Outreach Director of the 911 institute

Former Dispatcher Ryan Dedmon sits down with the Firefighter Deconstructed and talks about his co-worker’s suicide and his own downward spiral. And most importantly, how he climbed back out of it. Ryan is a great speaker and has important information that will help all first responders. He now trains dispatchers and is the Outreach Director for the 9-1-1 Institute, The 9-1-1 institute works to bridge dispatchers with qualified local mental health professionals to be sure they get the help they need. The Institute now includes a team of experts who create uniquely qualified 911 education and consulting services to support the health and performance of our Very First Responders here in North America and abroad.

Episode 11 – Meet Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Family-Focused Mental Health Attorney and Advocate

Today we celebrate Carolyn Reinach Wolf, an executive partner in the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, and director of the firm’s mental health law practice. Profiled by the NY Times and a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Carolyn shares her passion and dedication to helping the mentally ill and their loved ones. You may email inquiries directly to Ms. Reinach Wolf at the following email:

Lacey Sturm

Lacey Sturm is the former lead singer of the band Flyleaf, she is also an author, solo artist, and a rocking mom! ——————————————————————Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral: 

Episode 10 -The Waiting Room of Winter – Bipolar BLAHS and How to Move Forward

The Holidays have snapped, crackled and popped… the New Year (HALLELUJAH) is upon us… and we feel, well, uninspired. Call it creepy covid overload, call it WTF is going on with our world, call it whatever you wish! The bottom line is this; the unknown, braided with lack of sunlight and chemical imbalance is a recipe for emotional shutdown, whether mentally ill or not! Today, join me in the 2020 waiting room (a nod to Fugazi). We WILL get through this! – A. Grieme

Amy Arends

Amy is a certified Oola Life Healing coach and a mental health advocate. ———————————————————————– Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral:

U.K. Paramedic/Police Officer Sue M – Ask Yourself, Do I Really Want To Be Well?

Sue M, all the way from Ireland. Sue M is an extraordinary person. She served as a paramedic and then a police officer in the United Kingdom for 14 years and experienced PTSD and several personal hardships and now she devotes her life to helping others get help when they are hit with PTSD. She’s written a book, started a support network, and answers phone calls all day from first responders and their agencies needing help. It’s worth listening to just for the Irish accent. Hear her inspiring story and how she got to where she is now.
Overcoming Trauma on the frontlines, by Sue M.
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The Ongoing Battle With Ourselves | Hugo Schwyzer

Dr. Hugo Schwyzer has many experiences to draw from, as he studied history at Cal Berkley. he developed a passion after seeing a performance by Shakespeare. He attended grad school at UCLA and was awarded his PHD in 1999. Over the last few decades, he has taught history and gender studies courses at PCC. Hugo has also struggled with his own mental health battles over the last decade and his story in this episode will move you.

Hugo admits to his ongoing battle with alcohol and drug abuse. He shares his story of personality disorders and bipolar depression.

For more, please visit and don’t forget to check out my upcoming book “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”

Tammie Mobley

Tammie is the founder of Flawless Imperfections, United State of Women Ambassador for Virginia, the host of “Beyond Surviving” radio show and a domestic abuse survivor and advocate.  Website: HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional supportPodcast RSS Feed: @Cntr4Suicide Instagram: Referral: 


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