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The Similarities of a TBI and PTSD, ret CHP Sgt Paula Siddens

Paula Siddens is a retired Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol with 30 years of service. Paula sustained a serious Traumatic Brain Injury while riding her bike down Mt. Diablo. She was lucky to even survive the accident. Paula and I have also been friends for quite some time but it’s been a long time since we have seen each other.. We recently met up at a training session for the support dog training program, First Response K9. We started talking about my PTSD and her Traumatic Brain Injury. We found that so many of our symptoms were the same. Similar family issues and collateral damage also came up. On this episode we talk about Paula’s accident and the similarities of our journeys. This episode helps to demonstrate how PTSD/PTSI is a true physiological brain injury, not just some emotional problem.

The Obstacle of Life | Matt Davis

Matt Davis is the face of Obstacle Racing Media and is widely considered to be an obstacle course industry expert. His office? Knee-deep mud, 8- foot wall,s and 20-foot rope climbs. Matt doesn’t just write, create and produce obstacle course content, he lives it.

He did his first Warrior Dash in 2010 and has completed over 130 obstacle races of all distances. Matt has had his finger on the pulse from all perspectives and wrote a book about obstacle racing along with his own podcast.

For more, visit and be on the lookout for my upcoming book, “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”

140:Under The Weather

On this episode, I elaborate on why someone with any disability has to fight ten times harder to get over a sickness and I talk about the actual definition of physical and mental health. This episode will mention how we can become creative with the ways in which we handle a simple cold or flu symptom. The reason why we struggle is because we have an overload of neurological sensory issues. People that are on the spectrum will understand that this is something else that is added to our plate.”

Megan Targett of Vexed

Megan is the lead singer of the band Vexed, and a mental health advocate.  Their debut album “Culling Culture” is coming out May 21st, 2021! 
Culling Culture
Text HOPELINE to 741741 for free text based emotional support
Twitter: @Cntr4Suicide 
Alitu Referral:

S6E7: Sarah Routhier

Today I chat with Sarah Routhier. She tells us how losing her husband, OPP Sgt. Sylvain “Roots” Routhier, due to suicide affected her and her family. Also hear about the fantastic work she is doing now to help others who may be struggling and to crush the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. #UpTalkSeason5 #OwnYourGrowth #MoreLoveLessJudgement

Guest Links

Sylvain Routhier Memorial Foundation

Ontario Heroes in Life Memorial

OPP Beyond The Blue

WWC Surviving Spouses Program

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139:Meet Gutterfire

Join me as we interview a new and fresh band from Australia named Gutterfire. Their lead singer, Jon, has autism but nevertheless, I can tell you, his autism does not stop him from rocking an audience and having an excellent life. Gutterfire will definitely bring the outsider vibe for anyone who listens to this episode. Listen for fun, lots of laughs, and a conversation with very inspiring people. 

If I Can Recover, You Can Too | Amber Miller

After years of living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with alcohol addiction, Amber Miller is on a mission to show people “if she can get her life together, there is hope for anyone.”

Amber went from lost, to thriving and abundant in money, love time and energy. She has stepped into her calling as a high-level, transformational coach and founder of “A Life Not Wasted.”

A judgeless group that empowers people to find their worth and make fearless changes in their lives to chase their dreams. Amber’s goal is to raise the vibration of the world.

For more, visit and be on the lookout for my upcoming book, “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”

Mental health journey of an immigrant w/ Anagha

Anagha Sreevals is a Global Affairs student at GMU. She is interested in working with refugees and studying the intersection between gender and peacebuilding. She has been volunteering with a refugee couple since fall of 2019 and is currently planning on doing ESL tutoring and career development training for refugee women this summer. Anagha herself is an immigrant from India born in UAE. She believes her cultural identity and interest in conflict resolution and peacebuilding frames her perspective on refugee mental health.
You can reach her at or

ST Podcast Ep. 63: The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

ST Podcast Ep. 63: The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

The Legacy of Captain America Explored and Unveiled! On the new episode of the Superhero Therapy podcast, Dr. Janina Scarlet and host Dustin McGinnis explore the latest Marvel Masterpiece, The Falcon and the Winter Solder. They discuss the importance of Legacy, Bucky’s drive for redemption, the politics of compassion, Isiah Bradley’s integrity, and the responsibility that comes with power.

The post Superhero Therapy Podcast Ep. 63: The Falcon & the Winter Soldier first appeared on Superhero Therapy.


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