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I Have Nothing to Lose

Joe and I first talked about Radical Acceptance back in July and how their life paths are more similar than different. In this episode, Joe checks in with me as I am back in treatment for cancer. I love that he asked me what some people might say “the hard questions” about my illness. It gave both of us the opportunity to break down barriers and connect in a heart-affirming way about our struggles, our fears and our hopes as we walk this shared human path. Listen to our transparent and vulnerable conversation about what it means to live life with nothing to lose.

Working to give back with Omar Fehmi

Omar Fehmi is the son of a Syrian mother and a Lebanese father. He is a sophomore at the University of Michigan intending to major in Organizational Studies while on the pre-medical track. Omar founded the Keys for Kids Initiative in high school which has raised over $160,000 to benefit Syrian refugee children. Currently, Omar serves on the University of Michigan UNICEF Club EBoard. Omar is also the national undergraduate president of the National Arab American Medical Association NextGen.
You can reach him at

15-Time Law Author & Mental Health Advocate | Frank Ramos

Frank Ramos is a partner at the Clarke Silvergate Law firm, he is regarded as one of the best lawyers in the country. Ramos has written 15 books for lawyers and serves as a mentor for young lawyers. In 2013, Frank was in a deep depression that consumed all of his relationships, tasks, thoughts, and projects.

Frank shares that those 2 years were the darkest of his life. Since then, he has become devoted to helping others. Listen as Frank shares his story.

For more, visit and be on the lookout for my new book, “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”

Finding Opportunities in Conflict — How to Communicate Effectively When Friction Disrupts High Stakes Relationships: Interview with Lisa St

In today’s world, we are set up for polarization. How do we turn our 5-alarm fights into something more constructive?

Conflict for many is unpleasant at best. Often when conflict is particularly intense or prolonged in high stakes relationships, the psychological pain can be excruciating. As humans, when we experience things that cause pain we tend to escape, avoid or react. On one hand, retreating from the “threat” of conflict means we stuff it down and pretend nothing is wrong and resentments can smolder into contempt. On the other hand reacting usually results in us saying or doing things that we regret or puts us in an escalating pattern.

In this episode I speak with culture and nonviolent communication expert Lisa Stokes Nicholas. She shares tools you can use in your work and personal life to move from conflict to curiosity.

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Lisa Stokes Nicholas headshot.png
About Lisa Stokes Nicholas
Lisa Stokes Nicholas, President of Kavi Consulting Services brings 25 years of nonprofit management and consulting experience to each engagement. This extensive background, blended with her training in mindfulness and nonviolent communication has provided a unique blend of guidance and support resulting in significant improvements within domestic and international organizations serving multiple sectors including: advocacy; education; faith communities; food security; healthcare; hospice; information technology; government; security; sustainable energy; technology; and travel.

Prior to founding Kavi Consulting Services, Lisa was the Director of Strategic Restructuring for Planned Parenthood Federation of America where she developed and implemented restructuring initiatives for the federated organization with combined assets of more than $1billion and more than 100 affiliates in 50 states and led negotiations with senior leaders from more than 60 organizations.

In addition, Lisa has worked with a multitude of organizations to strengthen their governance processes, create strategic plans, or move from crisis to sustainability. During this process Lisa has served as a coach to many individuals. For more information on this episode go to

It's Okay to Call it Quits

Have you ever felt shame for wanting to quit something? A job? A relationship? I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept lately as I’m enduring treatment for cancer yet again. It’s been hard in so many ways that I often want to quit. Yet, I’m aware that I feel pressure to not give up, to keep going. We live in a culture that encourages us to persevere in the face of adversity when maybe the best decision is to stop and listen to our hearts and minds about what is best for us.

On Alchemy: Deep Dive on Liberation

What happens when one realizes one show alone, The Ascension Show, cannot possibly address the week’s topic  “Liberation”, especially during Black History Month?  Well, you produce another show on your platform that does, a show that addresses the feelings, triggers and questions around that word. This week, on the On Alchemy show, Dr Denise and […] Continue reading…

MMA, Mental Health & Love | Mavrick & Gwen

A pioneer in MMA, Mavrick is also an entrepreneur. Mavrick also has a background as a movie and TV personality. Mavrick’s career took off after becoming the bodyguard for Janet Jackson.

Mavrick launched a successful MMA career with 32 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, including 5 World Titles.

Mavrick still wanted more. He went on a spiritual journey before eventually finding his wife Gwen, who has her own impressive resume.

Listen as the two discuss their lives along with their own perspective on the issues of mental health & addiction.

For more, visit and be on the lookout for my upcoming book “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”


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