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Season 2: Episode 2 – AIMS Global (Karla)

Hello Aspies,

On todays show I am talking to Karla Pretorius who is a co-founder of AIMS Global. A organization that trains thearpist to put in homes or online with those who are on the spectrum and have other disabilities as well such as anxiety.

You will learn a lot about her and how she got her start. You get a bit of her background and why she and her partner decied to start this organization and how the process of training works.  You learn about the organization and how they do things and what their beliefs are, and you also learn about myself and some of my background.

So be sure to listen, and also dont forget to subscribe!

Season 2: Episode 1 – How meditation can help with ASD and ADHD

Hey Aspies,

On this show I talk wiht Dr. Bhatta who is urologiest who has gotten into meditation. We talk about his app that he has developed Relaxx. We talk about how he got into meditation and how meditation can help those of us with stress, and anxiety.  We talk on how important it is to quiet the mind to help with things like racing thoughts and how breath properly and what the proper way is to meditate, sit vs laying down.

We talk about his app in detail and go over the techniques for meditation.

We will talk with him more sometime during the year once his app is more developed.

Emotions and ASD and ADHD

Dr Navana, had me go through a exercise where I went into a meditative state to find the what emotion is bothering, and try to come to terms with it. This way your not fighting it you are working with it.

We talk about her personal experiences and what brought her to the path she is on right now. She talks about how everyone is has a one of the four Earth elements assigned to them: Earth, Air, Water and Fire and said I was a combination of two, I don’t remember which two I was.

Life Changes

In todays episode I talk with Brandon Mager and let him tell the stroy on how he turned his life around. Everything from choosing the right program to meeting the right people to getting involved in sports.

He took mattes into his owns hand with his mother being his support. He found the right school and made the right friends and got involved in sports.

He has been invited to trvael to Isreal to play Lacross because they felt he was that good. To know assitant coaching at a local college.

This is a must listen.. Just to prove that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

Pets and Autism

This episode has some technical issues you will notice. This is because we were having connectivity issues.


In this Episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Vet Cliff Redford. We talk about everything from his adventures as a voluntreer vet as he travled the world to getting advice on taking care of pets to what pet is perfect to someone on the spectrum.  I ask him has he always wanted to work animals to was he raised with animals to the ups and downs of caring for animals.

I also found out that he has a a Youtube and Podcast of his own which you can just out below:

Dr Cliff Podcast

Dr Cliff Worldwide Vet

Dealing with ADHD

I talk with Anais who is a podcaster of not one podcast, but three of them..

They are How To Relationship Podcast, Musecast (Where she talks about her Favorite band), and Quarantined Happy Hour.

We talk about things like, when she was diagnosed, how she handles her ADHD, how she deals with impulsivity when shopping, she also give some great tips on how do deal with it. Also we talk about how her ADHD always makes her feel she is on the move and how she has a millions things to do.

She mentions that she isn’t taking any meds yet, but we talk about Adderall has affected me and helped, we also talk a bit on depression and how she says that seeing a therapist is a big help,

She was such a joy to talk to and so delightful.

Dealing With ASD

On this episode I talk with Joshua Schwartz.

A graduate student in California about his struggles with Autism and ask him what advice he can give to those planning on to going to school or just looking for work in the world.

We talk a bit about his personal struggles with Autism and how you has over come his depression and what he plans to do after he graduates, we talk a bit about where he is now with work and how the company he is working at is very accepting of him being autistic. 

We also talk about how he gets through each day and how his friends accept him for who he is and much more. 

Females and Autism

On this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio I talk with Speculative Fition Author April M. Woodard. About what’s it like to be a female on the spectrum and also we talk about obstacles she faces while wrting her book and dealing with day to day life.

We than talk a bit about how she has two sons on the spectrum and the day to day challenges she faces with them.

She talks about how her Hyperfocus and creativity come in handy when she writes how she deals with distractions inside and outside.

We talk about how things were her when she was younger and the over sharing and sensory issues and much more.

Be sure to listen.

Here is a link to her books: Aprils Book on Amazon

and her is the App I mentioned Tiimoapp

Aspies After Dark (Bonus) Wellness Clinic and Dating Program. Nicola Falzon

Hello Aspies,

On 4th and final episode of Aspies After Dark, I talk with Nicola Falzon about the wellness clinic she works at. We talk about her clients who are on the autism spectrum and how do with her dating program she has devised up.

She talks about the program and its success. We talk about about Autism in Malta and how its accepted.

here are her links to the clinic

Willingness (Family – Sex – Health)

Aspies After Dark (Intimacy) Christina Lindea P3

On the 3rd part of the Relationships and Autism series I talk with Christina Lindea all the way from Dubai about Intimacy and Autism. We answer questions such as how to know the difference between sex and intimacy, how to read your partner to know if they want to get more intimate, is intimacy important in a relationship and much more.

Due to her concerns this episode will only be podcast from. So you can only find it here.

You can find her at her website

and you can read her blog here

If you ever find yourself in Duabi, and want to make a appointment

It was a joy talking with her. 


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