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High Level Narcissists – Shameless Liars

Lying is automatic for the high level narcissist.

Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: 

“Most of us have difficulty lying, whether by omission or commission. Lying makes us feel uncomfortable, as if something is fundamentally wrong. ”  This is not the case for the shameless high level narcissist who lacks conscience. 

“The narcissist insists that the way must be clear for him to move ahead. If the path is smoothed through his lying, that’s al right.”

“Lying and evasion are a way of life for the narcissist.” 

At a point of awakening you recognize that you will move along your own pathway of restoration, healing, transformation and the evolution of your authentic self. 

Practice self care each day: get the sleep and rest you need and deserve, good hydration, nourishing food, movement and exercise, time in Nature, use of your creative gifts, a spiritual practice as you define this.



Episode 41, Part 2: Marla Mervis-Hartmann talks about creating Love Your Body Love Yourself, and offers thoughts on the road to recovery

In the second part of this episode, Marla Mervis-Hartmann — founder and creator of the “Love Your Body Love Yourself” speaking series, workshops, and coaching programs — shares how she helps clients through their journeys to learning to love their bodies. She looks beyond low self-esteem to dig deep with clients, helping them tap into their fears, childhood experiences and traumas, and their deep-seated feelings about themselves.

She also addresses the ways in which people feel pressure from social media and other cultural influences and use those influences to justify disordered behaviors. At the end of the conversation, Marla provides guidance for people who are struggling to find a way out of body hatred and unsustainable behaviors.

Intuition – Psychological and Spiritual Light

Quoting from my book: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist: 

“Intuitions are moments of insight that awaken our consciousness with speed and clarity…When you re an intuitive many people label you as an eccentric. Psychological openness is a key to deepening intuition. The intuitive message is faster than thought.”

High Level Narcissist – Masters of Denial and Grand Delusions

Understanding the world of the high level narcissist, quoting my hook: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life: 

“The narcissist lives in an intricate world of his making, dominated by inflated illusions of self-importance. His style is grandiose, like some peacock or wild turkey with feathers in full display. His version of reality bears no resemblance to the truth. Experiencing himself as the center of life, like a sun surrounded by encircling planets, the narcissist believes that everything flows from him.”

“High level narcissists are highly rewarded for the very attributes that make them inconsiderate and demanding human beings: self-absorption, aggressiveness, hubris.” 

“We are programmed to envy their (high level narcissist) success. They are fawned over and admired despite a delusional consciousness that rides high on the winds of self-adoration, outrageous demands and excess indulgence.” 

“Setting himself/herself apart from all the rest, he struts across the stage of life—cocksure. His ship leans at full tilt, all sails billowing, ego fully unfurled”

This is the tale of the high level narcissist, his/her delusional world of self perfection and extreme self entitlement. 

Pay close attention to the messages of your intuition. It reveals the true nature of the high level narcissist and helps you focus on your authentic self with your many creative and spiritual gifts.

Episode 41, Part 1: Marla Mervis-Hartmann (she/hers) shares how she learned to listen, love, and care for herself from a loving place

In the first of this two-part episode, Marla Mervis-Hartmann — founder and creator of the “Love Your Body Love Yourself” speaking series, workshops, and coaching programs — shares her journey experiencing a dysfunctional body-relationship and eating disorder, and how surrendering to a higher power and constantly reframing negative thinking (along with other techniques) helped propel her towards a recovered life. Marla describes herself as a woman, a mother, a friend, a sister, a wife, a teacher, a former body and food obsess-er, and present time lover of love and life. We’re grateful she joined the podcast!

Empaths – Honor Your Inner Wisdom

Don’t expect others, especially narcissistic personalities to understand you.  They are trapped in denial and delusion. You comprehend and appreciate yourself and your intuitive gifts.

Accept yourself as a rare individual, an irreplaceable pearl of great price. Embrace your differentness.

Follow the truths of your intuition – a perpetual sanctuary lamp. 

You instincts about the true nature of the lies, ruses, baits and confabulations of the narcissistic personality. They are valid; follow them.

Slow your pace. Find your rhythm. Don’t let anyone hurry or confound you.

Honor your rest and sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, be kind and let yourself rst. Make no judgments – be a loving presence to the small child inside of you. Listen to music that quiets your nervous system, eases your anxiety and worry, softening your self judgment, infusing you with hope and vitality.

Engage with beauty wherever you find it—in Nature, great Art that speaks to and inspires you.  

Honor your body/mind: gentle yoga poses, basic stretching. 

Listening and telling stories of past remembering. The details and sense of place that you portray take you to another world; you travel through time and space – your reality expands; your old darkness and struggles fade; you are up for the adventure of the story.

Sing to yourself -familiar tunes and melodies appreciate the uniqueness of your voice. No judgments here. You are savoring this moment. 

Or you can chant, whatever is more comfortable and enjoyable to you. Singing activates the vagus nerve and in turn the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Appreciate and honor your uniqueness as a precious individual, an empath.


Secure , Calming, Restorative Practices for Empaths

Empaths are so unique…extraordinary. They are deeply attuned to their internal and external environments. Empaths are sensitive to loud noises, projections of rage and those who lack emotional control. Some empaths have chronic insomnia. 

Empaths have difficult ordeals with narcissistic spouses, partners, family members.

Empaths internalize great beauty in the form of Art, Nature, close relationships. 

Spending time with Nature is a great boon to the empath. One example is the miracle of the four seasons which occur as a result of the tilt of the Earth on its axis.

Empaths need more rest and sleep than others.

Empaths need to slow their pace. 

Listen to the music that soothes your nervous system; feel the melody move through your ears, nervous system and brain. You enter the gentle inner world of the parasympathetic nervous system. 

You clearly perceived the psychological and emotional state of your parents and other family members. You were misunderstood, criticized and labelled strange. 

Your perceptions of truth were denied by your family. No one understood you.

You have always been a seeker. You knew the truth from the beginning.

Here’s to putting your well being, deep inner peace and creative gifts first each day! 

This Week's Digest

In This Week’s Digest, Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Rachel Crow, discussing the common belief around having to be “sick enough” to deserve treatment and how it’s important to give yourself permission to seek help and support when you need it. Finally, the co-hosts begin to unwrap the differences and intersection of body acceptance, body positivity, and body neutrality.

Our Relationship with Food, Ourselves and the World

Join Kristin and Carolyn as they discuss everything from social unrest, racism, eating disorders, and her incredible podcast that just joined Mental Health News Radio Network.

Born in Houston, Texas, Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross spent her childhood in San Antonio where as the oldest of five children, she comes from a long line of physicians and healers. Her mother’s father was a well-known physician in Bryan, Texas, who opened his own hospital and nursing school. His mother, Betty Love, was a Cherokee medicine woman.

Dr. Ross wanted to be a doctor from the age of nine and worked many summers and vacations in her grandfather’s office, going with him on house calls, helping him deliver babies and learning how to dispense medications in his office pharmacy.

Dr. Ross’s Medical Background
Dr. Ross completed her undergraduate degree in Modern Foreign Languages at Purdue University and then was a full-time mother of her two older sons before returning to school to complete her Pre-Med requirements. She then went to the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Ross’s practice experience after medical school helped fuel her interest in understanding what makes people heal as she saw that most of her patients’ medical problems were related to lifestyle habits and the stresses of modern living.

In searching for a better way to address these issues, Dr. Ross began to explore complementary and alternative therapies and the use of herbs and supplements for her patients. She then completed a residency in Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University and set up practice in San Diego, California, where she eventually opened three women’s centers where she practiced primary care and office gynecology. Her women’s centers integrated the best of western medicine with complementary and alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutrition counseling. She developed and ran The Anchor Program that offered a holistic approach for individuals with food and body image issues. The Anchor Program is a non-diet approach with a philosophy that health and well-being are everyone’s right no matter their size. During that time, she also served as the medical director of The Rader Institute’s inpatient eating disorder program.

Dr. Ross’s Focus on Integrative Medicine
Dr. Ross’s own personal health crisis and the diagnosis of her mother with Alzheimer’s led her on a journey to healing in which her perspective about medicine changed and her desire to focus on integrative medicine led her to the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Ross completed a two-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine, studying with Dr. Andrew Weil. Her path then led her to work as the head of the Eating Disorders Program and the Integrative Medicine Department at world-renowned inpatient hospital, Sierra Tucson where she pioneered the Integrative Medicine approach to eating disorder treatment. She currently works in private practice in Denver, Colorado, as an addiction medicine specialist and suboxone doctor who specializes in opioid addiction treatment. She also is a consultant for treatment centers across the country on eating disorders and integrative medicine.

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is a mother of three sons and has one granddaughter. She is also a nationally known author, speaker and expert in the field of Eating Disorders and Integrative Medicine. Her most recent book is “The Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder and Compulsive Overeating Workbook.” Other books include, “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit: an Integrative Medicine approach to the treatment of eating disorders” describing her own journey to healing and the miracles she found along the way. Dr. Ross has also developed a line of supplements as a result of her research, which are designed to support the recovery of patients with eating disorders and addictions.


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